Wreck's Multi Pack
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Author: Wreck

Date: August 25, 2013

Category: Multi Levels

Level: Various


After a very long time sitting on the shelf, it's my pleasure to finally release an update to my original multiplayer map pack. There are now eleven custom levels available, with seven of those playable in the first release. The No Armor cheat option makes a return, as does the ability to let more than one person select a specific character. No Radar is unlocked by default at the start of a new agent file, as well. Flag Tag mode now randomizes the starting location of the token to one of four different positions. You may also notice that every stage plays a random song this time around, keeping the music selection fresh. Two brand new level images have also been created for the pack. Here's some additional information regarding the maps…

New levels include: Chemical Lab, Frigate La Fayette, Armored Train, and Antenna Cradle. Chemlab consists of the lab area from Facility, complete with tables and glassware. Frigate is a heavily optimized version of the La Fayette interior. Train is also the full interior of the stage, with the escape hatch locked off to keep battles inside. Cradle has been greatly optimized and condensed to keep framerate more stable.

Returning levels are: Facility Backzone, The Quad, Severnaya Bunker, Missile Silo, Archives Backzone, Caverns Frontzone, and Aztec Ruins. Some of these have been modified, either in setup or backgound & clipping, to improve performance or weapon layout. Noteable differences include major optimization to The Quad and Silo. Overhead pipes were removed from Quad's BG file, and the slanted walls straightened out to correct an issue with grenades falling through balcony architecture. Launch tubes in Silo are also much shorter and contain fewer rooms to use less resources.

Extra credit goes to: Zoinkity for the Randomizing Flag Token Location Action Block, as well as the No Armor cheat option and select same character feature. SubDrag for getting the No Radar cheat to function properly in its new slot, and the creation of the GoldenEditor - which makes this all possible.


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