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Attribute Documentation

Attribute Documentation

Category: Character Editing

Description: Handy Sheet which provides the floating point numbers on all characters attributes.


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Doc originally made by Ðånn¥ ][§sß][ (CL)

00190F60 anims training mode
0018E7A0 anims vs mode

000902B6: valores raros de escenario xd


0000017E DK Win Animation 1 (80391348)
0000017D DK Win Animation 2 (80391340)
00000180 DK Win Animation 3 (8039134C)
000001EA DK Inactive Pose (80000000)
00000181 DK Clap Animation (80391350)
00000327 DK Break
00000339 DK Weak Hit (0000016C)
00000320 DK Stand Animation
0000035E DK Grab (00000C4C) [10000000]
0000034F DK Wake Up (00000268)
00000350 DK Forward Tech (000003E4) [40000000]
00000356 DK Wake up Attack 1
00000357 DK Wake up Attack 2
00000358 DK Wake up Tech
0000035A DK Shield Animation front
00000373 DK ledge Attack low % (000004E8)
00000374 DK ledge attack high %
0000038B DK Jab 1 (00000EA0)
0000038C DK Jab 2 (00000EE8)
0000038D DK dash Attack (00000F28) [40000000]
00000391 DK U-tilt (00001078)
00000392 DK D-tilt (000010C8)
0000038E DK F-Tilt Arriba (00000F7C)
0000038F DK F-tilt Normal (00000FD0)
00000390 DK F-tilt Abajo (00001024)
00000393 DK F-Smash Upward (00001110)
00000394 DK F-Smash Semi-Upward (00001194)
00000395 DK F-Smash Normal (00001218)
00000396 DK F-Smash Semi-Downward (0000129C)
00000397 DK F-Smash Downward (00001320)
00000398 DK U-Smash (000013A4)
00000399 DK D-Smash (00001458) [80000000]
0000039A DK N-Air (0000150C) [80000000]
0000039B DK F-Air (000015A4) [80000000]
0000039C DK B-Air (00001620)
0000039D DK U-Air (000016AC)
0000039E DK D-Air (000016F8)
000003AF DK Down+B (00001B64)
000003AC DK Up+B (ground) (00001984) (Extended Up+B 00001AE8)
000003AD DK Up+B (Air) (00001A8C)
00000369 DK Taunt (00000E68)
000003B9 Samus Stand Animation
0000018A Samus Win Pose 1 (8039154C)
0000018B Samus Win Pose 2 (8039156C)
00000189 Samus Win Pose 3 (803914F0)
0000018C Samus Claps (80391578)
000003C4 Samus Back Jump (00000174)
000003C5 Samus 2nd Jump animation
000003E8 Samus Wake Up (000002D4)
000003F6 Samus Roll back
000003F7 Samus Grab (00000D6C) [1FF80011]
000003F8 Samus End Grab (00000E0C) [1FF80011]
000003C9 Samus Crouch
000003D2 Samus Hit (80000000)
000003EA Samus Back Tech (0000047C) [40000000]
00000404 Samus Taunt (00000F8C)
00000427 Samus Jab 1 (00000FA4)
00000428 Samus Jab 2 (00001000)
00000429 Samus Dash Attack (00001040) [40000000]
00000430 Samus D-tilt (000012A0)
0000042F Samus U-tilt (00001224)
0000042A Samus F-Tilt Arriba (00001094)
0000042C Samus F-Tilt Normal (00001134)
0000042E Samus F-Tilt Abajo (000011D4)
00000438 Samus N-Air (0000178C)
00000439 Samus F-air (000017FC)
0000043A Samus B-air (00001938)
0000043B Samus U-air (000019CC)
0000043C Samus D-air (00001A70)
0000043D Samus B-air Lag Animation
00000433 Samus F-Smash Normal (000013E4) [00180000]
00000434 Samus F-Smash Semi-Downward (00001460) [00180000]
00000436 Samus U-Smash (00001558)
00000437 Samus D-Smash (000016E4)
00000444 Samus B (00001D2C)
00000445 Samus B Charge
00000446 Samus B Shot (00001DA8)
00001D58 Samus B (air) (00001D58)
