GoldenEye Setup Editor 1.0
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Author: The RWP

Date: October 26, 2006

Category: Historical Archives


(Crash note: this is the absolute first version of the Setup Editor, released October 26, 2006. The files uploaded here are unedited. I must give a big thank you to bmw for archiving this piece of modding history. Enjoy.)
The following is the notes from the installer:

Goldeneye Setup Editor 1.0


SubDrag (moc.liamtoh|reggarDbuS#moc.liamtoh|reggarDbuS)


Wreck (ac.ocegoc|kcerw#ac.ocegoc|kcerw)
Zoinkity (moc.oohay|redoogodsuoirafen#moc.oohay|redoogodsuoirafen)

Installation Instructions:
Simply install the software, and run the exe!

Using the Editor:

After opening, you must open a setup file. There are all of the standard levels included (including multiplayer), so open one of your choosing. They are all uncompressed, and called Usetup[level short name]Z.bin.

You can edit many aspects of the setup, then File -> Save As to export.

To upload to console:
1. Upload the Help -> Code List to your GameShark. Use official tools or similar.
2. Decide if multi or solo you are replacing. Turn on codes for single or multi in your GameShark, and the level text code if you are replacing the text.
3. Open Custom Setup
4. If you are uploading text (single player only), check box in preferences and choose proper text file.
5. File -> Upload.
6. Enjoy!

To incorporate into ROM:
1. Tools -> Convert ROM
2. Select files to copy into ROM (hold control or shift for multiple)
3. Click Write ROM
4. Choose input GE ROM, choose output GE ROM
5. Load ROM and enjoy!

Furthur help files are included in the help menu.

Release Notes (1.0):
If you load Dam, you must delete the intro block type 3 values, or else it will crash when it tries to zoom in on Bond. It is unknown why this crash occurs.

Do not save levels where there are less than 2 preset values in a path. Your path data will be corrupted. Statue is just weird, but should work.

Do NOT delete Rare's Paths, only delete them by using the "Delete" All Paths button. If you do, your level will crash and cannot be recovered by any means.


File nameFile typeSize
editor1.pngPNG image data240.54 kBInfo
GEEDIT1NoInstaller.7zNo description812.53 kBInfo
goldeneyesetupeditorinstaller.exeNo description1.46 MBInfo
MFC71.DLLNo description1.01 MBInfo


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