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leiger wrote: uses this code in the sidebar:

[[module ListPages order="random" limit="1" skipCurrent="true"]]
* [[[%%page_unix_name%%|Random Page]]]

Does Wikidot have any problems with this being used for this template, considering that it's searching the whole site for a random page?

Or does the limit="1" prevent any performance issues ?

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leiger wrote:
I tried using [[module Search mini="true"]] but for some reason I can't seem to make it appear at the right size.
It works perfectly fine on my website (, so I'm not sure why it's not working here.
Being able to use the search module will remove the need to edit the CSS every time a menu item is added/removed.

pieterh wrote:
Size of the input field seems fixed to 30. I'll make a change request that the 'mini' form has a smaller field, maybe half that.

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Why bother with this? You could easily just put the whole glossary on a single page! -leiger

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@tsangk: do we want to explain how to create a forum on a classic wiki? If we are going to provide forums on the templates, I'd like to use the new style we made for the opensource template (ListPages based). But for a classic wiki, we kind of agreed that the talk pages would be better than a forum. — pieterh

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[[cell style="text-align:center; width:{$picresize}; background:#CACACA;"]]{$heading}

Image Unavailable

[[row style="height:100px"]][[cell style="font-size:80%; background:#29aa45; color:blue"]]
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