00000448 Samus B Shot (Air) (00001DE0)
0000044A Samus Up+B (air) (00001C8C) [40000000]
00000449 Samus Up+B (00001AE8) [40000000]
0000044C Samus Down+B (00001E6C)
000005AE Jiggly U-Tilt (00001138)
000005B0 Jiggly D-Tilt (00001174) [80000000]
000005A8 jiggly B-air (0000145C)
000005A9 Jiggly N-Air (00001364)
000005AA jiggly F-air (000013D4)
000005AD Jiggly Dash Attack (0000100C) [40000000]
000005AF Jiggly U-Smash (0000122C) [40000000]
000005CB Jiggly Break
0000051F Jiggly Back Tech (00000488) [40000000]
000004EB Ness Stand Animation (00000154)
000006EB Ness Jab 1 (00000E90)
000006EC Ness Jab 2 (00000ED8)
000006ED Ness Jab 3 (00000F20)
000006EE Ness Dash Attack (00000F74)
0000068F Ness Stand Air falling (80000000)
000006AF Ness Wake Up (00000B6C)
000006B1 Ness Back Tech (00000418) [40000000]
00000699 Ness Weak Hit (000001E4)
000006C8 Ness Taunt (00000E70)
000006F1 Ness F-Tilt Downwards (00001044) [40000000]
000006F2 Ness U-Tilt (00001080)
000006F3 Ness D-Tilt (000010C8)
000006E4 Ness Item Use Weak
000006EA Ness Fire Flower/Ray Gun Use
00000716 Ness Fire Flower/Ray Gun Use Air
000006DF Ness Item Throw Air
000006F8 Ness F-air (00001314)
000006FA Ness U-air (00001410)
000006FB Ness D-air (00001454)
00000687 Ness Break
00000693 Ness Lag Animation After Up+B (00000204)
000006AA Ness Fall after Up+B
000006FE Ness Pre-PSI Magnet (000016F8)
000006FF Ness PSI Magnet (00001718)
00000700 Ness PSI Magnet After (000016F8)
00000701 Ness Pre-PSI Magnet Air (000016F8)
000006FF Ness PSI Magnet Air (00001728)
00000703 Ness PSI Magnet After Air (000017A0)
0000070C Ness PK Fire (0000152C)
0000070D Ness PK Fire Air (0000158C)
0000070F Ness PK Thunder (00001638)
0000070E Ness PK Thunder Pre Launching land (000015E8)
00000710 Ness PK Thunder After Launching (00001654)
00000711 Ness PK Thunder Pre Launching air (000016B0)
00000712 Ness PK Thunder Launching air (000016B8)
00000713 Ness PK Thunder Falling (000016C0)
00000714 Ness PK Thunder Attack Ground (0000165C)
00000714 Ness PK Thunder Attack Air (000016C8)
00000629 Falcon Back Throw animation
00000616 Falcon Wake up (00000310)
00000618 Falcon Forward Tech (00000490) [40000000]
00000619 Falcon Back Tech (000004D0) [40000000]
00000626 Agarre Falcon
000005EF Falcon Break
00000630 show me your moves! (00000F64)
00000626 Falcon Grab
00000659 Falcon Dash Attack
0000065C Falcon F-tilt normal
00000660 Falcon D-tilt
00000655 Falcon jab 3
00000666 Falcon N-air (00001634)
00000667 Falcon F-air (000016A4) [80000000]
00000668 falcon B-air
00000669 falcon U-air (000017D4)
0000066A Falcon D-Air (00001874)
0000067A Falcon Dive (00001C8C) [40000000]
0000067D Falcon Dive (Air) (00001C8C) [40000000]
00000676 Falcon Kick! (00001AB4) [40000000]
00000677 Falcon Kick! After
0000063A ledge falcon hit
0000071E Yoshi Break
0000072F Yoshi Weak Hit
00000744 Yoshi Wake Up (000002AC)
00000747 Yoshi Back Tech (0000046C) [40000000]
00000754 Yoshi Grab (00000D34) [18000001]
0000075E Yoshi Taunt (00000F14)
0000078C Yoshi U-Smash
00000790 Yoshi B-Air
00000798 Yoshi Egg Throw (000015CC) [A0000001]
0000079A Yoshi Down+B (0000160C) [40000000]
0000079C Yoshi Down+B (Air) (00001660) [40000000]
0000079D Yoshi Tongue Grab (00001730) [18000001]
0000079D Yoshi Tongue Grab Air (00001760) [18000001]
