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Diddy Kong Racing-Basic Tutorial
Basic Tutorial
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Author: Sixty Four

Date: April 27, 2019

Category: DKR-Tutorial Guides


By Sixty Four

This is a tutorial on the basics for setting up a track for DKR with the setup editor. I go over a little bit of room division but its mostly the setup of a race track in DKR. Room division can be really tough when we are dealing with bsp. I will make an advanced tutorial next. I highly suggest first making a simple track like the one I included in this tutorial before proceeding to larger ideas.I'll make a small blender tutorial on how to make tracks soon also.

Follow the pdf closely, good luck.


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Mickey Jungle
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Author: Sixty Four

Date: April 15, 2019

Category: MSU Levels

Level: Indianapolis


Description : This is a track I made in 40 minutes for an example on how to do some stuff in MSU.

Additional Credits : SubDrag for him fixing things in the editor with speed when I found a problem in it.
Saturn81 for watching me build this live as part of a lesson.

  • Play Information *

New Sound : No
New Music : No
New Textures : No
Emulator Compatible : Yes
N64 Compatible : Yes

  • Construction *

Base : From Scratch
Editor(s) used : Setup Editor and Blender
Known Bugs :

Important Notes : I think there is still some things to solve for MSU. But at least its sort of working here!


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Super Mario Brothers
Image Unavailable

Author: EternallyAries

Date: September 24, 2010

Category: Multi Levels


Hello all i want to welcome you to a new Goldeneye 007 level made in DeleD by me.

This level is a Super Mario Brothers level.

This level take at least 2 weeks to make it so i hope you all enjoy it as much as i enjoy makeing it.

Now thar is one problem in this level that i cant seem to fix.

On some wall and on some floors it will have werd textures that got strech somehow and i cant not seem to fix.

But thats all the problems for now if you find some more plse do tell me thank you.

Oh and if you want to look at this level in the Goldeneye editor or DeleD. Just use the stuff in the My Stuff file.

And i ohmost add a Mario Brothers midi. But it did not work out so it did not make it to the level. But you can still herd it if you want in the My Stuff file. Or play
it in game in the Dam sents i use that level as a test level for the song so if you want to kill some bad guy wile hering the Mario song go ahead.
And i ohmost for got.
Happy 25th Anniversary Mario!


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RickRollEye 64
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Author: Johnny Thunder

Date: April 1st, 2019

Category: For Fun

Level: Various


RickRollEye 64:
my new mod of GoldenEye 64 related with memes, dank memes, Valve references, and more, i work it in like 1 year, 4 months,
since January 1st of 2018, this was one of my most complex mods of GoldenEye 64 ever made, in this mod has now new textures,
new characters, new sounds, new music, new geometry of levels, new color for the watch menu, etc. Enjoy this mod and have fun! Only for own use, NOT for sale

Update 2.0:
new portal sound shot
android version added in normal and australium edition
australium edition makes all guns unto golden tone (except detonator)

New more crazy sounds in the 10th level
Fixed soda machine textures
Fixed new sounds about some bugs

Update 1.2.6:
New music for multiplayer
Crazy sounds at the 6th level
New music on the 9th level

Update 1.2.4:
added sounds for the 10th and 13th level in 2 characters (the 10th level the audio sounds when it's killed, thanks to Pheonarx, credits)
(The 13th one the audio sounds when you are close of him)

Update 1.2.2:

Increased sound of the "modem" on the 1st level
Sound is the destroyed sentries added to the 2 missing ones on the 13th level

Update: version 1.2:

bugs fixed:
new mp death music
Rescue MP door locked deleted

N64 Hardware (Everdrive 2.0/2.5/3.0): Works good
Android Emulator: Doesn't works
Wii 64/Not 64 (n64 wii emulators): works very good
Computer Emulator: Works very good

Programs Used:
GoldenEye Setup Editor 3.0/4.0/4.1
Blender 2.78/2.79
Solidworks 20XGX
Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer
Gimp 2

