Smash Remix
Smash Remix
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Author: Smash Remix Team

Date: July 31st, 2022

Category: SSB-Characters

Character(s) Added: Sheik, Sonic, Marth, Mewtwo, Conker, Wolf, Mad Piano, Bowser, Lucas, Wario, Dark Samus, Ganondorf, Young Link, Falco, Dr. Mario


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  • Sheik added
  • Conker

- BThrow → Dmg 15->17
- BAir → Dmg 16->19
→ KBS 110->100
→ BKB 0->5
→ Range slightly extended

  • Sonic

- BThrow → Dmg 18->17
→ KBS 78->70

  • J Kirby

- Adjusted Stone; now has 50 HP (U version has 38)


  • Kirby Hat now selectable via Character Menu Panel
  • Player tags added to Settings

- Can store up to 20 names
- Select tag via Character Menu Panel
- Names are always visible when selected

  • Camera Modes

- Fixed Camera Mode added
- Bonus Camera Mode added
- Scene Camera Mode added

  • Move and zoom functionality added for VS pause

- A and B to zoom, C buttons to move

  • Disable HUD toggle now has values 'ALL' and 'PAUSE'

- Can disable HUD entirely, or just when paused

  • Various character and graphic effects have been modified to scale with Giant and Tiny characters
  • Live and Learn track updated
  • Fixed aspect ratio of the menu when widescreen mode is enabled
  • 1p ending images added for all standard Remix characters
  • Updated former Remix Character 1p ending image (now used by various alternative versions of characters)
  • Music and Stage profiles updated
  • Credits updated
  • Fixed 4p training mode character select screen crash
  • Fixed 1P Character Menu Panel reset button (previously, it would always reset 1p instead of the active port)
  • Fixed neutral spawn bug for teams if players were Green, Blue, Green, Blue


  • 1P Enemy Control Mode added (Activated by another player pressing 'Z' at 1P Character Select Screen)

- Scores are disabled while this is active

  • Fixed Yoshi egg crash in Stamina mode
  • Fixed 12cb token placement bug
  • Disabled J hitlag in 1P modes
  • Training Mode special model toggle now reverts when exiting Training
  • Disabled automatic start after selecting character in REMIX Bonus 1&2 (for browsing records)
  • Fixed major error with Stamina Mode percent damage calculation
  • 1P Practice mode added

- Activated via 1P/Remix 1P Character Menu Panel
- Scores are disabled while this is active
- Can reset stage while mode is activated (press L while paused, during GameEnd, or at Score Screen)


  • Rainbow Road Added
  • Toad's Turnpike added
  • Pokemon Stadium 2 added as remix variant of Pokemon Stadium
  • Zebes Landing renamed to Crateria
  • Norfair Remix added as remix variant of Norfair
  • Tal Tal Heights has replaced Skyloft

- Tal Tal Heights Remix added (identical to former layout of Skyloft)
- Link's Awakening Medley added as main track
- Ballad of the Goddess now set to alternative track

  • Winter Dream Land added as Dream Land variant of Dream Land
  • Sheik Break the Targets added
  • Sheik Board the Platforms added
  • Goomba Road Updated

- New Stage geometry/clippings
- Fixed graphical glitch
- Updated 1p spawns

  • Peach Castle Beta graphically updated
  • Smashville updated

- New Stage geometry/clippings
- Graphically updated
- New Background
- Pete replaces UFO background character

  • Dream Land and Omega variants graphically updated
  • Fray's Stage now has Corridors of Time added as an alternative track
  • Yoshi's Story graphically updated
  • Onett updated

- Graphically updated
- Car functionality changed
- Onett track redone

  • Pirate Land Cannon Ball now has camera tracking
  • Sonic Board the Platforms clippings updated
  • Congo Dreamland removed from Tourney SSS
  • Mute City Dreamland removed from Tourney SSS
  • First Destination removed from Tourney SSS
  • Fixed Random stage selection (previously, Home Run Contest could be randomly picked when all stages are set to OFF)
  • Fixed 'Stage Select Off' crash

- (Happened when only 1 random stage was toggled on and last match was on that stage)

  • Random stage selection now respects SSS layout

- So now you can use RANDOM on Tournament SSS

  • Stages considered without Movement no longer unnecessarily graphically freeze (e.g. Dream Land)
  • Dynamic Hazard Text

- Indicates what types of hazards the selected stage has available
- Pressing L will cycle directly through available Hazards

  • Cursor color now updates to match the selected stage's hazards toggle state

- This also applies to Tournament Stage Select Screen

  • Cursor color for 'Movement OFF' adjusted for better contrast
  • Mushroom Kingdom camera used for certain stages

- (Wide and walk off stages visually benefit from using this camera routine due to less background skewing)
- Affected stages:
- Mushroom Kingdom Remix
- Sector Z Remix
- Dragon King
- Mute City
- Big Blue
- Onett
- Hyrule Temple
- Subcon
- Toads Turnpike

* New stage thumbnails
- Showdown
- Dr Mario's Office
- Frosty Village
- Smashville
- Great Bay
- Big Blue
- Onett
- Hyrule Temple
- New Pork City
- Congo Falls
- Osohe Castle
- Goomba Road
- Bowser's Keep
- Venom
- Planet Clancer
- Subcon
- Pirate Land

  • Training mode stage select now shows the training background (like vanilla)


  • Spiny (Blue) Shell added
  • Lightning added
  • Deku Nut added
  • Franklin Badge added
  • Hammer is now available as a 'Start with' and 'Taunt' Item
  • Item switch - Can now press L button to toggle all items ON/OFF
  • Mushroom SFX fixed

- (Previously, it played twice or sometimes not at all in certain situations)

  • Cloaking Device image fixed



  • Sonic

- Fixed rare glitch that caused warping during spindash
- Traction decreased 3->2
- Up Special
> Fixed Kirby Up Special Interaction
> Fixed softlock related to Kirby Inhale

  • Bowser

- Fixed rare crash associated with being KO'd
- Forward Throw ignores Sonic's spring

  • Kirby/JKirby

- Fixed crash and graphical glitches associated with hats


  • Subcon

- Blastzone moved upwards in singleplayer modes

  • Green Hill zone

- Added to Tournament Mode Stages



Sonic added (with unique classic Sonic Costume)

Super Sonic added

Sandbag added strictly for Home Run Contest and Training Mode


Low Poly model updated for better performance in doubles and other 3+ player matches
Neutral Special will now slowly recover flame ammo after usage, instead of instantly recovering all
Dr. Mario

Pill Volume Reduced
Giga Bowser announcer voice updated

- Fixed issue where Dr. Mario Pill Power always had same palette as last Dr. Mario pill

Pikachu purple costume added

Jigglypuff black costume added

Donkey Kong yellow costume added


Improved overall functionality of Single Player Menu
Character Select Screen Updates
CSS expanded by 3 portraits
Fixed character select flash for variants
Character Select Screen Menu Panel Updated
a. Added Start With CSS panel menu option to allow spawning/respawning
with an item
b. Added Taunt Item CSS panel menu option to allow spawning items with
c. Added Taunt Button CSS panel menu option to allow remapping the
taunt button to D-pad or C buttons
d. Shield Colors Updated
i. Yoshi's egg shield now affected by shield color selection from CSS
panel menu option, which also affects Yoshi's thrown eggs, intro egg, and layed eggs
ii. Costume setting that matches shield color to current costume color
iii. Costume setting that restores the vanilla shield colors
e. Input Display Option added
Remix Credits added to staff roll
SSB debug screen, intro and staff roll accessible from Settings menu
Changes to heap space allocation to avoid crashes
Toggles and Settings
Toggle added that allows Salty Runback to preserve song
Added toggle to fix vanilla stereo bug (on by default)
Added Menu Music value 'OFF'. Can now mute the menu while still keeping 'Play Music' ON
Added toggle which restores vanilla Stock Mode VS results screen if off
Toggle added for skipping cheer noise at start of training
Invisibility improved for Captain Falcon and Kirby's Donkey Kong and Pikachu hats
Characters in Giant and Tiny forms now have altered weight attributes
Tournament Stage Select Updates
Now only includes legal stages for Smash Remix Tour
Hazards and movement options are set for each stage and cannot be changed
Stage form is set for each stage and cannot be changed
Random stages in tournament mode updated for Smash Remix Tour
Music and Stage Profiles updated
New saw tooth instrument added