00000770 Yoshi Throw Animation weak
0000077A Yoshi Weak Item Attack
000002DE Fox item throw weak
000002E3 Fox item Throw weak air
00000313 FireFox Diagonal arriba
00000282 Fox Stand Animation
00000289 Fox Break
000002B0 Fox Wake Up (00000240)
000002B2 Fox Forward Tech (000003D0) [40000000]
0000029E Fox Weak Hit (0000016C)
00000172 Fox Win Animation 1 (80391110)
00000173 Fox Win Animation 2 (80391124)
00000174 Fox Win Animation 3 (80391134)
00000175 Fox Claps
00000178 Fox Doll Animation (80000000 & 40000000)
0000017B Fox Pose Blaster (8039114C)
0000017C Fox Pose Blaster 2 (8039114C)
0000030B Fox Blaster land (000017B4)
0000030C Fox Blaster Air (00001800)
0000030D Fox Looking Up (80000000)
0000030E Fox FireFox Land (00001894) (80000000)
0000030F Fox Firefox Shot (80000000)
00000310 Fox Roll (80000000)
000002CC Fox Taunt (00000E30)
000002DE Fox item Throw forward
000002D6 Fox Ledge Attack Low %
000002D8 Fox Ledge Attack High %
000002EF Fox jab 1
000002F0 Fox Jab 2
000002F4 Fox Dash attack (00001030) [40000000]
000002FD Fox U-Smash (00001308)
000002FA Fox U-tilt (000011F0)
000002F7 Fox F-tilt normal (00001130)
000002FB Fox D-tilt (00001230)
000002FF Fox N-air (0000144C)
00000300 Fox F-air (000014E4)
00000301 Fox B-air (00001578)
00000302 Fox U-air (00001634)
00000303 Fox D-air (000016A4)
00000312 Fox Firefox Pre Launching (000018BC)
00000313 Fox Firefox (00001930)
00000316 Fox Reflector (000019D4)
00000317 Fox Reflector Stand (00001A28)
00000318 Fox Reflector Reflecting (00001A34)
0000031B Fox Reflector Air (00001A28)
000004EB Kirby Stand Animation
000004F2 Kirby Break
000004F5 Kirby prim. Salto (00000268)
000004F7 Kirby seg. salto (00000280)
000004F8 Kirby ter. Salto (000002A4)
000004F9 Kirby cuarto salto (000002C8)
000004FA Kirby quinto salto (000002EC)
000001A0 Kirby Win Pose 1 (8039205C & 80000000)
000001A1 Kirby Win Pose 2 (80392068 & 80000000)
000001A2 Kirby Win Pose 3 (80392074)
000001A8 Kirby Intro Animation (80392088)
000001A9 Kirby Intro Animation 2
000001AA Kirby Intro Picture
000001AB Kirby pose (80000000)
000001AC Kirby pose 2 (80000000)
000001A3 Kirby Claps (80392080)
000001A6 Kirby Doll Revival (80000000 & 40000000)
0000051D Kirby wake up (00000450)
00000507 Kirby Weak Hit (00000388)
0000051F Kirby Back Tech (000005F4) [40000000]
0000053A Kirby Taunt (000010C8)
0000054C Kirby Item Throw Normal
00000551 Kirby Item Throw Normal (Air)
00000556 Kirby Weapon Use
0000055E Kirby Jab 2 (00001128)
0000055C Kirby Fire Flower Use
00000524 Kirby Wake Up attack animation
00000562 Kirby Dash Attack (000012B4) [40000000]
00000568 Kirby F-Smash (00001480) [40000000]
0000056B Kirby N-Air (00001668)
0000056D Kirby B-Air (000017B8)
0000056C Kirby F-Air (000016DC)
0000056E Kirby U-Air (00001840)
00000567 Kirby D-tilt (00001440) [80000000]
00000566 Kirby U-Tilt (000013D8)
00000563 Kirby F-tilt arriba
00000564 Kirby F-Tilt Notmal
00000565 Kirby F-Tilt Abajo (000139C)
00000569 Kirby U-Smash (0000151C)
00000575 Kirby Mario Fireball (00001D78)
00000576 Kirby Mario Fireball (Air) (00001DB0)
00000575 Kirby Luigi Fireball (00001DC8)
00000576 Kirby Luigi Fireball (Air) (00001E00)
00000597 Kirby Swallow (00001CCC)
000006F0 Ness Ftilt normal

