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Date: December 1, 2019


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Documentation regarding the various sound files in Smash Bros. 64. Link to google document version:

Here are some associated notes:

- commands start with a byte (usually DX) then are followed by either a byte if it's less than 0x80 or a halfword if 0x80 or higher, making command blocks be either 2 or 3 bytes total
- DE command is always first, and next byte is either 00, 01, 02, 03 or 04 (haven't explored what that is)
- D1 command is a pointer to the SFX_ID
- D2 command is almost always followed by FF but is used with 9A, A4, B2 or D2 as well and is only absent on 5 fgms… it can be set multiple times and appears to affect the playback position - >7F seems to indicate to play to the length of the subsequent non-DX commands (see below) and then reset to the beginning, whereas any other value seems to play the length and not reset to the beginning after each one
- D3 command is often repeated multiple times, not sure what it is yet
- D5 command is volume, not sure if next byte follows 0x80 rule or not
- D9 command references another FGM_ID
- DC command - haven't explored
- D0 command marks the end of the microcode
- commands that don't start with D seem to be what plays the sound and is broken into 2 parts:
- first byte (maybe can be 2 bytes following 0x80 rule, haven't confirmed) is the pitch
- next byte or bytes (0x80 rule) is the length of the raw data to play… if it reaches the end of the sample, it starts from the beginning

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