Home Run Contest Added
Stamina Mode added to VS Mode options
Added Remix BTT/BTP, which allows the selection of any bonus stage for any character
Remix 1p Updates
Remix mode Kirby stage now has a random set of Remix character Kirby powers
Super Sonic added as alternative Boss in Remix 1p
Twelve Character Battle Updates
Fixed reset bug for 1 stock battles
Fixed CSS UI issues with dpad indicators
Fixed stock mode manual issues
Announcer sound changed
Z and R now cycle portraits while held
Random portraits now obey Random Select With Variants toggle
Allstar difficulty adjustments
1p Congratulations image updated
Fixed No Damage Clear bug in Allstar Mode
Fixed glitch related to Full Power Bonus in Singleplayer Modes
Training Mode Updates
Added hold A to Exit visual effect and text for training mode
Shield Break mode has additional options for actions CPU will take out of shield
Disabled dpad menu navigation in training custom menu
Can now Hold R and L to display results during versus mode results
Modified VS results screen scoring to better reflect time up outcome

Green Hill Zone added

Subcon added

Metallic Madness Zone added

Casino Night Zone added

Pirate Land added

Mute City revamped

Hyrule Castle Remix added

Sector Z Remix added

Mushroom Kingdom Remix added

Sonic Break the Targets added

Sonic Board the Platforms added

Corneria lasers now have sound

Rock Solid replaces Sloprano as Windy's rare alternative track

Unintended splash effects removed from Jungle Japes intro period

Original Mute City has been revised and is now the DL version of Mute city

Young Link Board the Platforms warping issue fixed

Warioware - Monkey Watch added as alternative track

Skyloft Singleplayer Spawns adjusted

Hyrule Temple graphics updated

Wario Break the Targets graphical fixes

Dark Samus Break the Targets graphical fixes

Falco Break the Targets graphical fixes

Young Link Break the Targets graphical fixes

Wario Board the Platforms graphical fixes

Wolf Board the Platforms graphical fixes


  • Fixed crash when Mario Taunted at the end of Super Mushroom power
  • Fixed Mewtwo Team Crash
  • Fixed Giant Mewtwo Saffron City DL Remix 1p Crash
  • Fixed score reset in 1p Modes
  • Fixed No Miss bonus issues
  • Fixed training mode costume/character switch crash
  • Updated Mewtwo and Marth clanging animations



Mewtwo Added

Marth Added

Rumble effects added/modified for all Remix character movesets and to the Mushroom item


  • Cape invisibility issue fixed
  • New Announcer Voice Effect
  • Fixed pixelated purple explosion graphics


  • Turn

- fixed a bug where this animation was longer than intended

  • Back Throw

- sends at a higher angle (361 -> 48)
- increased knockback growth (70 -> 90)
- decreased base knockback (78 -> 70)
- kills around the same %, slightly earlier

  • Dash Attack

- distance travelled decreased
- active frames decreased (24 -> 15)

  • Up Tilt

- startup decreased (9 -> 7)
- active frames decreased (20 -> 14)
- total duration decreased (37 -> 35)
- hitbox size and placement adjusted

  • Down Tilt

- hitbox moved forward to match hand position
- now allowed to reverse hit

  • Back Aerial

- startup decreased (12 -> 10)
- strong hitbox size decreased

  • Down Aerial

- startup decreased (7 -> 6)
- total duration reduced (45 -> 44)
- movement and hitbox placement adjusted so that Wario hits further below

  • Neutral Special

- active frames decreased (40 -> 26)
- strong hit and parry duration decreased (16 -> 12)
- distance travelled shortened to match active frame changes
- total duration decreased (84 -> 79)
- base speed during active period increased (60 -> 64)
- recoil total duration increased (50 -> 59)
- recoil no longer cancels when colliding with the ground, instead transitinoing to a grounded version of the animation
- recoil distance reduced slightly
- bug fixed where Wario could bounce off a wall when landing on the corner of a stage

  • Mustache invisibility issue fixed


  • Bug fixed with the base knockback of Up Air
  • New Announcer Voice Effect
  • Less chance to SD in Remix 1p


  • New Annoucer Voice Effect
  • Less chance to SD in Remix 1p
  • Up Special - Slightly decreased max height
  • Forward Air

- Decreased range, especially below
- Hitbox ends 1 frame earlier

  • Up Air - Removed head intangibility on second hit
  • Up Smash - Intangibility length changed from 3 frames to 2 frames
  • Quick Ledge Attack - Hitbox ends 6 frames earlier
  • Slow Ledge Attack - Hitbox begins 2 frames later


  • New Announcer Voice Effect


  • Chant Fixed


  • Chant Fixed


  • Chant Fixed

Mad Piano

  • Less chance to SD in Remix 1p


  • Less chance to SD in Remix 1p


  • Forward Smash Knockback growth increased

Dr. Mario

  • New Announcer Voice Effect


  • Improved Dark Samus hat Model


  • Widescreen feature improved
  • NES 25p wave instrument fixed so that notes 48-57 now functions correctly
  • Original Character Costumes added (all original characters now have additional costumes)
  • Regional Variants now use the original character's 1p Victory Image, instead of the Remix image
  • Added Darkness (Ganondorf and Mewtwo) and Stun (Mewtwo) effects
  • Fixed token pickup bug on 1p/Bonus Character Select Screen which occured after cycling costumes while selected
  • Stage Alternates

- Updated functionality
- Remix alternate added

  • Profile System

- Separate Random Music Profiles added
- Separate Random Stage Profiles added
- Netplay Profile added
- Random Stages for Tournament Profile updated

  • Tournament Stage Layout revised
  • Toggle added that prevents exiting from training mode unless A button is held
  • Music Titles and game of origin now appear at match start

- Many music titles adjusted

  • CSS Panel Menu Updates

- Increased clickable area for arrows
- Added reset to defaults button
- Shield Color now selectable
- Stock mode added:
- "Last" maintains stock count at game end
- "Manual" allows stock count to be set
- Model Display selectable (overrides global Model Display setting)
- Menu items can now apply to humans/CPUs only or both:
- CPU Handicap controllable (CPU only)
- Input Delay customizable (HMN only)

  • Salty runback - now keeps stock counts when stock mode is last
  • CPU costume/shade now controllable when hovering over panel
  • Updated font for some of our text
  • Remix Settings page updates:

- Can now paginate left with Z button
- Can now preview music tracks with A button
- Can now toggle all random stage/music toggles on and off with A button
- Help text added when a menu option has A button functionality

  • Fixed bug with results screen transitions that resulted in a horizontally squashed image
  • D-Pad movement has returned to Stage Select Screen control
  • Model Display now forces low poly on pause when in low poly mode


  • All-Star Mode added
  • Fixed Remix 1p Low Poly Team Pose Glitch
  • Revised 1p Ending Image for Remix Characters
  • Custom items spawn in Remix 1p
  • Multi-Man and Cruel Multi-Man announcements added
  • Training mode

- custom menu updated with an L button toggle for displaying the current action and frame for the players
- custom menu scrolling functions better when speed is changed
- custom menu now has correct costume count per character

  • 12 CB Updates

- Custom character set dpad functionality:
- Dpad up cycles through character set presets
- Dpad down creates a random character set
- Dpad indicators added when hovering over portraits for clarity
- Stock mode:
- Default/Last modes behave the same as each other
- In Manual mode, dpad left/right allow for setting the stock count for the hovered portrait
- In Manual mode, changes are allowed mid-battle if the portrait has not been played


Stage Select Logos Added back in to Stage Select Screen

Jungle Japes added

Castle Siege added

Gameboy Land Stage added

Yoshi's Island II added

Final Destination DL added

Tent Final Destination added

Duel Zone DL added

Cool Cool Mountain DL added

Cool Cool Mountain Remix added

Mewtwo Board the Platforms added

Marth Board the Platforms added

Mewtwo Break the Targets added

Marth Break the Targets added

Muda Kingdom

  • Graphics Revamped entirely
  • Clipping changed
  • Has become the Remix version of Gameboy Land


