Darks Corp Music
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Author: OmegaCop

Date: May 31, 2015

Category: PD Misc


This mod pack replaces half the tunes with ones from Blast Corps, primarily to give you, new music for Combat Simulator. The following tells what’s new for part three (BETA) of Dark Corps:


- Twenty One (Remastered) Soundtracks of Perfect Dark REMOVED
- Skerries Soundtrack Added
- Magma Peak v.2 Soundtrack Added
- Select Vehicle Soundtrack Added for Pause Menu
- (Remastered) PC Intro Cut-scene Soundtrack
- (Remastered) Carrington Institute Training Soundtrack WIP


- Cromlech Court’s and Mission Result’s Vocal Percussion FIXED
- Updated Perfect Dark Logo Intro with Sire


File nameFile typeSize
darkcorps[omegacop].zipZip archive data2.48 MBInfo
image.jpgJPEG image data249.22 kBInfo


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