Rogue Control Center
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Author: Eternally Aries

Date: December 1, 2013

Category: Multi Levels



I like to welcome everyone a brand new level of mine design strictly for Goldeneye 007.

Rogue Control Center!

This level took me about nearly a month, but it was well worth it in the end.

This level uses a complex texture set pattern. I also design it one polygon at a time. So textures will look as they do in the model editor.

This zip file includes some folders.

It includes 2 different Xdelta patches, One that includes objects in the level, and one that has no objects besides doors.
2 versions we're made because this allows players to choose if they want the objects in the level or no objects what so ever.
This also will allow players to experience the map at its best FPS as possible without objects of course. Using the object patch might take a tiny hit on the framerate, so keep that in mind.

Another folder is for editing the model it self. I included everything that is needed to allow users to edit or add onto the map.
You will need DeleD to add new polygons to the level. Such as walls and what not.

But if you choose not to edit the level model, you can use the Goldeneye Editor itself to edit the map. I included the OBJ and MTL files along with the textures.txt and every textured used in the level.
So this will allow you to add new objects in the map, or change the ammo layout to your liking.

I also included the original setup files for both with objects and without objects, including the clipping file and the portal file. So you don't have to create the clipping or portal the level again.

I hope you all enjoy this map, this took a while, and a few members of the ShootersForever community helped me solved a few problems along the way.

Enjoy and also Happy Late Thanksgiving!



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