  • Great Fox's lasers' graphics and functionality changed

Delfino Plaza

  • Stage entirely overhauled
  • Delfino music track updated


  • Cradle music track sound issue fixed
  • Rare taxi clipping glitch fixed

Congo Falls

  • DK Rap track updated

Kitchen Island

  • Kitchen Island track updated


  • 1p mode now has proper camera movement

Corneria City

  • Remix 1p spawn point fixed for CPU character

Yoshi's Story

  • Updated Yoshi Golf Track
  • Yoshi Tale track now main track
  • Athletic track now an alternate track

Bowser Stadium

  • 1p Mode spawns changed

Goomba Road

  • Graphical Update


  • New Super Mario Bros. track updated


  • Starring Wario track updated

Fountain of Dreams

  • Vs Marx added as alternate track


  • Model updated

Tower of Heaven

  • Model updated


  • Model updated

Mad Monster Mansion

  • Model updated


  • Model updated

Pokemon Stadium

  • Model updated
  • Kanto Wild Pokemon Battle added as alternate track, Pika Cup removed

Saffron DL

  • Kanto Wild Pokemon Battle added as alternate track, Pokemon Champion removed


  • Model updated

Hyrule Temple

  • Model updated

Yoshi's Story

  • Model updated

Dr. Mario

  • Model updated

Wario Land (Kitchen Island) updated
Astral Observatory updated
DK Rap updated
Battle! Pokemon Trainer updated



Conker Added

Wolf Added

Remix Character - ALL

  • Entry shadow applied or fixed
  • Remix 1p CPU and Team Poses added

Young Link

  • Sleep sound now functions properly
  • New Victory Pose
  • Minor graphical updates to Up Smash
  • New Announcer sound


  • Sleep sound now functions properly
  • Character model slightly revised
  • Logo changed
  • Minor Graphical updates to Forward Smash
  • New Announcer sound
  • Properly turns during enter pipe animation


  • Sleep sound now functions properly
  • 1p CPU Player Pose added
  • Entry animation fixed as to not clip below the stage
  • Grabs and Forward Throw now properly stale like other forward throws
  • Up Special Turnaround removed
  • Smash attacks had some minor graphical changes

J Jigglypuff/Purin

  • Smash Attack sound corrected
  • Sleep sound now functions properly

J Yoshi

  • Fixed issue with Egg disappearing at the end of a roll
  • Fixed issue with Egg Shield Parry where the invincibility would last too long

J Link

  • Boomerang Sound corrected

J Mario & Luigi

  • Properly turn during enter pipe animation

Doctor Mario

  • Model Updated and Low Poly Version added
  • Fixed rare glitch which could cause crashes on console and odd graphical effects when pills hit shield in very specific circumstances
  • Light Armor removed from Down Special and replaced with 2 frames of intangibility
  • Dair - Changed Hitbox Priority (now prioritizes spike hitbox over standard hitbox, previously was a mishmash of order between the two types)
  • New Announcer sound
  • Properly turns during Enter Pipe animation


  • Reduced visual noise in Lucas's moveset:

- Removed sparkle effect from jump animations
- Slightly moved PK Love graphics away from body on Down Air, Back Air, and Up Tilt and adjusted hitboxes outward to match
- Adjusted timing of graphics on Down Air and Back Air to better match physical movements

  • Changed priority order of hitboxes for Back Air (this will make fewer sourspots happen)
  • Removed sourspot on Forward Smash(all hitboxes now deal 16%)
  • Neutral Special: Dmg 11->13, KBS 50->60, BKB 60->55
  • Sleep sound now functions properly
  • Up air sound changed
  • Fixed crash when a character reflects first PK Thunder of the match


  • Down air hitbox size and position altered
  • Mid-low Forward Tilt Hitbox corrected
  • Forward Tilt re-timed
  • Smash attacks had some minor graphical changes

Dark, J and E Samus

  • Graphic glitch removing ball from end of tether has been fixed


  • Fixed some minor CPU behavioral issues

Dark Samus

  • New Announcer sound

Mad Piano

  • New Announcer sound

Giga Bowser

  • Fixed Down Special Spike hitbox which previously had a "ceiling" glitch


  • Added Remix 1p and revised the 1p Menu
  • Added debug options to Character Select Screen which allows to set characters to

- Size: Giant, Default or Tiny
- Skeleton (Skeleton mode removed from Special Model Display Options)
- Visiblity: Default, Cloaked, None
- Knockback: Random (hitboxes (excluding projectiles) all have random knockback angles for the match)

  • Added Advanced Hurtbox Display and associated toggle

- Transparent Hitboxes
- Cyan Grab-immune hurtboxes
- Gray Hurtboxes during active armor

  • Added Hitbox Plus Mode option to Special Model Display Toggle

- Displays character model alongside both hurtboxes and hitboxes
- Transparent hurtboxes and hitboxes

  • Character Select Screen

- Variant indicator glitch that would cause indicator to remain after a controller is unplugged has been fixed
- Polygon characters will only be loaded when hovered over, speeding up the initial loading of the Character Select Screen

  • Removed glitch that allowed for cpu players to have a color different that their team's color
  • Fixed rare Multiman Mode glitch causing KO miscalculation if player and cpu died at the exact same time
  • Multiman, Cruel Multiman, and Remix 1p advanced the seed so the player gets more random results on initial loading of game
  • Illegal sound no longer occurs when multiple players select same color on Character Select Screen
  • Remix custom items no longer have black outlining
  • Toggle order changed to place results screen skip in first spot
  • Improved responsiveness of stage title and variant legend on the Stage Select Screen


Rith Essa added

Venom added

Windy added

dataDyne added

Planet Clancer added

Wolf and Conker Board the Platforms added

Wolf and Conker Break the Targets added

Kitchen Island completely revamped

Remix Character Bonus Stages

  • Now have alternate track: Melee Target Test


  • Revised to now include platforms that will move in if movement is set to on
  • Graphical improvements

Goomba Road

  • Paper Mario Battle track updated


  • Graphical Overhaul
  • Great Fox Blasters are now a platform and have a laser effect

Frosty Village

  • Added alternate tracks: Diddy Kong Racing Boss and Crescent Island

First Destination

  • Target Test added as alternate track

Dragon King

  • Target Test added as alternate track

Congo Falls

  • DK Rap alternate track has been updated

Mad Monster Mansion

  • Mr. Patch track now set as alternate track

Spiral Mountain

  • Final Battle replaces Mr. Patch as alternate track
  • Graphical Update

Corneria City

  • Surprise Attack added as alternate track


  • Surprise Attack added as alternate track

Sector Z Omega

  • Surprise Attack replaces Corneria as alternate track

New Pork City

  • Item spawns fixed and no longer spawn beneath stage

Yoshi's Story

  • Now has background animation



Yoshi's Island

  • Fixed invisible platform glitch that occurred when hazards were turned off

Yoshi's Island DL/O

  • Fixed crash that would occur when rolling on one cloud while the other cloud had disappeared

Osohe Castle

  • Lowered bottom blast wall slightly



Mad Piano has been added as a new Boss character! You can select it by pressing up on the d-pad before selecting Luigi.
Kirby / J Kirby

Kirby and J Kirby can now absorb the powers of all characters including Regional and Remix characters

Graphical glitching fixed during intro animation

Warp Pipe Entry animation duration shortened
CliffClimbSlow1 and 2 and CliffClimbQuick2 animation duration increased
Giga Bowser

Throw now has proper invincibilty (same as Bowser)
Dr. Mario

Neutral Special Pill now has a yellow and blue color version

Japanese Stage Hazards added as a Stage Option and on by default in Japanese mode (applies different wind speed to Whispy)
Training Mode Fixes
Fix to training mode glitch where music could become quiet after a quick reset
All CPU players now behave based on CP state selected in main training menu
Player indicators now function properly
Fixed a crash that would take place in 12 Character Battles during portrait cycling of custom character select
Toggle added to force High and Low Polygon models of characters
Toggle added to control the cinematic entry frequency
Special variants now have portraits in 12 Character Battle Mode
Fixed bug that would occasionally cause players to have the wrong shield color

