Deep Sea X Teleport Edition
Deep Sea
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Author: MultiplayerX

Date: May 5, 2013

Category: PD Multi Levels

Level: Deep Sea


NOTE: The weapons are fixed in Deep Sea, and do not use the ones selected. This only works 2P and simulants cannot warp.

This is the FINAL version I will be releasing for Deep Sea. DEEP SEA X is an exhaustive multiplayer layout. A whopping 128 pads AND an additional 128 action blocks :O make this project one of the biggest hacks ever made for Perfect Dark in the last decade. Total warps per player: 4 TIMES *FROM AND *TO 8 TELEPORTS with a grand total of 64 warps! The game itself maybe uses a total of 6-8 in SOLO. I am very proud of this accomplishment and a VERY special thanks to SubDrag for even making this possible by hacking the game to use 2nd player. 100% credit goes to SubDrag for allowing me to finish this thing OFFICIALLY. I included the binary and pads file if you'd like to ADD player 3 or something. I may come back and do it later but after 256 action blocks and pads all together I am looking forward to some other projects. Enjoy!


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deepsea2xpteleports[multiplayerX].zipZip archive data993.78 kBInfo
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