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Author: Wreck

Date: March 9th, 2021

Category: Repairs/Fixes

There are two issues with the GoldenEye logo. The obvious one is the grey ring around the uppercase E. This should be red in colour. Another mistake, which is actually leftover from the original N64 model, is a split inside of the ring. These patches will correct both problems. Make sure to update both models, or else the previous version will still appear, should the game reset to the intros and the graphics mode has changed.

Use a patcher capable of utilizing Xdelta files. Locate the file within your folders. Remastered models are under "new", while "original" is for the classic N64 models. This will be found under "prop". Apply the correct patch to the "default.bin" file. You may want to keep a copy of the original as to not overwrite it.


File nameFile typeSize
fix_goldeneyelogo.zipZip archive data30.61 kBInfo
image.pngPNG image data32.22 kBInfo


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