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GoldenEye 007 - Tournament Edition v1.04
GoldenEye 007 - Tournament Edition
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Optimized Multiplayer Mod

Author: Wreck

Date: March 15th, 2020

Category: Multi Levels

Level: Multiple



Author: Wreck
Version: 1.04
Date: March 22nd, 2020

Previous Versions…
Version: 1.00
Date: May 2nd, 2019

Version: 1.01
Date: October 9th, 2019

Version: 1.02
Date: January 21st, 2020

Version: 1.03
Date: March 15th, 2020

Welcome to GoldenEye 007 - Tournament Edition. This mod is the combination of two things, which primarily focuses on the multiplayer portion of the game. The first being an attempt to help performance, by cutting down on how much is being drawn on screen at one time, as well as other changes that allow levels to load a bit more quickly. The second is a series of adjustments that either act as corrections, or ways to change the game up enough to even make veteran players not know everything. You will find more in-depth notes on what has been done below. There is also an alternate patch, which does all the same stuff as the first, but also gets rid of the background music. This may or may not actually have any impact on performance, though the idea of the less being processed the better applies here. The ultimate goal is to create a smoother experience for one of the greatest multiplayer games ever crafted.

Version 1.04 Notes…
Nothing new added, but some edits were made to the recent movement and extension of the memory allocations table (had a bad address change), as well as setting level ID 39's text "LxE" to use bank 00 instead of B4, which apparently shares a RAM position with something else.

Version 1.03 Notes…
A brand new cheat option has been included in this update; Mirror Multi Maps. You may already be able to guess what it does, but for further details, read on below.

Version 1.02 Notes…
Courtesy of Carnivorous, some new cheats have been added. The first disables anti-aliasing for the game, another turns level music off, and one more forces only the lo-res parts of character models to render. As a result of these new cheats, the list was extended from the previously increased 26, up to 28 total. You can read further down under "Other Adjustments" for more info on these changes.

Version 1.01 Notes…
Three somewhat minor updates in this release. The first is a correction to the ammo crate that was changed to a different pad in Egypt multi. Not a big change, but it is now as it was intended to be by Rare. Also, another recent discovery had me revisit the Temple multi map. It had to do with portals not being closed by doors. Lastly, a portal issue in Library has been fixed up. You can read further down under "Other Adjustments" for more info on these changes.


Weapon optimization.
Every weapon has been combed over and edited with extreme care. All parts which can not be seen while equipped in first-person view, are no longer being drawn. This also includes the hand models that carry pistols, and even the watch detonator. As multiplayer mode does not allow you to dual-wield, portions of the right side were removed. If you are playing with All Guns in a mission level, you will see parts are not there on your left handed version (should it not be a mirrored copy).

Character model distances.
Most character models (not heads, however) include both a higher poly model and a lower poly version of different parts. Which one is currently rendered on screen depends on your distance from them. Some characters switch from closer range, while others can be a bit further away before noticing the change. Now everyone that uses this system is set at the shortest distance any GoldenEye character originally utilized. The transition between high and low poly models is less noticeable on console, as emulators have a much sharper image.

Bullet collision visuals.
When a bullet strikes a background surface, it produces multiple after effects (other than the obvious sparking and bullet hole). The first thing is shrapnel. Small pieces of debris fly out from the damaged area. Secondly, is a small fireball. And finally, there is a bit of smoke that rises up and out from the point of impact. Each of these effects pulls more resources, which can lead to slowdown - especially when using weapons with a high rate of fire. So for this mod, both the fireball and smoke have been removed, and the amount of shrapnel cut in half. It is a small price to pay for a helpful adjustment. Besides, in the heat of multiplayer battle, it is very easy to overlook these visuals entirely.

Explosions and Rocket / Grenade Launch smoke.
The amount of smoke clouding for all explosives and launched projectile weapons has been halved. This effect, especially when a player is in amongst it, can slow down gameplay. The amount of shrapnel for all explosions has also been reduced by fifty percent.

Bare handed.
All levels now use the "Jungle" Bond hand/cuff model. This is more of an aesthetic choice than a performance one, though quick editing of the models does use fewer polygons than before.

Unused pad data removed from all multi maps.
Each mission based multiplayer level had the entire set of mission pad positions within their setup files. Even the multi exclusive maps sometimes had a few extras left over. By cutting these out, the level will load more quickly. Certain maps will be more noticeable than others.


All multi maps unlocked on new file.
Every level will be available to play from the start of a new file. Also, each now allows the max of four players to participate in a match. However, there can be some issues, such as slow framerate or shared spawn points.

Extra Characters.
On top of every character being unlocked, you can now play as alternate versions of certain cast members. Both Natalya's appearance in the Cuba missions (at her corrected scale), as well as Trevelyan's initial look in the Facility, are available. As well, there are four more costumes for 007 himself; his spiffy blue suit, Q approved sneaking suit for covert operations, an insulated grey parka for use in colder environments, and comfortable jungle fatigues for when things start to heat up.