Cloaking Device added
Poison Mushrooms added
Super Mushrooms added


Now has a UFO that will occasionally fly in the background
Final Destination

Fix to musical glitch if pause during beginning part of track
Congo Falls

Top Blast Zone increased significantly
Peach's Castle II

Fixes to some clipping issues
Mushroom Kingdom DL/Omega

Animation added to background
Hyrule DL

Invisible tornado glitch fixed
Peach's Castle DL/Omega

Background animation such as Lakitu added
Dreamland Omega

Background animation such as Dedede added
Zebes DL/Omega

Background animation added
Sector Z DL/Omega

Background animation added
Congo Jungle DL/Omega

Background animation added
Yoshi's Island DL/Omega

Background animation added
Yoshi's Story

Pak E. Derm now moves in the background of the stage
Dreamland Beta II

Fixed console bug which would cause a crash when items spawned



Bowser Added

Giga Bowser Added


  • Up Tilt top hitbox size increased
  • Back Air spike hitbox size increasd
  • Up Air disjoint increased
  • Grab hitbox adjusted
  • Jumping graphic effects altered
  • Up Smash intangibility now covers entire body and duration lasts from the start of graphics until end of the 2nd hitbox


  • New entry animation
  • Down Special facial expression changed
  • Up Air corrected to have proper landing lag
  • Forward Smash hitbox duration shortened
  • Up Tilt

- Decreased speed
- Damage reduced 23->22
- Knock back scaling decreased 109->100
- Base Knockback decreased 60->40


  • Forward Throw Invincibility duration reduced
  • Up Special now properly removes jumps like all other characters
  • New clap animation


  • Rest sound volume fixed


  • A Complete overhaul of Remix's graphic overlay system to utilize Smash Bros 64's native functions

- Visually revised Training Menu Options, Versus Match Stats, and Remix Options

  • Bonus 3, Multi-Man Mode and Cruel Multi-Man Mode Added
  • Customized stage knockback collisions (such as the ground in Big Blue) are now turned off when hazards are turned off
  • Dreamland/Omega Stage Option: Stage Select now gives the option of Dreamland/Omega versions of certain stages, these stages maintain their hazards if not turned off
  • Players can now select darker and lighter shades of characters in team battles
  • 12 Character Battle Versus Mode added (with options for Japanese, Remix, or custom character sets)
  • Random Stage Select now netplay safe (would cause desyncs previously)
  • Hazard and other stage toggles no longer affect 1p and Bonus Modes
  • Combo Meter 99+ combo crash has been fixed
  • 1P high score bonus tally now includes all characters


Bowser Break the Targets added

Bowser Board the Platforms added

Falco Board the Platforms added

Lucas Board the Platforms added

Polygon Team Board the Platforms added

Wario Board the Platforms added

Omega/Dreamland versions of Peach's Castle, Congo Jungle, Hyrule Castle, Mushroom Kingdom, Planet Zebes, Dreamland, Sector Z, Saffron City, and Yoshi's Island

Fray's Stage - Night added (Dreamland Alternate)

World 1-1 added

Goomba Road added

Bowser's Keep added


  • Aria of the Soul added as alternate track

Congo Falls

  • Stage completely overhauled
  • Gangplank Galleon track added and set as default
  • DK Rap song now set as rare alternate track


  • Multi-Man and Cruel Multi-Man added as alternate tracks


  • New song added as default track

Muda Kingdom

  • Issue with grabbable ledge near pipe has been fixed

Corneria City

  • Main platform neutral spawn height lowered

New Pork City

  • Underside clipping fixed to prevent warping


  • Even Drier Guys alternate track improved

Spiral Mountain

  • Mr. Patch track added as rare alternate track


  • Clipping and graphic updates
  • Model optimization for better performance
  • Moving platforms added to the stage

Mute City

  • Graphical improvements

Bowser Stadium

  • Final Bowser alternate track instruments revised

Yoshi's Story

  • Obstacle course main track volume increased

Peach's Castle II

  • Added moving platforms
  • Improved graphics and performance


  • Improved graphics
  • Blast ceiling and camera height increased
  • KO Respawn Point moved

Gerudo Valley

  • Gerudo Valley track improved

Lucas Interim Patch II Notes


  • Jigglypuff Jumping Height Glitch fixed
  • J Fox Neutral Infinite Glitch fixed


  • Custom Stages are used when Stage Select is turned off
  • VS Mode Combo Meter glitch related to DK Cargo Throw and Bowser Stadium Bombs has been fixed
  • Mario and Luigi's Backthrow now included in combos when Improved Combo Meter is on


  • Young Link Board the Platform Warping Glitch Fixed
  • Dr. Mario Board the Platforms Warping Glitch Fixed
  • Yoshi's Story

- Clipping revised and warping fixed
- Bottom Blast Zone Adjusted

Lucas Interim Patch Notes



Down Special Moveset and thunderbolt data corrected
J Fox

Projectile hitbox data corrected

1P Pose texture fix

Japanese Shield Stun added
Fix to Congo Falls/Flat Zone II loading crash related to specific 4 player character combinations
Tournament Stage Select Screen altered
Fix to Fighting Polygon Team Colors 1p issue when using ports 2-4
Advanced AI glitch where AI would use multiple up specials even when turned off when in 1p and other modes (besides vs) has been fixed
J Yoshi assigned correct bonus stages
Shield Training mode CPU now jumps as soon as possible after hits instead of unshielding.

Ganondorf Break the Targets Revised

Dr. Mario Break the Targets Revised

Peach's Castle II

New track "Peach's Castle" added as an alternate track



Lucas added

Lucas from the Mother series arrives in Smash Remix. Lucas is a complex character who uses his PK Love, Rope Snake,
and multi-purpose aerials to overwhelm opponents.


  • Neutral Special

- Strong hit/arm parry duration reduced (24 frames -> 16 frames)
- Strong hitbox size slightly reduced
- Weak hitbox damage reduced (12 -> 10)
- Weak hitbox knockback growth increased (100 -> 110)
- Weak hitbox size reduced
- No longer has clang immunity after invincibility ends
- Wario must wait 2 frames longer to gain control after recoiling
- Increased vulnerability from below.

  • Down Special

- Landing hitbox size/range increased.

  • Down Aerial

- Hitbox size slightly increased
- Final hit base knockback increased, knockback growth decreased

  • Dash Attack

- Hitbox size decreased
- Weak hit damage fixed/decreased (16 -> 12)

  • Jab 1

- Start-up decreased by 1 frame (6 -> 5)

Young Link

  • Boomerangs now disappear after KO
  • Model now displays better on console
  • Up Smash now clangs correctly with other moves

Dr. Mario

  • Pill after effect graphic animation added
  • Back throw invincibility length altered
  • Model now displays better on console


  • New victory animation and sound effect
  • New select/victory animation
  • Grounded Up Special now has intangibility frames at startup, instead of light armor
  • Model now has facial expression, customized skeleton, and displays better on console

Dark Samus

  • Forward Smash Damage Spread Changed from 16/17/17/17/16 -> 15/16/17/18/19
  • Model now displays better on console


  • Model now displays better on console


  • Model now displays better on console

E Link

  • Boomerangs now disappear after KO

J Falcon added

J Link added

J Fox added

J Mario added

J Luigi added

J Ness

  • Now has proper moveset and reflection multiplier on Forward Smash
  • Japanese Chant added
  • J Beam Sword Sounds added

J Samus

  • Japanese Chant added
  • J Beam Sword Sounds added

J Donkey Kong Added

J Jigglypuff/Purin Added

E Jigglypuff has been added

J Kirby added

J Yoshi added

J Pikachu added

E Pikachu added

E Samus added


  • Random music glitch where new music selected after hammer/star is fixed
  • Save issues fixed
  • Anti-Aliasing Toggle added
  • Japanese Sound Toggle Added
  • Japanese DI toggle Added
  • Skeleton Mode Jigglypuff/Kirby crash has been fixed
  • Fixes to various glitches related to tokens on Character Select Screen
  • Bonus and Credits music added to training music options
  • Splash screen issue causing blue flickering on some emulators has been fixed
  • Alternate menu music added (Melee and Brawl)
  • Hazard toggle replaces Frozen mode and there is now a toggle for platform movement

- For lava stages, hazard toggle now removes lava and movement toggle prevents the movement of lava if loaded

  • Vs Mode Combo Meter has been improved and no longer causes crashes on console. It has now exited beta and is on by default in Community mode
  • Random stage select is fixed so that it no longer selects Yoshi's Island as the first stage every startup
  • Hold to Pause toggle set to OFF by default in Community Mode
  • 1P Fixes

