GoldenEye X archives

Author: Wreck/collaborators

Date: 2010-2015

Category: Historical Archives

This is the main page for old goldeneye x versions. As i consider GE:X to be historically significant, i decided to archive all the old versions here. The patches here are uploaded unedited from the original gevault releases. Enjoy.


File nameFile typeSize
gex_2a_10-11-10.zipZip archive data2.99 MBInfo
GEX_3a_02-26-11.zipZip archive data3.51 MBInfo
GEX_4a_07-30-11.zipZip archive data8.5 MBInfo
GEX_5a_09-22-12.zipZip archive data11.16 MBInfo
GEX_5b_03-01-13.zipZip archive data12.31 MBInfo
GEX_5c_03-09-14.zipZip archive data16.68 MBInfo
GEX_5c-i_03-11-14.zipZip archive data16.69 MBInfo
GEX_5d-beta_01-29-15.zipZip archive data16.92 MBInfo
imageold2.jpgJPEG image data73.11 kBInfo
imageold3.jpgJPEG image data91.61 kBInfo
imageold4.jpgJPEG image data94.97 kBInfo
imageold5.jpgJPEG image data137.71 kBInfo
imageold6.jpgJPEG image data111.96 kBInfo
imageold7.jpgJPEG image data142.75 kBInfo
imageold8.jpgJPEG image data144.57 kBInfo
imageold.jpgJPEG image data49.34 kBInfo
pd_gex_preview1a.zipZip archive data666.3 kBInfo


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