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Author: Wreck

Date: December 25, 2016

Category: PD Multi Levels



GE-X Patch 5e: 12-24-16

It's about time, ain't it? GoldenEye X patch version 5e has been set free to the world! During the time since our most recent patch was released, we've been learning more about the mission campaign. To show how far we've been able to come along with it, we have included two in-progress missions; the Silo and Frigate. Each have intros, fully functioning objectives, and outros. You'll notice some minor changes being made based on difficulty level (such as removing the bombs from Agent mode in Frigate), to follow how Rare handled Perfect Dark, and encourage players to try the harder difficulties. The Statue and Streets are also both now available to preview, but are lacking wall tiles to stop players from wandering through structures. Pretty much every mission preview is full of objects, though some specific models may still be absent (mostly vehicles). Also, if you're playing on console, or with a good graphics plugin, pay attention to the lighting that is slowly being added in throughout the campaign. In VR mode, you'll find three extra levels, including a special treat from Diddy Kong Racing, of all places. And it's the return of the Slapper! No more punches, Mr. Bond. The Taser is now operational, and can be used to force opponents to drop their equipped weapons. An additional two bonus weapons are also ready for action. Speaking of weapons, the animations are getting better every time. Completely new reloads have been designed for the RC-P90, Golden Gun and Rocket Launcher. Other improvements have been made, such as with the Watch Laser. It may not seem like a ton of new content on the surface, but it's a matter of quality over quantity.

For more detail on what's new or modified, check out the list below.

As always, our thanks to the people still enjoying GoldenEye X. We see your videos on YouTube, and read your comments posted on both the GoldenEye Vault website and Shooters Forever forum. Your feedback is definitely appreciated. It's the fans who this game is made for, and so long as there are gamers who continue to check in to play the newest patch, we'll try and find the time to keep working at it.

List of updates…


Intro Logos…
The Rareware, Nintendo and GoldenEye X logos have all been modified.
The Nintendo Logo may not colour red correctly with certain graphics plugins.

The green background colour in the menus has been darkened.

Gameboy Transfer Pak…
Donkey Kong Country GBC is now the supported game for use in the Transfer Pak.

Monitor Screens…
Aztec random screens supported, but without all the fancy behaviour.
Another monitor series has been simplified, to reduce overall size.

Follow-Up Explosions…
2nd and 3rd stage explosions no longer feature fire ball and smoke.

Corrected small (unnoticeable) issue with all doors in VR levels.

[Cheat Options]

Transfer Pak Unlocks…
Certain cheats may be unlocked by using Donkey Kong Country GBC in the transfer pak.

[Weapons, Ammo, Gadgets & Items]

New Slapper animations replace the punch.
Function name changed to "Chop", description updated to reflect this.
Reach lengthened from 60.0 to 65.0.
Simulant attacks changed to closely mimic human chop rate.

When quick switching and slashing / throwing, should no longer flip knives the wrong way.

Included front barrel section from TT33 (was blank in GE original).
Modified grip model, texturing and shading.

Ejected casings now using set of coordinates inside model file.

Holding and reloading animations adjusted.
Ejected casings now fly to the proper side.

Ejected casings now fly to the proper side.

Holding and reloading animations adjusted.
Magazine added to weapon.
Ejected casings in better position.
Trigger guard has been added.

D5K Silenced…
Holding and reloading animations adjusted.
Magazine added to weapon.
Ejected casings in better position.
Trigger guard has been added.

Holding and reloading animations adjusted.
Magazine added to weapon.
Ejected casings in better position.
Texture declaration in model header updated.
Trigger guard has been added.
Included new front barrel section (was blank in GE original).

Holding and reloading animations adjusted.
Ejected casings now fly to the proper side.
Muzzle flash position updated.
Trigger guard has been added.

Weapon model modified and updated to separate magazine from gun body.
Ejected casings in better position.
Holding and reloading animations modified, with brand new reload.

Hand position improved for better look.
Proper muzzle flash added.

Automatic Shotgun…
Trigger guard has been added.

Sniper Rifle…
Animations modified for improved hand placement.
Magazine "box" retextured.

Cougar Magnum…
Gun in hand position improved.
Spent bullet casings are now silver in colour.
Replacement bullets also changed to be silver.
Quick fire rate improved to better match Simulants.
Animations updated, left hand doesn't go into the cylinder on reload.

Golden Gun…
Weapon updated and expanded upon.
Brand new reloading animations created for single and dual wielding.

