Investigation v1.1
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Author: Punk7890

Date: March 7th, 2014

Category: PD Levels

My first level.

Background: DataDyne is up to no good, Joanna. We're sending you back to the research laboratory that is located underground. We've began suspecting that dataDyne is researching to create these super-like humans. Please note Joanna that this place is more security-tight then last time. Stealth is your best option. Objective One: - Destroy Maian Coffins. We need you to find and dispose of these coffins, Jo. Don't worry, they have already left this world. They should be scattered across the lab. Objective Two: - Find superhuman chip. If our inside sources are correct, their should be a chip of some sort that could tell us where there main factory is. Bring this to us, Jo. Objective Three: - Plant ECM mine on Lab Computer. This special ECM mine will remotely download their top secret files regarding their research. It's most likely in the last sector somewhere. Objective Four: - Plant explosives on super computer.T his should be their main computer network in the area. Plant the bomb on this computer and that should take care of their network. Objective Five: - Eliminate superhuman. This super-like human is rumored to be their first success. This is most likely in the lower sector. It shouldn't be active, if it is take caution.

Edited: August 26th, 2021 (by 00action)

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Modified how objective two is handled, so it now completes correctly.


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