00000475 Link Weak Hit (00000258)
00000462 Link Break
0000048A Link Wake Up (000002C8)
0000048B Link Forward Tech (000004D8) [40000000]
00000493 Link Neutral Tech (0000049C)
00000499 Link Hookshot (00000E94)
0000049B Link Forward Throw (00000F6C) [10000000]
0000049C Link Back Throw (00001040) [10000000]
000004A4 Link Taunt (0000113C)
000004AE Link Low % Ledge Attack
000004B0 Link High % Ledge Attack
000004B5 Link Item Grab
000004CD Link Dash Attack (00001458)
000004C3 Link Dash Attack Item
000004C7 Link Jab 1 (00001174)
000004C8 Link Jab 2 (000011DC)
000004C9 Link Jab 3 (00001244)
000004CB Link Jab 4 (000012B0)
000004D1 Link F-Smash (00001648)
000004D2 Link U-Smash (00001724)
000004D3 Link D-Smash (00001898)
000004D5 Link F-Air (00001A1C)
000004D7 Link U-air (00001B6C)
000004D4 Link N-Air (00001984)
000004D6 Link B-air (00001AB8)
000004D8 Link D-Air (00001BD4)
000004D0 Link D-Tilt (000015D8)
000004CE Link F-Tilt (00001500)
000004CF Link U-Tilt (00001578)
000004E0 Link Up+B (00001DCC) (80000000)
000004E2 Link Up+B air (000017B4)
000004E7 Link Down+B (00001CF8)
000007AC Pikachu Break
000007BE Pikachu Weak Hit (000001D8)
000007C2 Pikachu Hit
000007B8 Pikachu Lag Animation after up+B
000007CD Pikachu Taunt (00000E1C)
000007E0 Pikachu Jab
000007EA Pikachu N-air (000012E8)
000007EF Pikachu Lag animation F-air
000007E1 Pikachu Dash Attack (00000E80) [40000000]
000007EC Pikachu B-air
000007DC Pikachu Dash item use
0000080D Pikachu Wake Up (000002B0)
0000080F Pikachu Neutral Tech (000003B0)
0000081B Pikachu Back Tech (0000042C) [40000000]
00000826 Pikachu Thunder Jolt (000015AC)
00000827 Pikachu Thunder Jolt Air (000015F0)
00000451 Luigi Break
00000222 Luigi Wake Up (00000B54)
00000224 Luigi Back Tech (0000040C) [40000000]
0000027D Luigi up-b arriba
0000053C Luigi up-b adelante
00000453 Luigi Taunt (00000E3C)
00000456 Luigi F-Smash Upwards (00001144)
00000457 Luigi F-Smash SemiUpwards (000011AC)
00000458 Luigi F-Smash normal (00001214)
00000459 Luigi F-Smash SemiDownwards (0000127C)
0000045A Luigi F-Smash Downwards (000012E4)
00000454 Luigi Dash Attack (00000F4C) [40000000]
00000245 Luigi ledge attack low %
00000247 Luigi ledge Attack high %
00000455 Luigi D-Tilt (00001104)
00000272 Luigi D-air (00001680) [80000000]
0000026E Luigi N-Air (00001450)
0000026F Luigi F-air (000014E8)
00000270 Luigi B-Air (00001570)
00000271 Luigi U-air (000015F8)
00000262 Luigi F-tilt arriba (00001010)
00000263 Luigi F-tilt normal (0000104C)
00000264 Luigi F-tilt abajo (00001088)
00000265 Luigi U-Tilt (000010C4)
0000026D Luigi D-Smash (000013A4)
0000022A Luigi wake up Attack 1 (00000330)
0000027E Luigi Cyclone (000018AC)
0000027B Luigi Fire Ball (00001744)
(00001480) Luigi N-air?

