007 Face Mapper For Project 64
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Author: The RWP

Date: March 20, 2004

Category: Historical Archives


007 Face Mapper for Project 64 V1.0b

By Ice Mario and SubDrag

This tool allows you to map your own face onto any guards/players on Goldeneye for Nintendo 64 emulated through Project 64.

In order to do this all you need is Project 64, the Goldeneye rom and of course this application. Start Pj64 with Goldeneye as usual, and when you want to replace a face in the game, save the state of the game. (don't forget to choose uncompressed file) Load the created .pj file into the Face Mapper application and this will extract all the face textures in use at the time of the saved state. Double click on an image and insert your own bmp (it must be 32x64 pixels, 256 colors). When you've made all your changes, restore the state of the game using the newly created file, which will be in the same directory as the original .pj file. (named xxxx_new.pj) Use the included codes if you want all of the guards to be the same head, so you can put a face on all the guards. We've included a few sample faces, but be sure to try ones of your own.

This works in single player and multiplayer, so you can play out your dreams…

1. How do I make the images?
Most imaging tools will be able to decrease the amount of colors in an image to 256 and change the size to 32 x 64 pixels. Save in bmp form. Using the included faces, match your own face to the one you wish to replace, and then upload it back.

2. Where can I download the Goldeneye rom?
Sorry, this is a question that we cannot answer for legal reasons and we would appreciate the absense of any such messages/requests on our forums.

Comments, bugs, great heads you've made, give us an email.


(c) The Rare Witch Project 2004
This is a beta version. Final product and features may differ.
We are not responsible if you decide to go out and kill someone because of this (please don't). We simply are providing a tool to insert a head into a game for amusement purposes. On usage, you waive the creators of this tool of any responsibility.


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007facemapper_pj64.zipZip archive data383.22 kBInfo
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rwpfacemappack1.zipZip archive data214.38 kBInfo


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