New Levels 1.1
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Author: Phillies037

Date: August 25, 2011

Category: Multi Levels

Level: Many


Name: New Levels
Modified Levels: Multiple
Author: Phillies037

Date: August 25th, 2011
Edited: April 21st, 2018 (by Wreck)

Do not attempt to play the solo missions as it will cause it to crash. All characters are unlocked as should be the levels (no cheats needed). The depot is the garage at the end of the level near the train. Bunker is the lower back section of the level. Egyptian is the very lower half of the level. The facility is just the bathroom. Control Center is the single room north of the level. Caverns is the back section with doors removed. Frigate is the engine room and the hallway towards the engine room. Aztec is the launch pad. Archives is the back section and upstairs. Streets is just the alley. Silo is the top section. Most of these levels are in a fairly contained area, hopefully to give more action. More levels to come!

depot-garage near train
bunker-lower back section
egyptian-lower level
control center-back room
caverns-back section
frigate-engine room, hallway
aztec-launch pad
archives-back section, upstairs
silo-top section

Edit notes…

Adjusted memory allocations for most maps.
Included missing level select images.
Renamed levels in menus.
Updated theme songs for those using random.
Modified Depot sky blocks.
Tweaked Archives doors.
Removed leftover props from Archives.
Added proper bitflags to Frigate doors.
Corrected flickering on monitor objects.
Changed arm type to Jungle (bare skin) on most.

Facility Bathroom…
Deleted leftover special visibility.
Removed desk (too crowded).
Modified two weapon IDs.
Relinked one ammo crate and weapon.
Removed collisions from weapons.
Rotated & shifted some spawn points.
Updated some door flags
Included locked door.

Streets Alleyway…
Removed collisions flag from weapons.
Modified one weapon ID.
Slightly changed car size and bitflags.
Rotated & shifted some spawn points.
Included gates as barriers.


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