Skedar Multi
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Author: Zoinkity

Date: February 28, 2008

Category: Multi Levels

Level: Skedar


Skedar CS v1.0 9:15 PM 2/26/2008

Provided is a patch to replace Caves with Skedar, a multiplayer map ported from Perfect Dark. The patch can only be applied to an unbyteswapped NTSC USA rom (NGEE). The map features all the same weapon pickup locations (minus one converted to body armor), random flag placement, and a nifty automated walkway over an area that wasn't accessible in Perfect Dark.
None of the existing ammo crates really suited the stage, so the original Perfect Dark ammo crate has been ported and can be found throughout the stage.

The resources folder contains the various binaries used to construct the stage. The background, clipping, and setup files are provided. The texture file can be used to import PD images and includes those used for the ammo crate. The text and stage select images can be found in this folder as well as a copy of the GE-format ammo crate. The last 0x20 bytes of that binary are the object header which contains data that must be added to the 21990 binary.

I'd like to note that you can't beat the platform. Quite a bit of testing has gone into its activation distance and speed. It underwent the ultimate test: Jaws on turbo sidestepping while getting shot, 4 players. The bridge just made it out in time.

Known bugs:
Certain emulator plugins cause graphical errors, including but not limitted to walls that disappear when seen from certain angles, the ability to see through certain walls, buffering issues when viewing the sky, and a failure to apply luster or other visual effects to surfaces. None of this occurs on console, so either attempt to find a plugin that properly emulates these effects or try using a different emulator. It's the failure of the emulator to render these effects, not of the stage design.

Clipping acts as a barrier to objects thrown above it. For this reason, it can appear that grenades 'bounce' off the area where the bridge is even when it is retracted. In addition, it is possible to stick a mine to the clipping above the platform instead of the platform itself. You can also, with much effort, fire at an ammo box long enough to get it onto the bridge area where it will appear to hover in mid-air. The solution to this problem is needlessly complex and there are no plans to include it.

Due to a z-compare issue, it is possible to see the retracted bridge from behind the wall when at a distance. Regardless how far back the bridge is set, this will always be an issue. Although the bridge could be made invisible when retracted, this can impact gameplay when four characters are playing. For that reason, no solution is planned.



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