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Author: The RWP

Date: March 20, 2004

Category: Historical Archives


Finally, at long last, we are releasing a tool that will allow a person to put their face (or anyone's face into Goldeneye). First conceptualized in Rareware's Perfect Dark, and removed because of Nintendo's objections, it has now become a reality.

In order to do this all you need is an N64 GameShark with comms, a parallel port cable, Goldeneye, and Windows 95, 98, or XP. As usual, put in the gameshark, then Goldeneye, hook up the parallel cable to the shark from pc, and start the game. When you want to replace a head in the game, open the face-mapping application and hit refresh. It will download the currently loaded heads from the game to your computer screen. Double click on an image and insert your own bmp (it must be 32x64 pixels, 256 colors). Voila! You're in the game! Use the included gameshark codes if you want all of the guards to be the same head, so you can put a face on all the guards. We've included a few sample faces, but be sure to try ones of your own.

This works in single player and multiplayer, so you can play out your dreams…
(Editor's note: Thanks to Carnivorous for finding this)


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