Perfect Dark Plus
PD Plus
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Author: Wreck

Date: June 15, 2017

Category: PD Multi Levels



Mod Name: Perfect Dark +
Date of Release: June 15th, 2017
Base ROM: Perfect Dark NTSC v1.1

So what is Perfect Dark Plus? Well, it's the same great game you already know and love, but with some new additions to the Combat Simulator mode. To start with, everything is unlocked. Every character, level, weapon, music track, scenario, and option, is available for brand new agent files. You don't need to complete the mission campaign or challenges to open things up. This even includes the eight Classic weapons, which weren't originally accessible in Combat Simulator. Secondly, two extra Classic maps have been added to the game. Both the Stack and Caves have been modified to better fit the PD universe. Each has different textures, railings, and other adjustments to make them unique from their GoldenEye counterparts. Lastly, players (or Simulants) can now assume control of two bonus characters. Hover after your opponents as the artificial intelligence known as Dr. Caroll, or terrorize everyone in sight as a vicious Skedar warrior. To top it off, when playing in Counter-Operative mode, you'll no longer be forced to spawn as Mr. Blonde instead of a real Skedar when taking their place. Hopefully these things will add a bit more replay value to the game, and allow creative players to customize their own scenarios. And as one final addition, the standard version of Joanna as she appeared in the Japanese version of the game, can also be selected from the list of heads. It appears just prior to the regular Jo combat head, so scroll left to access it more quickly.

Wreck: Stack, Caves, Menu Mods, Classic Weapon fixes, etc.
Pavarini: Dr. Caroll and Skedar playable version and hands.
SubDrag: The Editor, which made it all possible.


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