Guidelines for Character Modeling

Guidelines for Modeling of Characters:

  • Body object parts must be identical to replacement character (ie. if there is one chest object, there may be only one new object for the replacement chest)
  • Try to keep your vertices and tris low (no specific guidelines at this time)
  • Ensure you position the model with its hands at its sides(A-pose). Smash 64 Models do not use the t-pose. Try to match the pose of the rig of the character.
  • Only use texture sizes that are usable by the N64
  • Ensure that no diffuse or specular are used on the faces
  • Be careful using sharp edges and ensure lighting/normals are correct
  • Minimum texture size is 16x16
  • Do not use single color textures. Either use another texture which uses the color, or mark it for primitive coloring.
  • Textures should use 16 colors at most
  • Textures must be 16 color indexed bmps
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