GE XBLA Wreck's Map Pack
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Author: Wreck

Date: August 25th, 2023

Category: Multiplayer Mods

The first update (v1.01) of this map pack features the following eleven maps…
Dam Frontzone, Facility Backzone, Frigate, Statue, Archives Backzone, Depot, Train, Control, Caverns Frontzone, Cradle, and Aztec Ruins. Three of the original maps do remain at this time. Those include the Complex, Basement, and Stack. Setups for Statue and Cradle are based directly on the unused beta setups leftover in the original N64 game, though some adjustments may have been made. The mission campaign should be mostly unaffected by these changes, with current exception to Frigate.

Use a patching tool to patch your unmodified "default.xex" game file (the same one you use with the Community Edition Updater Tool) with the supplied xdelta. When done, place your new .xex file in the same directory as the original and CE versions. This relies on CE related files and folders, so it will include the many benefits they bring. Do not attempt to play it without the updates.

If you have not already run the CE Updater Tool, you can find the download for it here…

You will also find a folder named "wrk" inside the zip. Please copy this folder into the path "filesCE" -> "loc" -> "english" with the rest of the game text file folders. There is a custom file "default.str" inside that contains text used for various things, such as menu headers and level names. Without it, the places that reference this text will show nothing.

You may notice the distant sky/mountains flickering slightly in Dam Frontzone. This usually occurs when players are far apart. I've tried tweaking the visibility and fog settings for the level, but as of now it has not been resolved. It shouldn't be too much of a distraction while playing, though.

In Frigate MP, there is an area with four pillar-like structures that bar access between each side of the ship. You could only engage with opponents through the small gaps previously, but are now able to walk through the two thinner ones. This welcome new route gives more options when navigating the boat. Down the road, it may be possible to take out the geometry and hits for multiplayer mode.

In Depot MP, it is now possible to walk through the fence near the locked door that prevents access to earlier portions of the map. This opens up an alternate route for players to take. Hopefully, for future updates, the image of the fence can be removed from multiplayer.

Cradle MP is now using a different level ID from its mission version. The stans (clipping) were modified to allow explosives to damage opponents from any place on the map (a long-standing issue with Cradle). This method did not cooperate with the mission, and thus had to be put into a separate ID.


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