Statue & Cradle MP
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Author: Wreck

Date: March 1st, 2021

Category: Multiplayer Mods

In the original N64 version of the game, both the Statue and Cradle had fully functional multiplayer setup files leftover in ROM. Rare decided that neither of these two would make the final cut, due to various issues (such as framerate drops, lack of memory loading in parts of the map in Statue, as well as projectiles passing through world geometry in Cradle). Lucky for us, we could still play them with GameShark / Action Replay codes. Now with the XBLA version having three bonus levels in multiplayer, but none of them being either of these two, it only felt right to bring these back to life on a console that could properly support them. The Cradle is nearly identical to the original, with only a single spawn point being removed (as it was in close proximity to another one and was unnecessary). However, Statue did see some slight edits. One of the body armours was originally set to a pad where it could not load into the level. This was shifted over far enough so that it can. One weapon, which was mostly obscured by the slanted ground it was set on, was moved to the nearest pad that was on somewhat flatter geometry. Also, the arrangement of where each weapon is was altered, to help distribute the different pickups more evenly. Each map was given an improved sky, so the whole map is visible on Cradle, and the areas aren't quite as dark in Statue.

Use a patcher capable of utilizing Xdelta files. Apply this to your standard 15.1 MB sized "default.xex" game file. Keep a copy of the original as to not overwrite it.

Special Thanks…
KholdFuzion: For setting these levels up to reuse other multiplayer setup files, as well as testing, and assistance with tools.


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