PD/GE FaceMapper
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Author: The RWP

Date: August 19, 2004

Category: Historical Archives


This is a beta version of the Perfect Dark and Goldeneye console and emulator face mapper.

It will work with either Goldeneye or Perfect Dark Save States from Project 64, or console version of Goldeneye and Perfect Dark (if no exp pak mode).
Perfect Dark's console feature must be used with the GS/AR code generator on, and the enable code EE000000 0000 to disable the code generator. Goldeneye's simply requires the code generator to be on. The GS/AR is then connected through the parallel port cable to the pc, and the face mapping program run.

SPECIAL NOTE - PLEASE READ: The console version is designed for Windows 98. Through some glitch with XP and the parallel port, it is likely that it will hang in XP. You can try adjusting the Sleep setting in the ini file to different millisecond amounts (400 should be first try), but it is quite possible it will not work in XP for you. Windows 98 has full compatibility though.

NOTE: You CAN modify the outfits of the Joanna Dark model and sims in no expansion pak perfect dark.

8107D5BE 0XXX Body
8107CF56 0YYY Head

Shock Trooper
8107D65E 0XXX Body
8107CFCE 0YYY Head

Digits are available upon request, 0199 is Connery suit, and 01A1 a valid head, for example.
Codes by hackmaster

Please send all bug reports to:
and moc.tcejorphctiwerar|oirameci#moc.tcejorphctiwerar|oirameci


(c) The Rare Witch Project 2004

We are not responsible if you decide to go out and kill someone because of this (please don't). We simply are providing a tool to insert a head into a game for amusement purposes. On usage, you waive the creators of this tool of any responsibility.


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