Credits to:

Yourgamerman Mexicali for the test on the original N64 Hardware.
CrashOveride for help for the checking of the english of my mod, test it in the original N64 console, and in some custom models/textures/sounds.
Goldfinger 64 team for use as reference the fedoras model/textures.
GoldenEye 64 Team for create the game.
CHlindin for some midis from his mod of Custom Music. (he know what midis)
Wreck for some mirrored levels from GoldenEye 64 Mirror mode.
SubDrag for created the editor.
Carnivorous for the v11/v12 footsteps patch and the editor 4.0/4.1.
Zoinkity for the 7mb + 1mb for special modifications.
.JaceLeon. for some midis (he know what midis i refering).
S40 Games for test on the original N64 Hardware.
BMW for the Countyard MP level.
Monkeyface for the Iceworld/Matrix MP level from GoldenEye 64: Counter-Strike mod.
Valve for some textures/sounds/models from Half-Life, Day Of Defeat, Team Fortress Classic, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike 1.6.
Eurocom for the TWINE weapons/levels/textures/models/props
Koei for the Winback: Covert Operations weapons
Rick Astley
Butch Hartman
Gerard Butler
Gabe Newell
Kevin Spacey
Shigeru Miyamoto
Thomas F. Wilson
Bob Gale
Robert Zemeckis
George Lazenby
Steven Harwell
William Steig
John Paul Larkin
Eduard Khil
Eddy Wally
Snoop Dugg
Universal Studios

and the rest…

Credits for use his face as Guards:

AL64 (include his 3 random faces)
El Risitas
S40 Games

for report bugs of the mod, go to my discord… link:

Enjoy it!


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Stationary Guard Behaviour
Image Unavailable

Author: Rare/MRKane

Date: 27.03.2019

Category: PD Action Block



A slightly modified version of the Sniper script from Villa to make a guard behave as a stationary character that will shoot at a player but never move.


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Yoshi's Racing Story V0.4
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Author: Sixty Four

Date: March 24, 2019

Category: DKR-Levels

Level: Various



Title : Yoshi's Racing Story V1
Date Completed : 3-21-19
Filename : Yoshi-Race-Story64.xdelta
Replaces Level: Various
Author : Sixty Four
Email Address : moc.liamg|mekun46ekud#moc.liamg|mekun46ekud

Update :4-4-19 V0.4
Added the mini challenge keys for adventure mode to Yoshi Falls and Froggy Haze
Added the level name signs in adventure mode for the first domain

Update :3-26-19
Added Yoshi in Hover and Yoshi in Plane
Retouched the Red Yoshi select screen character to make it better
I need to add some more levels now to better correspond with all vehicles, soon

Description :

*Mod that features Yoshi as a playable racer. Green Yoshi replaces Timber and Red Yoshi replaces TT. Red version has TT stats for more speed and is a smaller scale. It also has 4 brand new levels in a Yoshi universe theme.
*Car/hover/plane vehicles are supported for Yoshi. With an update I'd like to add levels to correspond with them. More levels to come to go with Hover and plane also. Soon.
*There is also a "Yoshi Only" version which will not have any new levels here: Coming very soon.

Levels Featured:

Yoshi Falls, Replaces Ancient Lake: Brand new Level using SSB Yoshi textures.

Yoshi Valley, Replaces Fossil Canyon Brand new level using Yoshi textures from MK64

Yoshi Canyon, Replaces Jungle Falls Brand new level various texture mix Yoshi SSB/DKR

Tall Tall Yoshi, Replaces Hot Top Volcano Uses Tall Tall Mountain Textures also uses the SM64 mushrooms as prop design.

Bonus levels:

Yoshi Donut Replaces Everfrost Peak: A retexture of the Big Donut level originally from SubDrag its a snowy donut.