Moonraker Laser…
Now features hands.
Impact sounds on props and background can now be heard.

Watch Laser…
Reworked to better represent the original positioning.
Watch face improved, icons appearing on right hand side.

Rocket Launcher…
Uses brand new firing and reload animations.

Hand grenades thrown by mission characters now take four seconds to detonate.
(PD was set to one second by default, making it act more like impact detonation.)

Proximity Mine…
Planting a proxy on a dead body no longer crashes the game when character respawns.

Remote Mine…
Hands no longer go funny when detonating as soon as equipping.

Weapon newly included.
Only weapon capable of disarming and disorienting opponents.

Eagle 5…
Attached suppressor for silenced and scoped model.
Sound effect and audable range adjusted accordingly.

K7 Aggressor…
Muzzle flash has been fixed.

Platinum Gun…
Based on a bonus weapon from Everything or Nothing.
A platinum version of the Golden Gun model, which fires explosive shells.
Only available through the All Guns cheat option.

Old Saint Nick's trusty sidearm; a red chrome PP7 with 3-round burst action.
Magazine holds twelve rounds, and can be dual-wielded.

Pistol Whip…
Every pistol whip reach lengthened from 60.0 to 65.0.


Golden Gun Bullet Case…
Corrected a missing texture ID in port for the folding lid.

[Mission Levels]

Features additional lights and coronas.
Vent hatch can be opened by human players, allowing them to drop down into room below.
Has Runway extension at the back of the bottling room.
Coop mode extends the starting vents to occupy additional bodies.

All interior rooms lit, with some being newly added.

Bunker i…
Is now fully lit, and has extra lights where they were originally absent.
Hanging monitor racks have been completely fixed.

In-Progress mission included.
Bond's boat has been altered to create enough space for coop simulants.
Nearly every room features lights, some modified from original BG.

In-Progress mission included.

Early build that requires adjustments to clipping, portals and possibly BG.
Missing vertical wall clipping, so can walk through walls and die.

Contains a few ceiling lamp lights (in progress).

Recently ported and setup for initial testing.
Modified level end to directly connect with Depot.
Missing vertical wall clipping, so can walk through walls and die.

Modified start of level to directly connect with Streets.
Included some new portals to show a few of the unused beta silos.

Interior lights modified, with new bonus lights in bottom room.
Floating bug at the three bridges *should* no longer occur.
Corrected sky glitch when near lower areas.

Incorporates additional room behind start point for cooperative mode only.
Lights added to guidance data section, with three new in the secure area.
Moon has been added up in the sky.

[Virtual Reality Levels]

Added beams of light in three areas.

Hidden wall areas now allow projectiles to pass through from each side.

AI Path Network updated to improve navigation and use of drops.
Clipping improvements made in certain areas.
Tall ramp adjusted to correct clipping flaws.
Walkway with two open drops modified to help clipping issues.

Clipping tiles on a floor grating room ID corrected.
Portal at a floor grate elevation fixed (incorrect in original game).
Added beams of light in basement area.

Now players spawn inside ventilation ducts (with expanded start area to fit multiple bodies).
Vent hatch can be opened by human players, allowing them to drop down into room below.
Swinging grey door at blue room entrance opens further outward.

Facility Backzone…
Has Runway extension at the back of the bottling room.
Collisions added to the bottling tanks.
Clipping improvements made to various stair cases.

Clipping improvements made to engine room stairs.
Sims can now see / shoot through floor grating in engine room (not stairs yet).

Level background reduced to only the rooms involved in VR boundaries.

Archives 1F…
Customized version of Archives, mixing front and back areas with new passageways.

An optimized and condensed St. Petersburg Streets can now be played in VR mode.

Clipping improvements made to central area ramp and ramps to bottom level.
Simulant navigation around three converging ramps improved.

Clipping and path network improvements made to the "three house" room.

Icicle Pyramid…
Carefully ported from Diddy Kong Racing and transformed in a new VR level.

[Virtual Reality Characters]

Santa Claus…
Brand new head created for the Santa suit.

Dinner Jacket Arms…
All characters with black tuxedos now have new arm model.

Stealth Suit Arms…
007 and 006's "boiler" suits from Facility use a new arm model.

Dark Costume Arms…
Janus Special Forces and the black Siberian Guard both use new arm model.

St. Petersburg Guard Arm…
Now uses a more appropriate blue material for his arm model.

Baron Samedi (Death) Arm…
Updated the original Samedi arm model to use a dark grey cloth for this version.

