Solo In Multis (GoldenEye Legends)
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Author: MultiplayerX

Date: June 16, 2013

Category: Multi Levels



GOLDENEYE LEGEND is a complete conversion of all campaign levels in Solo Player to Multiplayer. Part ONE contains levels Dam-Archives. Part TWO contains levels Streets-Egyptian. All levels that actually have a visible sky and / or fog have been color coded with different options for your personal preferences. Please feel free to use them in whatever combination you find to your liking. A water hack (FRIGATE) is also included that will code a fairly decent ocean for players that cannot get GLIDE to function. The music selector file will allow you to change the DEFAULT music to your liking as well. ALL LEVELS play the default multiplayer MUSIC setup used to convert their SOLO setups. Hope this mod becomes a LEGEND for all fans and players around the world and may GoldenEye live FOREVER and stay a LEGEND ;) !

Special thanks to Subdrag for his EDITOR and tutorials!

BONUS LEVELS - Citadel* and Cuba*

It made sense to fill in the last two multiplayer slots with these two great levels. Cuba has been CUSTOM redesigned to make the level feel fuller and correct all other versions that had SEVERE object glitching. The error was because an IN FRONT flag was tagged on all objects causing them to float in front of players. Special thanks to Wreck and Subdrag for patching an additional GHOSTING error as well. Thanks to Zoinkity for his Citadel setup and CLIPPING patch. This level would not run without his dedication. Hope you enjoy the bonus levels and may GoldenEye live forever!

This is a NEW version of Cuba multiplayer with an additional BONUS level called Colombia. Consider these AMAZING creations a freak accident while playing with SCALE values. Special thanks to Subdrag for the advice. Cuba is now OFFICIALLY finished. The smaller the scale, the bigger it gets. Runway was a good starting point but NAILED it going even lower :). Colombia is a freak accident left over from a scale test that made Cuba look a little big. Sooooo, decided to add a section of Streets to make it appear like a Colombian drug lords house and removed the collision flag to allow the ILLUSION to flow throughout the whole level without trapping the players against the edge ;). Hope you enjoy this thing because honestly I am liking Colombia more than Jungle or Cuba combined.


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