DwaynEye XBLA
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Author: Flargee

Date: April 13th, 2021

Category: Solo Mods

DwaynEye XBLA

A rather simple, and straightforward concept - DwaynEye 64, but redone to work with XBLA. Includes randomized weapons, edited sounds, music, and textures.

Instructions on how to install:
1: Extract the DwaynEye folder into your bean folder, and then run the bat file inside
2. Then run DwaynEye.xex in your preferred emulator, or console hardware.

Note: The patches assume the files directory is an unmodified copy of the Fyodorovna release - using the 4chan passworded leak version will not work
If any files have been modified, the patches will not install correctly. You also must download both zip files in order to have all the necessary files.

-Too many sources to cite - randomized meme music used within the mod
-Flargee - HD Dwayne texture edits. Control music.
-Carnivorous - Patcher tool


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DwaynEye.zip.001Zip archive data45 MBInfo
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