[Virtual Reality Simulants]

Using the Shotgun…
Firing rate slowed to closer match human fire (with their pumping action).
Reload time decreased to closer match human reloads.

Using the Automatic Shotgun…
Reload time decreased to closer match human reloads.


Apply the XDelta Patch to an unbyteswapped NTSC Perfect Dark v1.1 ROM.
You can use the Perfect Dark / GoldenEye Editor at the GoldenEye Vault.

- Wreck


December 24th, 2016 (12.24.16)

- Newest additions have an exclaimation mark (!) tacked onto the end

VR Levels:


Fac Backzone
Archives 1F!
Icicle Pyramid!

Temple now has beams of light from exterior openings.
Caves' clipping improved to reduce the number of areas players can fall out.
Library's basement has beams of light shining through upper catwalk grates.
Facility Backzone has extended Runway entrance area, improved stair clipping.
Frigate VR engine room stair clipping improved.
Cradle VR clipping fixes around different ramps.
Citadel's three house room has clipping improvements.
Archives 1F is a customized version of the map with new routes.
Streets VR is a condensed and optimized version of the mission map.
Icicle Pyramid is ported from Diddy Kong Racing.


Unarmed (Slapper)!
*Throwing / Hunting Knife
PP7 Special Issue
PP7 (silenced)
DD44 Dostovei
KF7 Soviet
ZMG (9mm)
D5K Deutsche
D5K (silenced)
AR33 Assault Rifle
Automatic Shotgun
Sniper Rifle
Cougar Magnum
Golden Gun
Silver PP7
Gold PP7
Moonraker Laser
Watch Laser!
Grenade Launcher
Rocket Launcher
*Hand Grenade
*Timed Mine
*Proximity Mine
*Remote Mine
Platinum Gun!
Drone Gun
**Body Armor

Sims may have trouble using some weapons in certain situations.
Personal Drone Gun can be used in both VR, and also in Missions under a cheat option.
The Slapper replaces the punch animations. Chop, chop!
Watch Laser has been updated to more closely match the original game.
Taser can disarm and disorient opponents. Simulants can not use at this time.
Platinum Gun is a bonus weapon that can fire explosive shells.
Rudolph is Santa Claus' defense weapon, for when he enters hostile territory.
*Mines, grenades, and knife feature their own first-person, in-hand models.
**The shield effect has been removed from the game, so it acts more like armour.


Bond (Tuxedo)
Bond (Formal)
Bond (Stealth)
Bond (Arctic)
Bond (Jungle)
Natalya (Russia)
Natalya (Cuba)
Trevelyan (006)
Trevelyan (Janus)
May Day
Baron Samedi
Russian Soldier
Russian Infantry
Russian Commandant
Male Scientist
Female Scientist
Janus Marine
Naval Officer
Helicopter Pilot
St. Petersburg Guard
Female Civilian (Jeans)
Female Civilian (Skirt)
Male Civilian (Vest)
Male Civilian (Plaid)
Male Civilian (Red)
Male Civilian (Blue)
**Male Civilian (Grey)
Siberian Guard (Brown)
Siberian Guard (Black)
Arctic Commando
Siberian Special Forces
Jungle Commando
Janus Special Forces
Male Moonraker Elite
Female Moonraker Elite
Female Special Operative
Male Special Operative
Assault Trooper
Baron Samedi (Death)
Santa Suit
Bond (Classic) [Connery]
Bond (Classic) [Moore]
Bond (Classic) [Lazenby]
Bond (Classic) [Dalton]

Certain characters now have better custom arm models to match their clothing.
*The Point of Views for these characters are shorter, due to issues with PD's clipping engine.
**These bodies weren't available normally in GE, but were leftover in the ROM.


Bond (Special)
May Day
Baron Samedi
Helicopter Pilot
Siberian Special Forces
*Dave w/ Sunglasses
*Jim w/ Sunglasses
*Graeme w/ Sunglasses
*Duncan w/ Sunglasses
*Chris w/ Sunglasses
Steve E
Steve H
Joe (Altered)
Female Special Operative
Male Special Operative
Assault Trooper
Baron Samedi (Death)
Santa Claus!
Bond (Classic) [Connery]
Bond (Classic) [Moore]
Bond (Classic) [Lazenby]
Bond (Classic) [Dalton]

*These five heads have had their sunglasses forced on for VR mode.