810E4D30 5400
810E4DFC 5400
810E4E40 5400


valores para mario
00116EB0: 000001F3

00117630: direccion para taunt de mario

000001F3 mario stand animation (00000024)

00000162 lo mismo
00000163 mario stand
00000164 mario repite ultima animacion que se le haga
00000165 mario win animation 1 (80390E14)
00000166 mario win animation 2 (80390E34)
00000167 mario Win animation 3 (80000000)
00000168 mario win animation beta
00000169 mario claps (80390E70)
0000016B mario doll Falls (80000000 & 40000000)
0000016C Mario Doll Revival (80000000 & 80000000)
0000016D Mario Intro Animation VS Kirby (80390E7C)
0000016E Mario Intro Animation
0000016E Mario Intro Animation 2
0000016F Mario Intro Picture
00000170 Mario Pose
00000171 Mario Pose 2
000001FA Mario Break
000001FC Mario Break and Turn
000001FD Mario Jumping
0000023B Mario Taunt (00000DFC)
0000021F Mario fall and touch ground (0000020C)
0000020F Mario Hit
00000206 Mario Lag Animation
0000020A mario shield breaker stunt (00000B8C)
0000020D Mario Hit Animation (air)
0000025E mario jab 1 (00000E24)
0000025F mario jab 2 (00000E68)
00000260 mario jab 3 (00000EAC)
00000261 mario Dash Attack (00000F00) [40000000]
00000262 mario F-tilt arriba (00000F58)
00000263 Mario F-tilt normal (00000F94)
00000264 Mario F-tilt abajo (00000FD0)
00000265 mario U-Tilt (0000100C)
00000266 Mario D-tilt (0000104C) [40000000]
0000026E mario N-Air (000013A8)
0000026F mario F-air (00001440)
00000270 mario B-air (000014C8)
00000271 Mario U-Air (00001550)
00000272 mario D-air (000015D8)
00000273 mario no cancel fair animation
00000206 mario no cancel dair animation
0000023B mario taunt (00000DFC)
00000231 mario grab
0000026C Mario U-Smash (000012A4)
0000026D mario D-Smash (000012FC)
0000027B mario fireball (00001674)
0000027C mario fireball air (000016B4)
0000022D mario shield (000016CC)
0000022E Mario After Shield (80000000) [A0000000]
0000021D mario end B-up
00000222 Mario Wake Up (0000028C)
00000223 Mario Forward Tech (000003BC) [40000000]
00000229 mario wake up attack 1 animation
0000022A mario wake up attack 2 animation
00000267 Mario F-Smash Upwards (0000109C)
00000268 Mario F-Smash SemiUpwards (00001104)
00000269 mario F-Smash Normal (0000116C)
0000026A Mario F-Smash Semi-Downwards (000011D4)
0000026B mario F-Smash Downwards (0000123C)
0000026C mario U-Smash (000012A4)
00000240 mario ledge up anim
00000245 mario ledge attack low %
00000247 Mario ledge Attack high %
0000027D mario up+b arriba (aire) (000016CC) [40000000]
00000280 Mario After Up+B
0000027F mario tornado (aire) (00001884)
0000027E mario tornado (suelo) (000017B4)
0000024D Mario weak Throw item animation
0000025D Mario raygun & Fire Flower item use animation
0000025A Mario Dash Attack Item Animation
00000281 Mario Raygun item use animation air
00000252 Mario Throw Strong animation Air
00000254 Mario Throw item down in air
00000255 Mario Grabing a Crate (10000000)
00000256 Mario Throwing a Crate (00000834)[10000000]
00000257 mario bat use animation weak
00000258 Mario bat use animation medium
00000259 Mario bat use animation Strong

Efectos especiales para mario
00001620 coin attack
00001610 adquiere multi efecto el ataque o animacion
0000156C new uair?
00001550 otro uair?
00001580 Uair raspado
000015E0 Dair rapido
0000104C otro dair
00001050 Fair Raspado
0000125C Fsmash abajo rapido
00001444 Fair rapido
00001448 oTRO FAIR
00001240 Fsmash
00001330 Dsmash?
00000B00 Invincibilidad D:
00000B30 Temblor

*Nota: con las animaciones sumas 2
con los efectos 6
con extenciones suma 8 a los 4 primeros bits y con los ultimos suma 10

  • Note: with the animations sums 2

with the effects 6
with extensions add 8 to the first 4 bits and with the last addition 10


