CI Training Gun Names
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Author: Dragonsbrethren

Date: July 6, 2009

Category: PD Misc


CI Firing Range GoldenEye Gun Name Display
Created by Dragonsbrethren
Version 1.0 - July 4th, 2009
Applies to Perfect Dark (U) (V1.1) [!].z64


1. Description
2. Archive
3. Patching
4. Credits
5. Contact

1. Description:

This is a simple patch which corrects a mistake in the Carrington Institute
training setup file. You were originally supposed to be able to press the B
button while looking at one of the guns from GoldenEye 007 in the firing
range display cases to have its name displayed in the bottom left corner of
the screen. This feature, while correctly implemented, never functioned
because the guns lack the bitflag which allows them to be activated.

The guns, with the exception of the PP7, all use short variations of their
real world names, rather than the names they were given in PD. This is odd,
considering these strings are relatively new; they are not present in the text
file from the 4.4 beta version of the game. If this feature actually made it
in, they would use the same names as they do elsewhere in PD. This archive
contains a patch to make the guns use their correct PD names.

2. Archive:

This archive ( should contain the following files:

*GE Gun Name Display.xdelta
*GE Gun Name Display - PD Names.xdelta
*GE Gun Name Display.txt

3. Patching:

This modification is distributed as an xdelta patch; you must have a utility
capable of applying xdelta patches in order to use it. From version 2.3.0 on,
the Goldeneye Setup Editor supports applying xdelta patches. You can also make
use of the following tool if you do not want to install the setup editor just
to apply the patch.

xdelta UI:

Once you have a patcher, apply GE Gun Names.xdelta to a clean Perfect Dark
(U) (V1.1) ROM in .z64 format. If you wish to use the PD gun names instead
of the ones used by default, you will need to apply GE Gun Names - PD
Names.xdelta after you apply the first patch, otherwise the CRC value will
not match and you will not be able to patch your ROM.

4. Credits:

Credit goes to everyone who has helped expand the understanding of the inner
workings of PD over the years. This patch would not even exist without the all
of the information provided by all of those dedicated people.

Special thanks to SubDrag for making it possible to inject larger setups
into the 39850 binary, which allowed this patch to enable the name display
without having to cut the stage's drone guns, as the original version did.

This should go without saying, but credit goes to Rare for creating Perfect
Dark in the first place.

6. Contact

Should you find any issue with this hack feel free to contact me about it.

*Email: moc.liamg|nerhterbsnogard#moc.liamg|nerhterbsnogard

2009 Dragonsbrethren Industries


File nameFile typeSize
gegunnamedisplay.zipZip archive data80.37 kBInfo
image.jpgJPEG image data14.73 kBInfo


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