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Author: Wreck

Date: January 8, 2010

Category: PD Misc


Name: Perfect Dark JPN ROM in English
Author: Wreck
Date: January 8, 2010
Category: Miscellaneous


Perfect Dark JPN ROM in English:
If you've ever wanted to experience the Japanese version of Perfect Dark for the N64, but have been thrown off by not being able to read just about anything, than this patch is for you. What it does is changes the bit that makes the game use the "L_J" Japanese language files, and instead uses the regular "L_E" English ones. The results are that everything is now in perfect English. But enough talk, let's get to patching…

Using the GoldenEditor / Perfect Editor Combo, switch to Perfect Dark mode. You can do this under the "Tools" menu, by clicking the "Switch Editor Game (GE/PD)" option. Once in PD mode, head back into the "Tools" menu. Once there, you should find an "XDelta Patching" section. As you mouse-over or arrow down to it, a side menu will open. From there, choose the "Apply PD XDelta Patch" option. It will ask you to first open up your original game ROM. The common name for the Japanese version of Perfect Dark is "Perfect Dark (J) [!].z64". Whether this is what yours is called or not, be sure to select an unmodified and non-byteswapped Japanese PD ROM. The next step is to choose the patch. In the downloaded zip folder, you should find "PerfectDark_JPN-English_Patch.xdelta". Select that and continue onto the final step. You'll be asked to save the new ROM to your computer. Give it a name and a proper file extension (.rom or .z64) and save it. After the ROM has been saved, you may now load it up in your emulator of choice. It's play time!

Though the ROM has been tested, it hasn't been played through in its entirety. Some issues may occur. In certain menus, the text is oversized. This small change doesn't pose any gameplay problems, though. About the only noticeable thing that can be a little annoying, are the cutscene subtitles. If you have them activated, which I believe they are by default for the Japanese audience, you'll see that the text shown isn't proper. Many lines will either be cut short, split oddly in between sentences, and can even run extremely long. This shouldn't be a bother to English speaking gamers, as the voice overs are easy enough to understand. If you find this a distraction, simply disable the cutscene subtitles in the Options menu. If you happen across anything worth pointing out, feel free to tell me. You can either leave a comment on this page, post on the Shooters Forever message board, or send me a PM there. You can also e-mail me, but I must warn you that I do not check it very often.

Special Thanks:
Dragonsbrethren: for his contagious interest in the PAL and JPN text files.
SubDrag: for his continued efforts in the GE / PD hacking and modding scene.
Zoinkity: for always pushing the limits of what's possible in GE / PD modding.
You: for taking the time to check out my work.


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