Guidelines for Animation and Rigging

Guidelines for animators/rigging

  • Work should be done in Maya/3DS Max (other programs, such as Blender will most likely have issues)
  • Animations must be in 2015 or older formats of FBX
  • Only export the animation/joint movements themselves, do not include the model or other things such a lighting unless you are rigging
  • Each character has a list of unusable joints/nodes, avoid these.
  • For Rigging, you cannot apply weighting to different joints. In other words, you can’t have some vertices in rooms 5/B assigned to joints 4/5 and 10/11 split. Has to be 100% to a joint.
  • Do not rename the joints
  • Model Parts should be named Room01, Room02, ect.
  • You must place the edit normals modifier under the skin modifier for rigging
  • Remember to remove zero'd weights when done rigging (image below)
  • Do not use autosmooth
  • Animation to be exported at 30 FPS, run at x2 speed to see how it will look in game
  • Alternate costume colors and facial expressions must be labeled (ex. "_Blue.bmp"), don't just use the name of the original texture.
  • To prevent backface culling add "_CullBoth" to the end of a texture.
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