DataDyne Compound
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Author: Punk7890

Date: May 13, 2017

Category: PD Levels


This mod replaces the level, Villa. There is two patches in this zip. One is with custom music and the other with no custom music. The setup files are not needed but are proveded for modders. For the custom music patch be sure to set your in game music volume to about half. For unknown reasons it appears to be a bit loud at max volume otherwise. This mod (hopefully) should prove to be a challenging level to complete. It also should be quite the challenge on Perfect Agent!


There are four special boxes (two extra on Secret Agent and Perfect Agent) that will reward you with certain weapon pickups if you find them. You will need to shoot those boxes once to obtain their weapon pickup. There is a total of five proximity mines that will help you with certain mission spots. There is a total of four shield pickups as well to help you (two of them are dropped by guards). There is one last secret that should be easy to spot around the last objective point, however you will need to figure out how to make it help you!

PJ64 2.2 settings:
Untick the following settings

32-Bit engine
Start Changed
TLB Unmapping

Change the following settings

Memory Size: 8MB
Default save type: 16-kbit EEPROM

And change Physical lookup table to Virtual lookup table.


File nameFile typeSize
datadynecompoundold[punk7890].zipZip archive data471.59 kBInfo
datadynecompound[punk7890].zipZip archive data480.44 kBInfo
image.jpgJPEG image data409.79 kBInfo


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