Wild Canyon
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Author: PablosCorner

Date: 19/12/2018

Category: SSB-Levels

Level: Hyrule Castle


Title : Wild Canyon
Author : PablosCorner
Description : Wild Canyon is a stage from Sonic Adventure 2, where you play as Knuckles who begins his journey of collecting the lost emerald shards, but now you can play it on Super Smash Bros. 64!
Date Completed : 12/18/2018
Replaces Level : Hyrule Castle
Additional Credits : King Meteor (Music MIDI)
Important Notes : To patch this, you will need a patching program. You can use xdelta UI ( http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/598/ ) to patch it to a clean Super Smash Bros. 64 (U) [!].z64 ROM.


File nameFile typeSize
image.pngPNG image data702.17 kBInfo
Wild_Canyon_in_Super_Smash_Bros._64.xdelta.zipZip archive data160.81 kBInfo


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