G5 Car Park
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Author: Jonaeru

Date: August 9th, 2023

Category: PD Levels

The tracer attached to our mystery limousine has been tracked down to a G5 Corporation car park, located in central Chicago.

Objective1: Reprogram Cleaning Robot
Objective2: Destroy Security Robot
Objective3: Upload Secret Files
Objective4: Leave Car Park

G5_Car_Park[Jonaeru](JP).xdelta: For JP ROM (Perfect Dark (J) [!].z64)
G5_Car_Park[Jonaeru](US).xdelta: For US ROM (Perfect Dark (U) (V1.1) [!].z64)

- The mission is compatible with console.
- You can also play Co-Operative and Counter-Operative.
- Shoot hovercar and a hidden weapon will appear somewhere. (The cheat "R-Tracker/Weapon Cache Locations" will show you the locations.)
- Unlock All Solos (US ROM only)
- Allow Rain Coop (US ROM only)
- Setup Editor does not support ASM for JP ROM, so some of the decompiled sources were changed. (Background music, Rain excluded rooms, Alarm sound)

Special thanks:
Wreck - Thanks for testing and fixing the railings of background and adjusting the difficulty and helping briefing for the mission.
SubDrag - Thanks for supporting JP ROM and including Zoinkity's text tools in the Setup Editor.
Zoinkity - Thanks for making PD text tools for Japanese.
Ryan Dwyer - Thanks for decompilation of Perfect Dark.
HackBond & Uufje - Thanks for the advice about the problem with the error when destroying the limo.

Thanks for playing!


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