Chicago Restaurant

Author: The Destoryer

Date: October 26, 2020

Category: PD Levels

Level: Chicago


This is my first custom GE/PD level. It's very much an enemy spam type, but I've made a semi dynamic music system. There are 2 patches, one has less enemies than the other. They are both completely possibly damageless on 00 without cover and/or grenade scumming. I've made pistol whip and melee deal more damage to and from the player, which hopefully makes getting close instead of hiding behind cover a little more viable than before. It's also a bit laggy probably due to the blue dividers.

Thanks to the N64 Vault discord server for helping a lot and TiJayFly for testing

This is bad. Shigeru Miyamoto has taken over dataDyne and the G5 corp. His base of operations is in a restaurant in Chicago. Expect intense resistance from his goons. We should have investigated earlier, but he is too powerful to die now. You need to destroy the source of his power: his computer.

Objective one - Destroy his computer: You must destroy the source of his power before he becomes too powerful.

Objective two - Escape the restaurant: After destroying the root of his power, escape from the restaurant.


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