Item Factory (Working Conveyor Belts)
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Author: Smash 64 Wizard

Date: November 29, 2019

Category: SSB Levels

Level: Hyrule Castle



Title: Item Factory (Working Conveyor Belts)
Date Completed: 11-29-19
Filename: Item Factory (Working Conveyor Belts).xdelta
Replaces Levels: Hyrule Castle
Author: Smash 64 Wizard


* Installation *

Apply an xdelta patch to the xdelta file.

I am happy to present the first stage in Smash 64 modding history to have a custom hazard: Conveyor belts that really move your character when you
touch them.


File nameFile typeSize
Item Factory (Working Conveyor Belts).jpgJPEG image data71.85 kBInfo
Item Factory (Working Conveyor Belts).zipZip archive data167.05 kBInfo


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