VR Scenarios:
*Living Daylights
Space Race
*Live and Let Die
*Capture the Flag

*These basically just swap the Briefcase model for the Flag Tag Token.
Hacker Central modified. You must procure the GoldenEye Key and use it on the terminal to upload firing commands. Whoever uploads the most by the end of the match (or reaches the goal limit) wins.
*Pop a Cap modified. Same exact rules, just different terminology.


VR Music:
Dam X
Facility X
Runway X
Bunker X
Silo X
Frigate X
Surface II
Surface II X
Bunker II
Bunker II X
Statue X
Archives X
Streets X
Depot X
Train X
Jungle X
Control X
Caverns X
Cradle X
Aztec X
Egyptian X
Elevator 1
Elevator 2
End Credits

Certain instruments or sounds may be slightly off from originals.
Jungle is the original theme intended for the stage, not the background sound effects.
Silo X has been corrected to loop, and has been included in the tracks list.
Elevator songs 1 and 2 have been added into an extended track list.
End Credits has also been added in as a special bonus song.


Known Bugs / Glitches…

Since the first release, every map has been fitted with an AI Path Network. This means that Simulants can freely roam the stages. Also, extensions and drops have been worked into most levels, improving Sim navigation. They are also much smarter when it comes to weapon choice and utlization. Some hesitation or stuttering may occur, but this even effects PD's levels.

Mission Level Previews:
Some of the clipping hasn't been completed, so you made find areas where you can fall out of the map.

Coop Mode:
Currently, if playing coop mode, scientists and hostages are killed immediately by guards. Also, in some levels and situations, your coop Sim Partners may not move. This is due to missing AI Path Network pads in those areas, which were never included in the original game files and must be added at a later date.

Simulants can not use the Taser in VR mode. It could not be corrected prior to this release, so they should now simply avoid using the weapon completely.

There is a multiplier value that increases the damage a Shotgun causes to other characters when used by a Simulant. Humans are capable of firing five pellets at a time, but Sims only fire one. This value evens the odds a little more for your computer controlled opponents. Due to PD only having a single shotgun by default, we had to allow for a second one. However, because of an issue that incorporating a second multiplier caused (kills not counting in mission campaign), we've had to remove the multiplier from the regular Shotgun. Unless we can fix this, only the Automatic Shotgun will deal out more damage when in the hands of a Simulant.

The only level missing from the mission campaign, and will load PD's Defection.

Control Center:
You can walk through the back of the stairs on the second floor of the main control room.

Mission Dialogue:
You'll hear Perfect Dark voices when dialogue text shows at the top of the screen. We plan to eventually replace all voices with new ones, representing each GoldenEye character.

Custom animations were made for the bike, but the model did not get adjusted to compensate before the patch was created. This should be easy to correct for the next release.

Martin Hollis, 008 Simulant Partner:
Currently has female voice files during missions. These will need to be replaced with male samples.

Nintendo Logo:
It should be coloured red, but some graphics plugins still show it as silver.

Because we wanted to have everything (or mostly everything) unlocked from the start of the game for new users, some of the menu headers and dividers may be missing. They rely on certain flags to be set in order to be shown. It should be fixed everywhere, but don't be surprised if something seems off.


Websites of Interest:

GoldenEye Forever

GoldenEye Vault

GoldenEye Online

Shooters Forever Message Boards

GoldenEye X on Facebook

The GoldenEye X Channel on YouTube

GoldenEye X on Mod DB

GoldenEye X on (RHDN)


Wreck: Props, weapons, characters, level files, textures, text, custom arms, general editing, mod direction.
SubDrag: Music porting, amazing tools, ASM hacks, All Bonds Heads, GEX logo, and so much more. Without him, this mod wouldn't be what it is today.
00action: Facility VR map, Archives VR map, Train clipping, Aztec clipping, some mission clipping, Surface i/ii BG and clipping.
Pavarini: Weapon animations, bug reporting.
Zoinkity: Technical information, Connery Tuxedo, and Labyrinth port from TWINE to GoldenEye (background, setup, clipping, AI path network, pillars, etc.)
Sogun: The Citadel makeover, and Icicle Pyramid BG + floor clipping port to GoldenEye.
Trevor: Santa Claus head.
Monkeyface: Original GoldenEye X intro logo, Connery head base.
ZMG88: New intro song, based on the original film theme, and The Experience of Love, played in MI6.
TH126: Official video creator for the mod, and beta testing.
Dragonsbrethren: Music porting, and helpful suggestions.
Octan Baron: Base AI Path Network for Caves.

Bug Reporting and/or Suggestions:
The Renagadist
connery as bond


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