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Author: Entropy Soldier

Date: October 9, 2017

Category: GE Misc


A very rough first edition of a special GE64 OBJ exporter/importer for blender. GE64 OBJ format has "support" for vertex colors, and isn't FBX! Being able to do the vertex colors in Blender is a huge time saver, so I figured I'd throw this plugin together to save whatever is left of the sanity of anyone who had to do vertex colors in the editor. As a bonus, it has defaults suited to GE64 and also auto-generates the texture preset listing on export to simplify the import process as much as possible. In the future I may work with Subby Wubby to create a truly streamlined import/export process, but for now this should be serviceable.

Anyway, this is more or less just the standard Blender 2.78b .obj plugin with the following additions:

-Includes a few extra lines pertaining to vertex color data in the Import/Export routines
-Automatically exports a texture preset number text file if the appropriate GE64TexturePresetDatabase object is present
-Adds the following utility functions, which can be accessed by searching for them in the spacebar menu:
-"Update Texture Preset Database": Scans all the textures currently in use and adds to the Texture Preset Database any textures that aren't currently in it. It will also create the Texture Preset Database if it doesn't already exist.
-"Snap All Mesh Vertices to Integer Values": Snaps every vertex in the scene to the nearest set of integer coordinates. This is useful because GE64 doesn't support floating point values for mesh vertices and GEEdit will round them on import. Best to see the results while you can still easily edit them.


Close blender and drop the "io_scene_GE64OBJ" folder into "C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\[VERSION]\scripts\addons". Once it's copied over just restart blender and go to user preferences and turn on Import-Export: GE64 Obj Format IO. Now you should have "Wavefront GE64(.obj)" in the import/export lists.


Use it like any importer/exporter. The only real difference as far as usage is concerned is the addition of an empty called "GE64TexturePresetDatabase". This empty stores in its custom properties all the memory presets the map's textures are using. It will be automatically created on import, and can be created at any time by running the "Update Texture Preset Database" command. It will try and figure out the preset number from the texture name, but in the event that it can't it will insert "XXXX" for that texture's preset value. It's up to you to fill that value in with the appropriate preset number.


-Some special triangle flags don't seem to be preserved on export from the editor, so naturally won't make the round trip back into it. You'll have to set these manually.
-Some textures seem to use their alpha channel to indicate something else, or the editor just exports them with alpha for no reason. I don't know how to tell these textures apart from textures with legitimate alpha channels, so if you want to use any of them you'll have to manually disable the corresponding material's transparency in blender's material window.

Special Thanks:

Campbell Barton and Bastien Montagne - Made the OBJ plugin this was carved out of
Entropy-Soldier - Made all the modifications listed here, as well as the flag model for GoldenEye: Source 5.0
Fillerthefreak - Helped test it, and told me people might actually want this in its current state.
Subby Wubby - Made the GE64 OBJ format. You hear that? I had nothing to do with this format I just made the exporter. It's the only one I had no choice.
Graslu - Es uno de los mejores modders en esta comunidad, y un patrón de mi voz que actúa talentos. También en realidad no hablo español este es un pequeño programa de traducción. Hasas mia!

If there's any questions or concerns message me on discord or PM me on the forums or something. Have fun!

Version: 0.1.1


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