Melee Kirby
81123256 0271
8112325A 13D8
81123232 056E
81123236 1840

Ultra Mario
8111773A 0301
8111773E 13A8
811176AA 0245
8111772E 0260
81117732 13A8
81117656 02F4
8111765A 0F00
81117632 0167
811176E6 0458
811177CA 0257
811177D6 0252

Ultra Mario U-tilt mejorado + D-tilt mejorado + tornado mejorado
8111773A 0301
8111773E 13A8
811176AA 0245
811176AE 1580
8111772E 0260
81117732 13A8
81117656 02F4
8111765A 0F00
81117632 0167
811176E6 0458
811176CE 0456
811176FE 045A
811177CA 0257
811177D6 0252
811176C6 1550
811177FE 1884

Ultra Mario eleva su KI
81117632 030E
81117636 024C

Melee Falcon
81121D3E 0655
81121D42 1634
81121D32 0667
81121D36 16A4
81121D44 8000

Super Kong
8111AAF6 0669
8111AAEA 0668
8111AAEE 150C
8111AA06 0659
8111AAD2 0666
8111AAD8 0000
8111AADA 0000

Super Kong Rapid Down+B
8111AAEA 0668
8111AAEE 150C
8111AA06 0659
8111AAD2 0666
8111AAD6 1460
8111AAD8 0000
8111AADA 0000
8111ABF2 03AE
8111ABF6 1B7C
8111ABDE 1AE8

New Link up+B extended
8111F4B6 04E2
8111F4BA 1670

New Link Grab
8111F20A 049A
8111F20E 1670

Melee Link
8111F4B6 04E2
8111F4BA 1670
8111F306 04CD
8111F30A 15D8

Super Samus
8111CC6E 042C
8111CB9A 1C8C

Super Samus New Dtilt
8111CC6E 042C
8111CB9A 1C8C
8111CB12 043D
8111CB16 1558

Ultra Samus Dtilt Rapido
8111CC6E 042C
8111CB9A 1C8C
8111CB12 043D
8111CB16 1578
8111C9AA 03F8
8111C9AE 17FC

Ultra Samus new U-tilt
8111CAFA 0664
8111CAFE 1578
8111CB00 4000

Ultra Samus New Grab
8111CC6E 042C
8111CB9A 1C8C
8111CB12 043D
8111CB16 1558
8111C9AA 03F8
8111C9AE 17FC

Super Fox
81119576 0669
8111957A 11F0
8111955E 0667
81119564 8000
8111948A 11F0

Melee Mario
8111772E 045A
81117732 1240
811176C6 1550
811176C6 100C
8111765A 1550

Melee Luigi
8111DFBE 0459
8111DFC2 12E4
8111DF52 0266
8111DF56 10C4
8111DF58 8000

Ultra Luigi
8111E05A 0257
8111E066 0252
8111DEEA 0984
8111DFBE 0247
8111DFC2 1574
8111DFC4 4000

Ultra Metal Mario
8111813E 0260
81118142 13A8
811180D6 125C
8111811E 0AC4
8111806A 08B0
811181DA 0257
811181E6 0252
81118042 0165

Kirby Cabezaso
8112321A 05AF
8112321E 1520
81123220 4000
81123222 0000

Super Yoshi
8112094E 0770
8112095A 0770
811206EA 0755
811206EE 0D40

Psycho Ness
81127606 0712
8112760A 16B0
811275D6 0712
811275BE 06E4
811275CA 06DF
811275E6 165C
8112761E 068F
81127616 165C
81126EC6 165C