- Fighting Polygon Team now have alternate costume if human is a purple polygon
- CPU Giant Donkey Kong's Singleplayer Preview now has correct costume when human player is Giant Donkey Kong
- Infinite time 1p mode bonus stage bug fixed

  • Training Mode Improvements

- Removed Standing Restriction for setting custom spawns
- Setting custom spawn sets spawn type to custom
- Added shield break mode
- Quick Reset added

  • New instruments added to the game and generally improved music quality for many songs


Smashketball added

New Pork City added

Hyrule Temple added

Osohe Castle added

Norfair added

Yoshi's Island II added

Congo Falls Added

Flat Zone added

  • Hazard Mode switches fixed camera on and off

Flat Zone II added

  • Hazard Mode switches fixed camera on and off

Gerudo Valley added

Lucas Target Stage added

Ganondorf Board the Platforms Stage added

Dark Samus Board the Platforms added

Corneria City

  • Main track improved
  • Alternate track "Star Wolf" improved
  • Clippings revised
  • Arwing Hazard now appears


  • Taxi Cab now included within hazard toggle
  • I Believe in You added as alternate track
  • All I Needed Was You added as alternate track

Big Blue

  • Clipping issue fixed

Ganondorf Target Stage

  • Clipping issue fixed

Great Bay

  • Clipping issue/warping related turtle fixed

Wario Ware

  • Starring Wario added as alternate track

Kitchen Island

  • Starring Wario added as alternate track

Pokemon Stadium

  • Pokemon Champion Theme added as alternate track
  • Elite Four removed as alternate track

Kalos Pokemon League

  • Pokemon Champion theme added as alternate track


  • Stage optimized with improved FPS
  • Main music track improved
  • Blooming Villain added as alternate track


  • New main track based on Wild World's Title Theme
  • Alternate track "Smashville" improved
  • Go KK Rider added as alternate track

Glacial River

  • Clock Tower added as alternate track

Bowser's Stadium

  • Now spawns bombs on the edges of the stage
  • Clippings revised
  • Blastwalls revised
  • Item spawning issue fixed
  • FPS improved and should now perform at or better than Duel Zone
  • Main music track improved

Mute City

  • Graphics and clippings revised
  • First Alternate track changed to Fire Field
  • Second Alternate track changed to Mach Rider


  • Music changed to Final Destination
  • Alternate Music 1 set to First Destination Theme
  • Alternate Music 2 set to Kraid's Lair



Wario Added
A note from Wario's designer, Fray:
"Wario is the first fully de-cloned custom SSB64 character. He was originally cloned from Mario,
and still shares some generic movement animations with Mario. Otherwise, all of his attacks,
specials, and some movement animations are new and he is functionally a completely different
character than Mario."


  • Forward Smash

- Inner hitboxes shield damage increased (5 -> 9)

  • Down Special

- New graphic effect
- Angle and knockback scaling changed for grounded down special

  • New 1P Pose
  • Heavy Item Lift Sound added


  • Model Improvements

- Two new costumes
- New skeleton Model
- Character model now has expressions

  • Grab

- Hitbox placement improved

  • Down Tilt

- Inner hitbox added to prevent missing up close

  • Forward Smash

- Hitbox placement improved

  • Bair

- Strong hit comes out one frame sooner
- Weak hit lasts one frame longer
- Total animation length is one frame longer

  • Uair

- First hit has higher base knockback and lower knockback scaling
- Second hit hitbox is larger

  • Dair

- Strong hit damage increased (12 -> 14)

  • Neutral Special

- New animation for aerial neutral special
- Hitbox size decreased (140 -> 115)
- Head is no longer intangible

  • Up Special

- Startup frames decreased (24 -> 22)
- Velocity decreased (102 -> 98)

  • Attributes

- Horizontal ledge grab range decreased
- Vertical ledge grab range increased

  • New victory/select animation
  • New loss/clap animation

Young Link

  • Model Improvements

- New costume inspired by A Link to the Past
- Sword texture improved
- Taunt hand glitch fixed
- New hookshot graphic
- Character model now has expressions

  • Up Smash

- Damage error fixed on weak hit of Up Smash
- Animation revised
- Hitbox timing modified
- Small decrease to knockback scaling

  • Heavy Item Lift Sound added

Doctor Mario

  • Model Improvements

- New costume
- Revised character model
- Character model now has expressions

  • Back Throw

- New animation inspired by SSBU
- Damage increased (16 -> 18)

  • Dash Attack

- Hitbox size increased (125 -> 175)

  • Down Tilt

- Angle changed
- Adjusted base knockback
- Adjusted damage

  • Nair

- Weak hit damage increased (10 -> 11)

  • Fair

- Increased hitbox size
- Increased animation speed
- Animation revised

  • Bair

- Hitbox begins earlier
- Animation length decreased

  • Uair

- Damage increased (11 -> 12)
- Knockback growth increased (96 -> 100)
- Knockback angle changed (55 -> 57)

  • Dair

- Knockback decreased
- Animation revised

  • New Series Icon

Dark Samus

  • Model Improvements

- New skeleton Model

  • Down Smash

- Shield damage decreased (25 -> 22)

  • Bair

- Outer hitbox base knockback increased (15 -> 19)

  • Dair

- Early hit base knockback increased (0 -> 5)
- Late hit base knockback increased (0 -> 12)
- Late hit damage increased (12 -> 14)

  • Attributes

- Fast fall speed increased (65 -> 71)

  • Footstep sounds removed from running animation


  • The Smash Remix character select screen is now available in all modes!
  • Now including new Settings Profiles (standard toggle sets for easy use at tournaments or replicating J version play)
  • Added a Tournament Layout in Stage Settings which provides a revised Stage Select Screen layout
  • Alternate music tracks

- Alternate music tracks will play randomly on some custom stages
- Occasional music tracks will play 20% of the time
- Rare music tracks will play 13% of the time
- While the stage is loading, holding C-Up forces the default BGM, holding C-Left forces the occasional BGM, holding C-Right forces the rare BGM

  • Improved AI teching bug fixed
  • Skeleton mode added (now in the special model toggle with hitbox and ECB display)
  • ECB mode added (now in the special model toggle with hitbox and Skeleton display)
  • Can now set music in training mode
  • Japanese Hitlag Toggle added
  • Momentum Sliding, a glitch present in the Japanese version, has been added as a toggle
  • Metal Mario, Giant Donkey Kong, and Polygon Characters selectable via dpad while hovering token over character

- Metal Mario given alternate colors
- Polygons given alternate colors

  • Certain regional versions of different characters now selectable via dpad while hovering token over a character

- E Link
- J Samus
- J Ness

  • Improved Combo and Tech Chase Combo settings are now out of Beta and on by default
  • Hitbox Mode Characters function properly after being defeated
  • Toggle for Variants in random character selection
  • Fixed ability to return to title and related sound issue
  • Splash Screen added on startup
  • How to Play Demo Desync issue fixed


Character Lighting improvements to most stages

Great Bay

  • Transparency added to water texture
  • Turtle now appears sporadically on stage
  • Alternate music added: Gerudo Valley

Dr. Mario Target Test

  • Dr. Mario now has a break the targets stage inspired by SSBM

Dark Samus target Test

  • Dark Samus now has a break the targets stage inspired by SSBM

Ganondorf Target Test

  • Ganondorf now has a break the targets stage

Falco Target Test

  • Falco now has a break the targets stage

Young Link Target Test

  • Young Link now has a break the targets stage

Wario Target Test

  • Wario was provided with a break the targets stage

Polygon Target Test

  • All Polygon characters share a break the targets stage inspired by the Stage 1 Target Test from SSBB

Peach's Castle

  • Bumper can now be removed in Frozen/Hazard's off mode

Final Destination

  • Music permanently fixed and now plays both intro and main portion of music

Muda Kingdom

  • Under pipe grabbable ledge removed
  • Left ledge moved/fixed

Bowser's Stadium

  • Wall teleporting/clipping issue fixed
  • Alternate music added: Road to Bowser, Bowser Final Boss

Kitchen Island Stage Added

Mute City

  • Alternate music added: Mach Rider, Big Blue


  • Clippings revised
  • Graphical update
  • New alternate music: Elite Four

Peach's Castle

  • Alternate music added: Wing Cap, Metal Cap

Deku Tree

  • Lag reduced to levels equivalent to Duel Zone, the stage is now tournament appropriate
  • Neutral spawns updated

