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Author: MultiplayerX

Date: May 8, 2014

Category: Multi Levels



N64 GoldenEye Multiplayer Extended Mod Final Version:

This is the OFFICIAL final release of Multiplayer Extended. The main goal of this mod was to maximize the bland and empty feel of many of the normal multiplayer levels as well as bring in fresh ideas that stay true to the goldeneye spirit. Nasa and Frigate II (Top Zone) were two insanely difficult levels to finish but hopefully worth the extra effort for this release. Boardwalk and Chop Shop have been carefully written back into the final version using meticulous setup jumping taking almost a week of troubleshooting. Nasa is an intense multiplayer setup utilizing the maximum amount of memory allocation and objects allowed in Library and Streets setup files. It is the only level in the mod that contains massive object configuration with buildings constructed out of wall objects and some new vehicle concepts including crawler transports. Frigate II is a stunning new area with a complete walkable deck and railing. Ghost clipping has been added to all models to give the illusion of collision detection.

Note** ghost clipping: A standardized method of clipping a wall or an object by use of another object flagged as invisible. The *invisible except to rockets* check marked make the object completely transparent allowing anything behind it to remain visible. This method allows levels such as Boardwalk possible to create invisible barriers that prevent the player from walking through (or on) a visible object, wall, or floor.

**All known level issues and glitches:

Object Pass Thru: You may notice some objects allow bullets to pass through them. These were flagged INTENTIONALLY to prevent the objects from moving out of place. Metroid I uses guard hats as rocks and would move out of place when shot. Rockets however explode normally with no effect.

Player Pass Thru: Clipping is not 100% perfect however is completely playable. I'm sure someone will find fault to whine about this but like blackouts is completely unavoidable due to editor inaccuracies and GoldenEye's game engine itself. Feel free to learn modelling and rebuild everything from scratch and I'd be happy to share the binaries.

Blackouts: Once again INEVITABLE. Blame Rare for sloppy texturing, modelling, etc. Every game engine has bugs especially emulation. Boardwalk, Frigate II, Surface III, and Isla Sorna all suffer the same fate when players stand in different rooms. Just keep moving and it will clear up. Frigate II is generally stable just be patient and everything will pop back. I have contacted select members on forums to remodel the clipping in Frigate II when they have time so keep an eye out for a patch in the future.

Intense blackouts in Surface III. It is STRONGLY advised you use the White Out fog to compensate for visual acuity and level appearance.

Amazons and Runway have subtle texture differences from Metroid II texture conversions. Please forgive this however it is not my fault the levels BORROW textures from one another. I believe once you see these errors they can be easily overlooked after playing the new levels.

Ladders and Vanishing Backgrounds: Clipping again is the culprit here. Boardwalk suffers from vanishing backgrounds when stepping on to the deck from the main pier. The Island is unaffected. Mr.Kane has already invested hours of his time modelling this so there will be no fix unless he offers a revamp or someone else volunteers to. :( The ladder in The Island tower is tricky but works properly once you get the hang of it. Keep in mind to slowly back over the hole until you drop off the ladder. Just takes a little practice. ;)

bonus extras
Two music tracks have been written into the ROM to be used in both Metroid I and II from the original game midis. I honestly could not find an epic match of instruments that do justice to the nes metroid version but included the gameshark codes that point to the music files I added to the ROM.

A very special thanks goes out to Subdrag, Wreck, Zoinkity, Mr. Kane, and Sogun for all of your support and advice during the development of this mod and every other mod created both past and present. Thank you for all of your hard work and every development tool that's been released and improved on.

Happy hacking and may GE live forever!



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