XBLA & Source Multiplayer Maps
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Author: StupidMarioBros1Fan

Date: December 11th, 2022

Category: GE Multi Levels

Expansion Pak: Yes

Created by StupidMarioBros1Fan.

Tested on Emulator and Console by StupidMarioBros1Fan.

This a Free, Non-Profit fan made Mod, Any & All Reproduction Carts are Unofficial.


Use the GoldenEye Setup Editor or XDelta UI and apply the proper XDelta file to a clean GoldenEye 007 (NTSC-U) ROM
Download XDelta UI - web.archive.org/web/20170523022132/files.catbox.moe/immoym.zip
Download the GESetup Editor - github.com/carnivoroussociety/GoldEditor


This mod adds 16 new Multiplayer Maps & 5 new Weapon Sets from "GoldenEye With Mario Characters v3" into the regular game. It also adds proper 3rd Person Models for the Silver & Gold PP7s, extends the Character Roster to include the 3 Unused Civilian characters as well as All Outfits for Bond, Natalya & Trevelyan.
This mod is Multiplayer focused, so the Single Player mode is messed up as I repurposed stuff for the new maps. Everything should function but multiple levels have no Skyboxes and the Menu looks ugly. It's totally possible to add the new stuff without messing up the Single Player, as I did it for the Mario mod, but it requires special commands to edit the Skyboxes while the game is running & I didn't think it was worth the hassle.

The 3rd Person Models for the Silver & Gold PP7s are from the Perfect Dark mod "GoldenEye X"

The new maps are a mixture of Recreated Multiplayer Maps from the Cancelled XBLA Remake & GoldenEye: Source, the Unused Statue & Cradle Multiplayer Maps, and a Custom Surface 1 Multiplayer Map by me.

From GoldenEye XBLA, near-perfect recreations:
Dam (Backzone)

From GoldenEye: Source, modified to work with less players & the original map design:
Dam (Frontzone)
Facility (Backzone)
Facility (Full)
Archives (Backzone)
Archives (Full)

Some edits have been made to a few of the Original Multiplayer Maps, check out the included Text File for details.

Multiple Weapon Sets have been edited to fix inconsistent Model Sizes as well as using the correct 3rd Person Model for certain guns such as the AR33 using the KF7 Soviet's 3rd Person Model.
The Default Weapon Set is now Pistols, and the following 5 Weapon Sets have been added:

"Hunting Knives" Weapon Set from GoldenEye XBLA:
1. Hunting Knife
2. Hunting Knife
3. Grenade
4. Grenade
5. Hunting Knife
6. Hunting Knife
7. Sniper Rifle
8. Sniper Rifle

"Full Automatics" Weapon Set from GoldenEye: Source:
1. D5K Deutshe
2. Klobb
3. D5K (Silenced)
4. KF7 Soviet
5. ZMG (9mm)
6. Phantom
7. AR33
8. RC-P90

"Jungle Weapons" Weapon Set from GoldenEye: Source:
1. PP7 Special Issue
2. PP7 Special Issue
3. Cougar Magnum
4. Cougar Magnum
5. AR33
6. RC-P90
7. Remote Mines
8. Grenade Launcher

"Explosives" Weapon Set from GoldenEye: Source:
1. ZMG
2. Timed Mine
3. Grenade
4. Automatic Shotgun
5. Remote Mine
6. Proximity Mine
7. Grenade Launcher
8. Rocket Launcher

"PP7s" Weapon Set from GoldenEye With Mario Characters v3:
1. PP7 Special Issue
2. PP7 Special Issue
3. PP7 (Silenced)
4. PP7 (Silenced)
5. Silver PP7
6. Silver PP7
7. Gold PP7
8. Gold PP7

To avoid separating this into multiple patches, this mod uses Carnivorous' Footsteps Patch as a base to make use of special commands to bypass the normal limit of 12 Multiplayer Maps. The maps themselves do not use any special commands and can be easily ported to any GE rom.

There is a total of 3 Pages of the Multiplayer Map Select. To switch between them, you simply select the special "Change Page" map and then start a Match. After a second or two, you'll be back in the Menus and can now pick from a different list of Maps.


Carnivorous for Help, Advice, and the Footsteps Patch
Zoinkity for the GE Documentation on GitHub, and the 7MB Expansion Pack
Wreck for Help, Advice, Tutorials, and some stuff with the Memory Peek/Poke function
SubDrag for the Setup Editor, Help, and Advice
Everyone involved with the Development of the Original Game
Everyone involved with the Development of GE X
Everyone involved with the Development of GE XBLA
Everyone involved with the Development of GE: Source
The GoldenEye Modding Community


n64vault.com - for more GoldenEye 007 & Perfect Dark mods as well as other N64 games
youtube.com/StupidMarioBros1Fan - My YouTube channel for mods of multiple games
http://www.shootersforever.com/forums_message_boards/ - GE007/PD Modding Forums


There are a couple of Minor Bugs that you should know about so make sure to check out the included Text File.


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