Tower of Heaven

  • Lag reduced to levels equivalent to Duel Zone, the stage is now tournament appropriate


  • Platform now moves
  • Graphical update

Ganon's Tower

  • Optimized to improve frame rate
  • Coloring changes
  • New alternate music: Gerudo Valley

Glacial River Stage added

Mad Monster Mansion

  • Optimized to improve frame rate

Cool Cool Mountain

  • Top platforms are now slippery

Meta Crystal

  • Neutral Spawns updated

Yoshi's Island (1P)

  • Neutral Spawns updated

Peach's Castle

  • Neutral Spawns updated

Congo Jungle

  • Neutral Spawns updated

Hyrule Castle

  • Neutral Spawns updated


  • Neutral Spawns updated

Sector Z

  • Neutral Spawns updated


  • Camera angle adjusted
  • Optimized to improve frame rate
  • Taxi cab hazard added

Zebes Landing

  • Alternate music added: Norfair

Pokemon Stadium

  • Formerly Pokemon Stadium II, now has a revised look.
  • New Main theme: Pokemon Red/Blue Vs. Trainer
  • New Alternate music: Pika Cup, Elite Four

Fountain of Dreams

  • Optimized to improve frame rate
  • Now has moving platforms
  • Clippings added to bottom of the stage
  • Alternate music added: Pop Star

Big Blue

  • Entirely revised, now including moving vehicles
  • Alternate music added: Mach Rider

Doctor Mario

  • Stage is entirely revised and is now tournament appropriate


  • Alternate music added: Gerudo Valley


  • Alternate music added: Melee Select Screen

Corneria City

  • Alternate music added: Star Wolf


  • Alternate music added: Star Wolf

Project Leader – The_Smashfather
Designer and Gameplay Developer – Fray
Developer – MarioReincarnate
Programmer and UI Developer – Cyjorg
Lead Artist – Sope!
Animation and Model Import Specialist – Subdrag
Moveset Balancing - Honey
Installation Specialist – CEnnis91

• Retro64
• Sope!
• Likiji123
• Fray
• Pik
• Dshaynie
• Garrett Atwood
• MrPr1993
• M-1
• Sope!
• Retro64
• Connor Rentz
• Colonel Birdstrong
• Comjay
• Likiji123
• Pik
• Gael Romo
• Sope!
• Fray
• Coolguy
• Super4ng
• dshaynie
• TT
• MyNewSoundtrack
• PablosCorner
• Sope!
• Retro64
• Coffee
• mosky2000
• Comjay
• PurpleFreezer
• Pun
Stage Designers
• BridGurrr
• Comjay
• Plaehni
• Farcry15
• smb123w64gb
• Sope!
• Fray
• Snooplax
• Sixty Four
• M-1
• Retro64
• Qapples
• Smb123w64gb
• FaxMeApplejuice
• Madao
• DannySsB
• tehz
• Carnivorous
• CrookedPoe/Clockwise
• CrashOveride
• M-1
• Abnormal Adept
• Darkhorse
• hanson933
• IronAidan07
• majin_bukkake
• minymidge
• Stevie G
• Luigidoed
• Hyper64
• Dogs_Johnson
• emptyW
• FaxMeApplejuice
• phreshguy
• measTHEbeast
• Xrmy
• Q!
• Raychu
• Pluto
• The Yid
• Wololo
• wookiee-alex
• thelordoflight
• farcry15
• mimimax
• Pluto
• kyleglor
• Revan
• Big Red
• Bamboo
• cobr
• Dr. D
• IsAndrewElite
• Loz
• jonnjonn
• Kaki
• Maafia
• SushiiZ
• JaimeHR
• MojoMonkey
• DannySsB


Dark Samus Patch:

This patch adds in Samus' doppelganger, Dark Samus, alongside numerous stages and features.

BE MINDFUL OF FEATURES MARKED BETA - Issues exist, these are off by default for a reason



Dark Samus

New Select Animation
New Roll Animations
New Jump Animations
New Run Animation
New Walk Animation
New Victory Theme
Down Smash - Entirely new down smash inspired by Assist Trophy attack
Neutral 1
DMG decreased 3->2
Shorter Duration and ending lag
Initial Hit has increased base knock back 0->10
Late Hit has decreased knock back scaling 100->80
Forward Smash
Decreased Startup lag
Decreased Damage
Increased Hitbox Size
New Graphic
Electric type attack
Forward Air - New Attack
Up Smash - New Attack
Forward Tilt
Decreased Startup Lag
Decreased Hit Duration
Decreased Damage 10->9
Up Special
Final Hit Forced Knock Back Removed
Final Hit Base Knock Back increased
Final hit Knock Back Scaling increased
Aerial version of the attack now allows switching player's direction
Invincibility Frames changed to Intangibility Frames
Up Tilt
Spikes grounded opponents
Increased Base Knock Back against grounded opponents
Decreased Damage against aerial opponents
Down Tilt
New animations based on Modern Samus Down tilt
Up Air
Additional Hitbox added to end of animation
Final Hit base knockback increased
Final hit knockback scaling increased
Neutral Air - New Neutral Air Attack
New Victory Animation
New Taunt Animation
Down Special
No longer loses jump after using down special
Electrical Effect
Decreased Dmg 9->8
Decreased BKB 10->8
New Graphic
Neutral Special
New Graphic
Back Air - New Attack based on Modern Samus Back Air
Weight decreased (0.92->0.95)
Max Fall Speed Decreased (42->40)
Fall acceleration Decreased (1.9->1.8)
Max Fast Fall Speed Decreased (67->65)
Jumping Height Increased (36->37)
X-air accerlation Increased (0.03->0.04)
X-air max speed increased (28->30)
Young Link

New Costume based on Dark Link
Up Smash
New Animation and moveset functionality based on Toon Link Up Smash

New Victory Theme
Dr. Mario

Fair animation speed increased
Dair animation speed increased
Up Special
Knockback scaling increased for initial hit
Hitbox size increased for initial hit

Complete 19xxCE Merge (including Neutral Spawns, Optional Hazard Removal, and all other features)
Various 19xxCE bugs fixed
Fixed music related memory leak
hurtbox mode model location fixed on Charactere Select and Results Screen
DK Cargo hold combo meter crash fixed
vs stats background glitch fixed
stereo toggle fixed
Remix Characters added to training mode
Giant DK and Metal Mario added to Custom Training Menu
Directional Pad and C buttons now work on stage select
Frozen/Hazards Mode is controled via the L button
Timestock scoring glitch fixed
CAUTION concerning combo meters, they are current unstable and can cause crashes
CAUTION concerning improved AI, they can cause random directional teching
Added widescreen and
Added FPS toggles (BETA)
Can now use dpad and c buttons on toggle menus

Pokemon Stadium
- New Music
Great Bay
- Main platform no longer drop through
- Ledge warping issue fixed
Coneria City
- Underside Clipping Issue fixed
- New Music

Princess Peach's Castle Stage Added
Bowser's Stadium Stage Added
Delfino Plaza Stage Added
Big Blue Stage Added
Corneria Stage Added
Onett Stage Added
Zebes Landing Stage Added
Frosty Village Stage Added

CSS Patch:

With this new patch we see the return of Captain Falcon, Fox, Link, and Mario. The Character Select Screen has been redone to accommodate new characters both existing and to come. The patch also includes numerous improvements to character quality and 15 new stages.


