Guidelines for Stage Optimization

Revised Provisional Recommendations regarding Stage Design. Currently it appears that the amount of triangles and vertices has a direct correlation to lag. These are the current guidelines as we continue to dig deeper into the issue

Avoid the coverage alpha command, try adding "_transparent" to the end of images that you want to have transparency to avoid a huge vert jump.

Ideal: 138 (Battlefield) tri count
Good: 175 (Dreamland) tri count
Acceptable: 206 (Hyrule) tri count
Fair: 300 tri count
Poor: 412 (Corneria) tri count
Questionable Tournament Viability: 500 and above tri count

Ideal: 237 (Battlefield)
Good: 350
Acceptable: 406 (Hyrule)
Fair: 500
Poor: 600 and beyond (Questionable Tournament Legality)

Additionally large background objects that are close in proximity to the field of play (like the Tower of Heaven or Ganon's Tower) cause considerable lag, even on a low vert stage. This can be reduced by pushing the background objects further back.

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