Landing Zone Trilogy
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Author: MultiplayerX

Date: July 7, 2014

Category: PD Multi Levels



Perfect Dark Extended: Second Edition The Landing Zone Trilogy

Welcome to the second edition of Perfect Dark Extended. This edition features DOCKED aircraft in three levels: Villa Rescue(Drop Ship), Maian Abduction(UFO), and Pelagic Stinger(Manta Ray Sub). The models are now additional rooms you can walk on top of. The Elvis Saucer hovers over Crash Site like Independence Day, Villa's Drop Ship rests on the side of the mountain, and Pelagic's Manta Ray Sub has been scaled as a MOTHER sub docked against the deck's bow Wink. This mod works together with The Aviation Trilogy now making it a six part series. Enjoy and keep an eye out for future updates!


Known Issues and Bugs

Black Tiles, Texture BlackOuts, Falling Through Floor, and Slow Climbing/Walking: There are a few places where you will find yourself falling to your death through LEAKY clipping. These places are MINIMAL and with a little time and practice can be avoided without affecting any gameplay. Skedar Warship's model had some small areas the editor simply could not calculate an EXACT clipping placement as well as missing a FEW textures from model to room conversion. Flags have been modified to make some areas walkable due to clipping problems. These areas act as transparent ladders so just be patient and you will get there eventually. Portals are close to perfect but you may experience a quick blackhole jumping into rooms Wink.

ROM freezes when using the STARS patch: Adding STARS into levels seem to overload memory in the game causing the ROM to freeze when attempting to run a stars level after running a non-star one. It is recommended to load the star level you wish on startup to prevent this issue. Please reboot or RESET your game in PJ64 and select the level with stars that you want to play FIRST.

BONUS Stars and Weather:
The second patch includes STARS for background effects in Skedar Warship and several other levels. New RAIN and SNOW blocks have been added back into the mod that emulate the EXACT solo weather from the campaign levels. Rain changes from lite to downpour and Snow changes blowing directions as well as variations in flake counts. The next Weather Selector release will feature these blocks in all levels Wink.


A huge thanks goes out to Subdrag for converting the Air Force One model into a room and for all of his tutorials and help. Be sure to thank him for making this mod possible!


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