Fixed Armor time frames for Neutral Special Air
Revised Model
Fixed disappearing trident issue (4 player pause glitch)
Fixed hand display issue
Decrease Forward Smash Start-up slightly
Landing lag issues fixed for Fair and Nair
Size decreased
Fixed a bug where Ganon's fair animation was faster than intended
Fair startup has been sped up to match the previously bugged speed
Down Smash
Hitbox size increased
Hitbox location pushed forward
Second hitbox duration increased by 1 frame
Initial hit base knockback increased
Initial hit angle changed to more downward angle
Size multiplier decreased (1.2 -> 1.16)
Traction decreased (1.8 -> 1.2)
Jump 1 X Velocity increased (0.31 -> 0.35)
Air speed increased (28 -> 29)
Shield size increased (290 -> 330)
Doctor Mario

Reduced BKB and KBS of Up Smash
Reduced BKB and KBS of Down Special
Added new taunt
Forward Air landing lag changed
Down Air landing lag changed
Young Link

Added New Taunt
Revised Model
Boomerang Return Damage Increased
Down Smash - Knockback angle modified (30° -> 40°)
Down Tilt
Startup is much quicker
Attack duration decreased (35 frames -> 31 frames)
Base knockback increased, knockback growth decreased
Forward Tilt
Startup is quicker
Up tilt
Angle reverted to 79° (same as Link)
Up Special
Young Link will now start falling sooner at the end of the aerial up special
Air mobility increased for aerial up special
Neutral Special

Return damage reverted to Link value (7% -> 8%)
Young Link can no longer throw the boomerang as far as his Adult counterpart
down tilt (buff)
rebalanced fsm, much quicker overall startup and total duration reduced from 35 frames to 31 frames
base knockback increased and knockback scaling deceased

forward tilt (buff)
rebalanced fsm, slightly quicker startup

up tilt (neutral)
angle reverted to link up tilt angle


Up Special
Delay before movement reduced (26 frames -> 24 frames)
Knockback increased slightly
Fixed a bug where Falco's dash had a longer foxtrot window
Dash deceleration increased slightly

Fixed game crashing error at credits screen
19XX Style Costume Selection
New Characters no longer replace original characters
Stock Matches are now timed


Improved background images
15 stages displayed per page among other SSS changes
Deku Tree

Performance Improved
Corneria City

Ceilings added to wings
Teleporting Glitch fixed
Clippings straightened
First Destination

Blast Walls moved closer to stage
Clippings straightened
Wario Ware

Blast Walls moved further away from stage

Music added
Blast Walls changed
Pokemon Stadium

Blast Walls changed
Teleport glitch fixed
Doctor Mario Stage

Platforms lowered
Music improved
Graphical fixes

New Music

Blast walls changed

Blast walls changed

Icon changed
Kirby Beta I

Icon changed
Kirby Beta II

Icon changed
Fountain of Dreams Stage Added

Fray's Stage Added

Great Bay Stage Added

Dragon King Stage Added

Cool Cool Mountain Stage Added

Tower of Heaven Stage Added

Mementos Stage Added

Muda Kingdom Stage Added

N64 Stage Added

Mute City Stage Added

Spiral Mountain Stage Added

Showdown Stage Added

Mushroom Kingdom BF Stage Added

Mushroom Kingdom Omega Stage Added

Doctor Mario Patch Notes

The Doctor is in this new patch for Smash Remix. He has slower ground speed and quicker aerial speed,
combined with a generally slower, but more powerful moveset. He's packing his pills and has a
super jump that functions entirely different from Mario's. With this patch, Smash Remix has
officially combined with Comjay's More Stages Edition. All of MSE's stages have been added,
in addition to new Smash Remix Stages, Deku Tree, First Destination, and Doctor Mario. All stages
can be accessed thanks to a new stage select design which allows you to flip pages by pressing Z/R.



  • slower ground speed
  • faster aerial speed


  • increased damage
  • increased startup slightly


  • Launches at a vertical angle
  • Higher knockback, but lower knockback growth

Forward Tilt

  • decreased damage
  • decreased knockback
  • increased hitbox duration
  • decreased end lag
  • decreased start up

Up Tilt

  • increased damage
  • slightly increased end lag

Down Tilt

  • launches at a "reverse" angle which places opponent behind Dr. Mario
  • increased knockback
  • increased knockback scaling

Forward Smash

  • increased damage
  • increased knockback
  • slight increase initial startup
  • Electric Effect

Up Smash

  • Meteor Smashs opponents which are grounded
  • Aerial Opponents are hit at a slightly different vertical angle from Mario

Down Smash

  • Increased Damage
  • Increased Base Knockback

Neutral Air

  • Reverse "sex kick" which gets stronger over time instead of weaker
  • Strong Hit has slight increase in damage
  • Weak Hit has slight decrease in damage

Forward Air

  • New animation inspired by modern Mario Forward Air

Back Air

  • Decreased Knockback
  • Alternate launch angle
  • Less end lag

Up Air

  • Alternate launch angle
  • Slightly decreased damage

Down Air

  • New animation based on Smash Ultimate Down Air

Neutral Special

  • New Pill Graphic that randomly switch between two colors of pills
  • Increased Knockback
  • Increased Damage
  • Slower Speed
  • Increased Bounce
  • Fast-Falling

Down Special

  • Hits opponents horizontally
  • Increase knockback significantly on final hitbox
  • Improved suction, granting the ability to continue upward momentum and still harm opponents
  • Initial frames grant light armor

Up Special

  • Move is now a single hit, with a strong initial hitbox and weak hitbox throughout the move
  • Initial hitbox size increased
  • Move no longer grants intangibility for initial frames
  • Increased startup



  • Air Mobility decreased
  • Dash Speed decreased
  • Dash Deceleration decreased
  • Run Speed decreased

Up Special

  • Knockback Decreased
  • Landing Lag Increased
  • Air Resistance Decreased


  • This new dash attack should feel familiar to fans of Ocarina of Time


Down Air

  • Decreased Knockback Growth
  • Slightly Increased Base Knockback

Other - 1P Name Added

- Adjusted jump heights
-Larger FSmash hitbox and more horizontal movement


Stage Select now has a modified format that allows the user to scroll through pages
of additional stages. All original stages have been returned to Smash Remix and
many custom stages have been added.

  • Deku Tree
  • Battlefield
  • Ganon's Tower revised
  • First Destination
  • Warioware
  • Skyloft
  • Doctor Mario
  • Corneria City revised
  • Kalos
  • Smashland
  • Pokemon Stadium 2
  • All Unused Stages Added

Falco joins the fight in Smash Remix. Falco is a bit slower than Fox with higher jumps and a shorter up special. His reflector that notably hits opponents upwards, and he makes up for his lack of a powerful up smash or up aerial with a stronger back aerial and single hit spike down aerial. Perhaps the most notbale change of all is to Falco's neutral special, Phantasm. Falco will use this new special in lieu of his blaster, giving him new options for recoveries and a rewarding vertical hit on the ground. Along with Falco comes two new stages, Corneria City and Deku Tree, as well as a multitude of balance changes for Ganondorf and Young Link. See the patch notes below for more details.

Patch Notes

Corneria City
This new stage from sope takes place aboard the Pleiades in the skies above Corneria City. Currently replaces Peach’s Castle.

Ganon's Tower
` Blast lines adjusted. `

Falco (Changes from Fox)
Phantasm (Neutral Special) - This entirely new neutral special replaces Blaster and is heavily inspired by Falco’s SSBM incarnation.
Fire Bird (Up Special) - Reworked. Faster startup and increased base knockback, with reduced velocity and distance.
Reflector (Down Special) - Reworked. Launches at a vertical angle. Knockback growth implemented.
Grab - Slightly larger hitbox positioned closer to Falco's body.
Jab 1/2 - New SFX.
Dash Attack - Now launches at a more vertical angle.
Forward Tilt - Slightly increased base knockback (excluding lowest angle).
Up Tilt - New animation. Now resembles the up tilt used by Falco's SSBB incarnation.
Down Tilt - Reworked. Increased damage and knockback growth with a much smaller hitbox matching Falco's tail. New SFX.
Forward Smash - New animation. Now resembles the fsmash used by Falco's SSBM incarnation. Kills slightly earlier than Fox's forward smash.
Up Smash - Reworked. Decreased damage and knockback. Reduced ending lag.
Back Aerial - Reworked. Slower startup with increased damage and knockback. Reduced ending lag.
Up Aerial - Reworked. Smaller hitboxes on both hits. First hit has with increased damage and decreased knockback. Second hit launches at a more horizontal angle with decreased damage. New SFX.
Down Aerial - Reworked. Single hit spike with a strong and late hit.
Taunt - New animation. Now resembles the taunt used by Falco's SSBM incarnation.
Attributes - Falco is generally a bit slower and heavier than Fox, with increased jump heights.
` Young Link `
Up Special - Reworked. Hitboxes have been readjusted heavily. Looping hits are much farther apart and will "drag" opponents throughout the motion of the attack. Grounded up special now launches vertically on the final hit.
Forward Aerial - Reworked. Weaker attack with faster startup and reduced ending lag.
Back Aerial - Reworked. First hit is more diagonal and should connect more reliably. Second hit is weaker. Reduced ending lag.
Down Aerial - Spike hitbox is slightly smaller to allow for easier intentional non-spike hits.
` Ganondorf `
New Model - Ganondorf has a new 3D model and trident.
Up Special - New VFX. Slightly slower startup, armour on grounded up special startup.
Down Special - Slower startup, faster movement on ground down special. Reduced endlag when grounded down special ends in the air.
Up Tilt - New VFX. Slower startup, hitbox is larger, lasts twice as long, and has increased shield damage.
Forward Smash - Reworked. New VFX/SFX. Trident tip hitbox has retained its strength. Lower hitboxes have been nerfed.
Up Smash - Reworked/rebalanced. Trident tip hitbox has retained a lot of its strength. Lower hitboxes have been nerfed.
Down Aerial - Reworked. Slower startup and decreased duration with a much more powerful hit. Launches straight downwards.
Taunt - Updated animation. Ganondorf now spins at the beginning of his taunt.

