Wizard's Quad Pack
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Author: Smash 64 Wizard

Date: September 18, 2019

Category: SSB-Levels

Level: Various



Title: Wizard's Quad Pack 1
Date Completed: 9-12-19
Filename: Wizard's Quad Pack 1.xdelta
Replaces Levels: All except Dream Land and Saffron City
Author: Smash 64 Wizard


* Installation *

Apply an xdelta patch to the xdelta file.
(Make sure you patch it using the "patch any game" option and not the "patch Super Smash Bros. 64" option.)

* Description *

I am happy to present my first advanced hack of Smash 64. I intend to one day make a hack where I patch every
stage, but that's for a time when I have more stages and figure out how to stop the other stage slots from
crashing once modified.

Although most hacks that patch some, but not all stages only patch 3 because Peach's Castle and Congo Jungle
are the easiest to remove the hardcoding from, I figured I could take it a step further by patching over
Battlefield as well. Battlefield doesn't actually contain any game-crashing hardcode, but few people use it
aside from advanced modders because you can't access it from the menu. However, simply re-routing one of the
existing slots to Battlefield adds another fully customizable stage to the roster.

I also decided to re-route other slots while I was at it. So, in addition to the four custom stages I've
created so far, you can also play Metal Cavern, Final Destination, and the cloudless version of Yoshi's
Island. I left in Dream Land because I know how important that one is to Smash 64 culture. I also left in
Saffron City because I had nothing left to replace it with, but I did change the background to some cute
Poke Girls rather than a boring city.

On top of that, you can also use the fancy "minute to minute" time system for vs. matches, and turn on
time and stock at the same time.

Sadly, 1P mode crashes as soon as you reach Dream Land for an unknown reason, so I just killed 1P mode
althogether by putting no 1P spawn point in the first stage. There are also no tornados on any of the
stages except the ReDead stage because they don't work outside of Hyrule Castle's slot yet. The Wa has
Peach's Castle's bumper now however.


- Wizard


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