Melee Fox
81119652 1938
81119646 1938
8111956E 144C
8111948A 11F0
81119616 1800

Kirby Rapid Fireballs
8112333A 0552
81123346 0551

Balanced Link
8118CA2C BF8F
8111F4AA 046E
8111F4AE 0188
8111F4B0 0000

Kirby New Balanced U-Air
81123256 0569
8112325A 169C

Dodge en Personajes

Dodge Characters
81117632 01FA
81117636 028C

81123142 04F2
81123146 0450

8111CA82 03C2
8111CA86 02D4
8111CA88 4000

81121C42 05EF
81121C46 0310

8111A9E2 0327
8111A9E6 0268

81119462 0289
81119466 0240

811207C2 071E
811207C6 02AC

8111F2E2 0462
8111F2E6 02C8

81124AB2 07AC
81124AB6 02B0

8111DEC2 0451
8111DEC6 05CC

81127402 0687
81127406 05D8

81125F62 021B
81125F66 0644

Golpes Especiales para DBZ

Samus F-Smash por F-air
8111CB7E 0433
8111CB82 13E4
8111CB84 0018
8111CB86 0000

Kirby F-Air jiggly por F-air
8112323E 05AA
81123242 1668

Yoshi Down+B Recovery
8112097E 079A
81120982 160C

Direccion: 0011F4B4: 000004E2 00001670 ——> esto produce un arriba+B con extraño efecto de golpe inmediato

Efectos Especiales
00001728 Fox hace el ultimo efecto antes hecho
000015A8 Fox golpe raspado
00001A00 Samus hace una drill que levanta hacia arriba
000014A8 Dsmash rapido DK
00001228 Samus bair?
00001258 Samus Nair?
00001940 Samus Bair?
00001520 Kirby Rapid U-Smash
00001578 Samus Rapid U-Smash
0000158C Samus Rapid U-Smash 2
000015A0 Samus Rapid U-Smash Back hitbox

Efectos de Items

NOTA: Sumando de 4 en 4 se adquieren nuevos efectos del mismo tipo

00000B14 fan Dash Attack Hit


00117200: Animaciones Items Mario

00000AAC Hammer Attack
000008DC 2268 Bat Weak Hit
000008F4 2292 Bat Medium Hit
00000918 Bat Strong Hit
00000930 Bat Strong Hit 2
00000934 Bat Strong Rapid Hit
00000950 Bat Dash Attack Hit
0000081C Beam Sword Weak Hit
00000820 Beam Sword
00000824 Beam Sword
00000828 Beam Sword
00000844 Beam Sword Medium Hit
00000878 Beam Sword Strong Hit
000008B0 Beam Sword Dash Attack Hit
000009AC Fan
0000096C Fan Weak Hit
00000984 Fan Medium Hit
000009A8 Fan Strong Hit
000009D0 Fan Dash attack Hit
000009EC Star Rod Weak Hit
00000A08 Star Rod Medium Hit
00000A38 Star Rod Strong Hit
00000A6C Star Rod Dash Attack Hit
00000A8C Ray Gun Use
00000A9C Ray Gun Use Air
00000AC0 Fire Flower Use
00000AD4 Fire Flower Use Air
00000654 Fan throw
000006B4 Fan Throw
00000764 bumper
000007CC bumper

Efectos Lanzando Items Mario
00000654 PokeBall Throw
00000670 Bumper Throw

Items Casos posibles
00000A8C bat dash
00000B14 Abanico Dash
00000BBC Star rod Dash

Dream Land Quitar Plataforma del medio:
Direccion: 00218400

Dream Land Paleta Plataformas y suelo
00218360: D9DDFFFF

Ness animacion al pararse
00126D78 : 00000000 00000693 - 00000180

00000180 Efecto Stand al caer al suelo

Ness Balanced Attacks
8112742A 1410
81127496 131C

Link Balanced Attack
8111F30A 15E0

Samus Balanced Attack
8111CB12 040C
8111CB16 1558
8111CB18 8000

8111CB12 0435
8111CB16 1558
8111CB18 0018
8111CAFA 040E
8111CAFE 1970
8111CB00 8000

8111CAFE 16F0

DK New Dash Attack & 2nd Jab
8111AA06 0350
8111AA0A 150C
8111A9FA 10D4

Ness New Pk Thunder
811275D6 070F
81127606 0712
811275EE 0000
811275F2 0000

Ness New PK Fire
811275BE 06E5
811275CA 06E5

Ness New PSI Magnet
81127642 06FF
81127666 0000
8112766A 0000
81127672 06FF
81127696 0000
8112769A 0000

Mario F-Smash & tornado & F-Tilt
811176CE 0456
811176DA 0457
811176E6 0458
811176F2 0459
811176FE 045A
811177FE 1884
81117666 1440
8111767E 104C
81117696 104C

