Archives Backzone MP
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Author: Wreck

Date: March 1st, 2021

Category: Multiplayer Mods

Ever wanted to battle it out in the locked off areas of Archives? The Backzone is just want you need. This mod moves all the weaponry, armours and spawn points into the back section of the map. It also adds in glass windows, and fills out areas with bookshelves. There are a limited number of doors, which helps keep the action flowing.

Use a patcher capable of utilizing Xdelta files. Apply this to your standard 15.1 MB sized "default.xex" game file. Keep a copy of the original as to not overwrite it.


File nameFile typeSize
GE_XBLA_ArchivesBackzone_v1-0.zipZip archive data2.3 MBInfo
image.pngPNG image data1.08 MBInfo


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