We've added a brand new stage in addition to making a few balancing changes to the new characters.

Ganon's Tower: New custom stage added over Hyrule with new music.

Ganon: UpSmash Knockback Scaling decreased considerably, Forward Smash Knockback Scaling decreased slightly,
Downsmash hitbox changed to connect on second hit with more frequency.

Young Link: Hilt graphical issue fixed, Up Special final hit base knockback reduced slightly.

General: Portraits for new characters now function properly, Tournament Settings now default

In addition to Ganondorf, Young Link joins the fight in Smash Remix. He comes as a much faster and aerial fighter in comparison to Link, with a slight decrease in knockback and damage. His most major change come in the form of his Up Special, which provides dramatically more recovery, allows Young Link to turn around, and is a multi-hit attack. See the patch notes below for more details.
If you are interested in contributing in any way, please join our discord (we need animators, hackers, and anyone else interested in working on this game).
Download the New Release at either:
N64 Vault:
For those interested in hacking, we now have a suite of tutorials for Smash 64 at N64 Vault.
Patch Notes
Young Link (Changes from Link)
• Up Special Move
- Multi-hit
- Up B Has a dramatic Increase in Vertical and Horizontal Recovery
- Up B permits a change in direction
• Down Aerial has spike hitbox on the top and sides of Young Link with a fire effect (akin to Melee)
• General increase in attack speed, especially for up and forward smash
• Faster running and walking
• Generally less knockback and damage for attacks
• Smaller size
• Bombs collision damage (different from explosion) causes fire effect on connect
• Modified back aerial’s first hit to allow for better double kick
• Down tilt launch angle change
• Down smash launch angle change
• Bombs have increased damage
• Boomerang has a slight decrease in initial damage and decrease in return damage
• Increased jump height
• Increase aerial speed and acceleration
• New Model
Ganondorf (Changes since 5/30 Tournament Edition Patch)
• New Down Smash animation and hitboxes with Trident
• New Up Smash animation and hitboxes with Trident
• New Forward Aerial animation
• New Taunt animation
• Increased knockback scaling for Forward Smash
• Improvements to model texturing shading
Smash Remix Team
Designer/Chief Hacker – JS
Lead Hacker – Fray
F3DEX2 Specialist – Elixer/Crooked Poe
Installation Specialist – Cennis91
• Dshaynie (Young Link)
• MrPr1993
• Retro64
• Sope
• Sope
• Retro64
• Dshaynie
• Connor Rentz (Ganondorf Portrait)
• Colonel Birdstrong (Young Link Portrait)
• Coolguy
• Dshaynie
• Madao
• DannySSB
• Subdrag
• Cyjorg
• Carnivorous
• Darkhorse
• Hanson933
• Stevie G
• Phreshguy
• Jam
• Hyper64
• Prof_wizard
• Strategism


Ganondorf Tournament Edition Update:

Ganondorf has received a variety of updates in this patch that was made in preparation for Houston Smash 64’s May tournament. Please see the patch notes for details:

This hack will be exhibited at Houston Smash 64s next tournament on Friday, May 31st 2019 at Eureka Heights Brewing Company: Event Page:… It will be streamed from the Houston Smash 64 Twitch Account: starting at 6:45pm US Central Time.

If you are interested in getting involved with this mod and contributing, please contact me at either my e-mail: moc.oohay|46hsamsnotsuoh#moc.oohay|46hsamsnotsuoh or join the Smash Remix discord: We would love to find someone with animation, stage building or modeling experience, but we’ll take anyone who’s willing to help in any way!


The mod can be downloaded at either:


N64 Vault:

Tutorials are available at N64 Vault and I will be producing more tutorials based on my work.

Patch Notes:

· Trident Forward Smash inspired by Smash Ultimate Sword Ganondorf and Phantom Ganondorf’s Trident

· Super Armored Warlock Punch Nerfed

- Slowed speed to 90%

- Tighter window for super armor (starts 5 frames in and ends immediately as hitboxes end)

- New Effect

· Electrical Effects added to different moves

- Warlock Punch

- Dark Dive

- Neutral Attack

· Move Speed Animation Fixed

· Short Hop Nerf

· Slight knockback and damage increase to uptilt

· Victory Logo Added

· Aerial Wizard’s Foot now spikes

· New Wizard’s Foot coloring

· Neutral Air has been replaced with Captain Falcon’s forward air and has altered properties

· Dair knockback and damage decreased

· Neutral A Buffed

- increased damage

- fixed hitbox missing issue

- increased speed

· Fixed grab hitbox missing issue

· Sound Effect fixes

Known Issues

· Lack of Team Costumes/Alternate Costumes

· Unable to have correct texture clamping on model

· No updates to 1P Mode, Intro, or Character Bio

· Slight Model Issues with low poly model

Original Version Notes:

Smash Remix: A Super Smash Bros 64 Character Mod
This is a new mod of the Super Smash Bros. 64. Ganondorf is a brand-new character, replacing Captain Falcon. He is modeled after his various iterations in the other Smash Bros games in the series, but functions uniquely from them. Ganondorf has a litany of changes from Captain, please see the summary of changes below. As a tournament operator and semi-competitive player, my goal is for Ganondorf to be a balanced member of the cast (although my success in this endeavor is up to the player).
The plan is to continue to create new characters and potentially add characters instead of being forced to replace current characters on the roster.
This hack will be exhibited at Houston Smash 64s next tournament on Friday, May 31st 2019 at Eureka Heights Brewing Company: Event Page Here
If you are interested in getting involved with this mod and contributing, please contact me at either my e-mail: moc.oohay|46hsamsnotsuoh#moc.oohay|46hsamsnotsuoh or discord: The_Smashfather#2681
The mod can be downloaded at:
I will be producing tutorials based on my work soon.
Features/Changes from Captain Falcon
• Ganondorf Model Replaces Captain Falcon
• Brand New Menu Graphics
• Hitbox, knockback, effect, and other changes to various moves (General increase in power)
• New sound effects for Ganondorf
• New Forward Aerial Punch
• Super Armored Warlock Punch
• Electrical Effects added to different moves
• Move speed altered to reflect Ganondorf’s slower attacks
• Electric Jab Strike instead of Falcon chain neutral A
• Increased Size
• Increased Weight
• Decreased Speed
• Increased Floatiness
• New Up Tilt functionality
• Decreased Jump Height
• Console compatible – Expansion Ram Required
Known Issues
• Lack of Team Costumes/Alternate Costumes
• Unable to have correct texture clamping on model
• Victory Graphics unchanged from Falcon
• Victory letters for name unchanged
• No updates to 1P Mode, Intro, or Character Bio
JS (Me)
Chief Consultant – Fray
F3DEX2 Consultant – Elixer/CrookedPoe
Consultant – Madao
Ganondorf Portrait Artist – Connor Rentz - see his artwork here:
Fray: Most of my work is a retread of what he once started or gave considerable advice on. This hack could not have happened without him. Thank you!
Snooplax: Without his tutorial on the GEEditor, I would have never got into hacking and began this hack. Thanks!
Cyjorg: I used a lot of the code from his 19xx hack as reference for some of my assembly code. Thanks so much for doing your work open source, it’s vital to newbies like me!
Carnivorous/Subdrag: The GEEditor was what got me into hacking Smash 64 and I utilized it for the sound effects and some of the menu graphics. Thanks for your awesome work on the editor!


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