Kirby Final U-air
81123256 0271
8112325A 1538

Fox Faster Shine
811196BA 0000
811196EA 0000

Falcon Fire Knee
81121D3E 0655
81121D42 1634
81121D32 0667
81121D36 16A4
81121D44 4000

Luigi new F-tilt
8111DEF6 14E8

Luigi new U-Tilt?
8111DF3A 0245
8111DF3E 1614

Luigi new Dash attack, Fireballs & D-Tilt
8111DEE6 06EE
8111DEEA 0A00
8111DF52 06F3
8111E05A 025D
8111E066 0281

Yoshi New Grab
811206EA 079D
811206EE 1730

JigglyPuff new D-Tilt y Dash Attack
81125FF2 0567
81125FF6 1394
81125F86 0562

Mario New dash + new U-Tilt
81117656 02F4
811176AA 02DF
811176B0 0000

Luigi New U-tilt
8111DF3A 024D
8111DF40 0000

Pikachu New Dash Attack
81124AD6 07DC

Pikachu N-air Melee
81124BA2 07F4
81124BA8 4000

DK New F-Tilt
8111AA2A 064D
8111AA2E 10D0

Giant DK PSA
8111BFBE 10D4
8111BFEA 064D
8111BFEE 1510
8111BFC6 0350
8111BFCA 1460
8111BECE 13CC
8111C086 0665
8111C08A 1460
8111C08C 0000

Samus New F-tilt up, down
8111CAB6 1968
8111CAE2 0430
8111CAE6 12A0

Samus New U-Smash
8111CB5A 03FA
8111CB5E 1578
8111CB62 1FF8
8111CB64 0001

Samus New U-Tilt
8111CAFA 040E
8111CAFE 16F0
8111CB00 8000

Samus New Bomb Recovery
8111CC6E 0412
8111CC74 4000

Beta Air Dodge

81117722 0215
81117726 05F0


Broken Hand
81128BA6 0000
8111EFA8 0000
81128B56 04F0

- ssb-docs -
RAM Rice Video DX9 Plugin

RAM Rice Video DX9 Plugin

Author: The plugin this plugin is based on was originally created by Rice and is now maintained by Mudlord. Madao edited Mudlord's version to make this plugin.

Category: Graphic Editing

Description: This emulator plugin generates the RAM address of any texture. Just like the standard Rice Video plugin, it also rips textures. Helpful for texture editing.


No files attached to this page.

- ssb-tools -
Hylian Toolbox

Hylian Toolbox

Author: Flotonic

Category: Graphic Editing

Description: Zelda 64 tool that can be utilized for Super Smash Bros to find and extract parts of 3D models.


No files attached to this page.

- ssb-tools -


Author: xdaniel created the original Model2F3DEX and Fray made the necessary modifications to work with Super Smash Bros.

Category: Graphic Editing

Description: Tool that generates F3DEX2 display list for replacement of 3D models (ie. characters) in Super Smash Bros. 64.


No files attached to this page.

- ssb-tools -


Author: Madao

Category: Moveset Editing

Description: Handy tool that can generate a move based on your exact specifications.


No files attached to this page.

- ssb-tools -
Projectile Spreadsheet

Projectile Spreadsheet

Category: Moveset Editing

Description: Provides the ability to edit the hex and see the changes to a projectiles effects.


No files attached to this page.

- ssb-tools -
Toomai's Moveset Spreadsheet

Toomai's Moveset Spreadsheet

Author: Toomai


Category: Moveset Editing

Description: A thorough tool covering almost every aspect of each player's moveset. Commands can be altered and new effects will be calculated. Check our guide to better understand how to use this tool.


No files attached to this page.

- ssb-tools -
Toomai's Moveset Spreadsheet

Toomai's Moveset Spreadsheet

Author: Toomai


Category: Moveset Editing

Description: A thorough tool covering almost every aspect of each player's moveset. Commands can be altered and new effects will be calculated. Check our guide to better understand how to use this tool.


No files attached to this page.

- ssb-docs -
Cloudmodding's F3DZEX/F3DEX2 Opcode Documentation

Link: F3DEX2 Opcode Page

Category: SSB Documentation


This documentation covers the opcode that governs display list for graphical models. Helpful to understand the nuts and bolts of 3D graphics in Super Smash Bros. 64, as it uses a nearly identical system as Ocarina of Time.

- ssb-docs -
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