Froggy Haze Replaces Boulder Canyon: My original Track

Unused Volcano Replaces Greenwood Village: Extra track

Yoshi's Haunt, Replaces Star City: A retexture of Big Boo's Haunt my original level. Its simply to make room in the rom…

Additional Credits :

SubDrag for creating the editor and original work.
Zoinkity for the original model rip of Big Donut
Carnivorous for updates to the editor
Mosky2000 for amazing music tips and creating the music for Yoshi Canyon!
Rareware and its individuals for making these amazing games.

* Play Information *

Race Type: : Standard
Adventure Mode : Yes
Tracks Mode : Yes
Silver Coin Challenge : Yes
New Sound : Yes -Yoshi Sounds MK64 and a text to speech for level names
New Music : Yes -Midis From Yoshis Story, Yoshi's Island, and Super Mario 64
New Textures : Yes Yoshi textures from Mario Kart 64, Super Smash Bros
Vehicle(s) : Car/Hover/Plane
N64 Compatible : Yes

* Construction *

Base : All new levels from scratch
Editors Used: GoldenEye Setup Editor, Blender
Known Bugs :

Important Notes : Report any bugs you can find thanks. Join the discord if you like:

Installation : Apply a xdelta patch to the xdelta file and run the rom on your choice of software or N64 console.


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Announcement Updates 3-25-19

Author: Sixty Four

Date: March 25, 2019

Category: Site Updates News


I decided to create this section to have certain announcments and updates. By reading them you can follow a long with the small changes to the site and help you navigate much easier and faster.

The site has updated some the past week and a half here are some updates.

Added ABC order to level list pages: (Requested by: The Renegadist)
At the bottom of each level list page is a navigation section. There you can find an alphabetical list display if you want to view levels that way. (Especially useful for GE)

ABC order lists as of now are featured on

GE, DKR, and SSB.

Soon every list page will include the feature.

Added Recently Updated Section:

On the main side bar you can now see recently updated mods or latest released mods.

This is because I felt updates were going very unnoticed. I wanted them to be visible for the community.
You can view the 5 most recent on the side bar or you can click on "Recently Updated" button on the side bar and see the entire list.
It will only display chosen updated posts so the slightest change to a post won't trigger this anymore!
The same goes for the Latest releases.

Fixed some Twitter buttons: (This one is for you SubDrag heh)

When the site was leaked early the last thing I thought to check was if the twitter button for each page was working correctly(what do you know they didn't).
I have found a way to globally fix them without editing each page manually.
However, we will still have to remove the existing one. So for the moment till I can clean up the old ones.
There is two tweet buttons.
Use the second tweet button to get a proper tweet.

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Move an Object Half the Time
Image Unavailable

Author: Carnivorous/MRKane

Date: 26.03.2019

Category: Action Script



For use in a situation where a random move is required, or any other random in 100X action blocks.

This one was a bit tricky to solve as there's something going on under the hood in PD which means the random seed doesn't seem to work until there's been a delay. This is an example of how to handle that.


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GoldenEye Model Tutorial
Image Unavailable

Author: Flargy Filler

Date: February 3, 2019

Category: GE-Guides



A tutorial on how to do character models for GE using Blender. I never got the chance to 100% finish it. Hopefully will update this more later

Note: GE OBJ plugin doesn't work on Blender 2.79.7.
Note: Also, it should be mentioned you should import the model and re-export as .dae if you wanna animate it.

UPDATE 4/29/19: Added animation tutorial.


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Place Explosives on Target Object
Image Unavailable

Author: MRKane

Date: 21/03/2018

Category: Action Block



An action block covering placing an explosive on an object, and having it explode after a fixed time.

This is copied from "Area 51" and has had the level action specific stuff removed. It requires that the player have an item inserted into inventory, and a activatable 16 Tag Object as a target, as well as setting up a hidden 16 object as the explosive that will be "placed". Script has been annotated thoroughly for ease of use.


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