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Author: ownsoldier

Date: April 27, 2020

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Super Smash Brothers N64
Sonic 1 MOD by ownsoldier

Version 2: 5/14/2020

Here are the additions in the new update…

-Bridge Zone (Mushroom Kingdom) now has custom textures and models. (note: The warp pipes and POW blocks have been removed). Melody synth volume in the music has been turned down.
-Special Stage (Yoshi's Stage, multi and 1p) now have custom textures and models.
-Casino Night Zone (Saffron City) now has custom textures and models. (note: The moving platforms have been disabled and the pokemon spawn offscreen, it's necessary to keep them or the level crashes)
-Hidden palace music from Sonic 2 added to Character bios and VS record screen
-Buggy textures have been worked out in a few levels
-Some levels have been re-optimized for better four-player performance

Version 1.0 4/27/2020


Ever since I first played smash brothers back in '99 (I was a teenager), I always imagined how amazing it would be to have the opportunity to incorporate SEGA characters and levels into a fighting game with Nintendo characters. Granted, today Sonic has appeared in a few smash releases but thinking about what that would have been like back in the late 90's just after the "console wars" would have blown my mind.

Thanks to the efforts of the amazing N64 hackers who developed the "goldeneye setup editor", I have been able to put my very limited hacking skills to work to cook up this mod that recreates SONIC 1 levels and music in SSB64. I have reworked every possible level that I could without causing the game to crash or glitch on emulator AND ON CONSOLE (Everdrive 64 version 3.0). That means that all model poly-counts, textures, and music are kept within their respective boundaries to keep the framerate and processing speed consistent with the original game, some stages have even slightly improved performance. ALL the custom music has been reworked BY HAND down to every instrument and every note. This was ridiculously time consuming but since music is my profession, I couldn't settle for less. I will upload a comprehensive guide to the midi instruments in SSB64 later when my Sonic projects are complete. I learned that many of the instruments have unusual properties based on what ranges they're written in.

In a perfect world, I would have even redesigned the character models to look like Sonic/SEGA characters (perhaps based on low-poly models from contemporary games such as Sonic R) and maybe been able to incorporate sound effects from the Sonic franchise but I will leave that to more talented folks. For now, I'm very happy with how the mod turned out and I hope the few of you who enjoyed Sonic games back in the 90's can enjoy this mod as much as I have!

List of Changes:

-New title splash screen
-New menu background and music from Sonic 2 competition results
-Player select music from Sonic 2 options screen
-All stage select images and text reworked to fit each level:
-Peach's Castle is now Green Hill Zone
-Congo Jungle is now Spring Yard Zone (includes barrel hazard)
-Planet Zebes is now Marble Zone (includes rising lava hazard)
-Hyrule Castle is now Labyrinth Zone (includes tornado hazards)
-Yoshi's Island only includes the Special Stage background and music
-Sector Z is now Scrap Brain Zone (includes arwing hazards, wish models could be changed to badniks!)
-Kirby's Dreamland is now Star Light Zone (includes wind blowing hazard)
-Saffron City only includes Sonic 2's Casino Night background and music
-Mushroom Kingdom only includes Bridge Zone background and music (from the Sega Game Gear game Sonic 1)
-Starman item has Sonic 1's invincibility music
-Hammer item has Sonic 2's Super Sonic music
-New results screen background and music
-Single player levels changes:
-Break targets and board platforms have special stage background and music
-New music for all completion and fail results screens
-Fighting Polygon Stage is now the Battlefield version of Scrap Brain
-Metal Mario Stage is now Scrap Brain Act 3 with Boss music
-Master Hand Stage has Final Zone background and music
-Ending credits have the Sonic 1 ending music


1. A fresh SSB64 rom. I used one with the filename "Super Smash Bros. (USA).z64". Where you find the rom is up to you!
2. The "ssb_sonicmod_by_ownsoldier.xdelta" patch located in this .zip file
3. Latest version of the Goldeneye Setup Editor, download from <>

1. Open the goldeneye setup editor, my version executable is PerfectGold.exe
2. Go to the menu: Tools>Switch Editor Game>Super Smash Bros. (might not need to do this, I would just in case)
3. Go to the menu: Tools>XDelta Patching>Apply Super Smash Bros. .xdelta Patch
4. When the dialog opens up, first select your fresh SSB64 rom and Open
5. Second, select the "ssb_sonicmod_by_ownsoldier.xdelta" and Open
6. Third, rename the output rom to "SSB_SONIC.z64" (or whatever your want)

DONE! Now the patch should have applied to your new rom and you can start smashing in Sonic 1 levels! :-)

Future Projects:

Since I have become more familiar with how to model/texture/music, I think I want to take a stab at recreating levels from Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and Sonic and Knuckles. All the 90's Sonic games hold a special place in my heart and also arguably contain some of the best video game music ever written. Once those are complete, I want to release a comprehensive guide to editing music in Super Smash 64.


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