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Author: Wreck

Date: April 11th, 2021

Category: Multiplayer Mods

The Control Center has long been a desired map in GE multiplayer, but unfortunately, it could never run very well on the Nintendo 64. A lack of available memory would cause rooms to not render, and framerate issues were also present. With XBLA, that's no longer an issue. This take on the level in MP has most of the areas accessible, but locks off the earlier sections, in an effort to keep the action flowing. Players can engage each other on all three floors of the satellite control room, and smash through panes of glass in the process. It contains a standard 8 respawn points, 8 weapon sets, 2 armours, and the Flag Tag Token. And this time, if you happen to kill Boris, Natalya won't be able to complain about it.

Use a patcher capable of utilizing Xdelta files. Apply this to your standard 15.1 MB sized "default.xex" game file. Keep a copy of the original as to not overwrite it.

This particular patch causes the mission version of Control to load the player into an empty level. It repurposes the data that would normally be used for the solo level to now allow a multiplayer setup instead.


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