Spawn point ordering.
Many of you may already know that GoldenEye doesn't really choose your next spawn point at random. Each level has a list, and the game will continue down that list with each death, unless another player is within too close of proximity to that pad. When that happens, it will skip to the one after that. This reordering of spawns is to help prevent veteran players who remember these patterns from knowing exactly where their opponent will appear next, thus no longer making them a vulnerable target. It does NOT change the original positions, but in which order they are used.

Flag Tag locations.
Normally, the flag appears at one default position for every level in multiplayer. Whoever is fortunate enough to spawn nearest it, will undoubtedly run straight to it to immediately earn some valuable ownership time. In the Tournament Edition, there are now four possible locations where the flag token could appear. Instead of it being purely based on luck, players will have to guess where it may be. This adds a bit of chance to the scenario. Thanks to Zoinkity, who first came up with this idea in a customized Temple multi.

Ammo crates and Flags moved.
In three levels, certain boxes of ammunition have been moved. Temple originally had three erroneously positioned crates, which ended up sharing the space with other boxes. If you shot at them, it would almost appear as though an extra crate would pop out. Using the leftover pads within the setup file (and Perfect Dark's version of Temple as a guide of sorts), these three have been placed at - what can only be assumed of as - their correct positions. As a very minor side effect, the original Flag Tag Token position was moved ever so slightly over. In Archives, two ammo boxes were stuck inside one another, down on the ground floor near the Golden Gun position. There was easily enough space next to them to allow for the separation. Also, Egypt had one crate placed way down in the flooded basement, when it should have been next to its partner ammo crate in the upper level. Simply tweaking the clipping tile value it was associated with placed it back up top. Lastly, it seems Rare may have paid less attention to where the Flag Tag Token went in the Library level. Instead of being at its own special place, it shares a spot with an ammo crate. It is now a few feet away, and no longer sitting inside the crate.

Silo X music track.
The original song that is played when the Silo mission is completed, and the outro cutscene is showing, did not loop. This track was also included as a random entry in multiplayer. After it reaches the end, there will be silence. SubDrag was able to modify the song to seemlessly loop, so it won't end abruptly during a match.

Bunker 2 cells.
It has always been a bit odd how the doors used on the two holding cells were not the same as the mission version. Rather than using the proper security bars, instead there were solid doors, like those in the later portion of Facility. This mod addresses that, and replaces them with the appropriate doors. You can also fire weapons and throw objects through them, as well.

Temple stone doors (v1.01).
Even though those large stone doors were setup to close the portals that connect the rooms between them, they did not. There were two issues causing this. The first was the model rotation. Because of how Rare was using these doors, it was actually showing the sides of the door as the front and back. It needed to be rotated 90 degrees to address this. Also, due to the thickness of the doors, they were still having trouble. So other than the one in the center of multiple ramps (which does not close any portals, anyway), the rest were reduced down to the depth of one floor tile. Temple already runs very well, but having portals close certainly can't hurt. Now you also shouldn't be able to blast an enemy through a closed door with a penetrating weapon. And maybe it's just me, but they do seem to open a little more easily, too.

Library portal fix (v1.01).
A very subtle issue with one of the floor grating portals has been dealt with. Visible only from the upper (Stack) area of the map and looking down into the basement, you could see the grey stone edging beneath the grate would go black from different angles. This had to do with where the portal was positioned. However, this is exactly how Rare setup the other similar areas, as well. The real issue was actually that the grey stone below the grating panel needed to belong to the upper room, and not the lower one. By simply stripping it out of one and placing it in the other, the portal no longer had any conflicts.

Watch inventory models.
As most weapons have been optimized, they looked rather unappealing inside the watch menu. They no longer show, nor do the rest of the games mission gadgets and collectible items. You can still tell what's what by their names.

Auto-Aim off by default.
Under the multiplayer options, it will begin with Sight ON, Auto-Aim OFF being selected. You can easily change this yourself in the menu.

AR33 fix in two weapon loadouts.
For both the Remote Mines and Timed Mines sets, the AR33 Assault Rifle now uses its correct weapon pickup model. The original game erroneously gave out KF7 Soviet prop model by mistake.

Same character selection.
If you have a favourite character, but someone else also wants to use them, you won't need to argue or flip a coin anymore. Up to four Siberian Special Forces members can be roaming the Basement all at once now.

No Body Armour cheat.
Taken from Zoinkity's Dr. No patch, this cheat will remove all instances of body armour throughout the game while activated. Not only will this prevent certain players from hogging up the extra protection in multiplayer, but it can add a little more challenge to missions that still include the odd armour even on 00 Agent difficulty. Once you turn the cheat off, the armours will appear as normal. There's no unlock required to use it.

No Radar cheat.
This cheat is now unlocked by default. So if you don't want the radar showing, you can disable it without needing to achieve the target time on Frigate.

Lo-Res Characters cheat (v1.02).
The majority of character bodies contain two versions of each body part (not including hands and feet) in their file. Which one is currently rendered depends on your distance from said character. What this cheat does, is forces just the lo-res models to show. While it doesn't make them look the greatest, it does reduce the number of polygons drawn on screen. If you don't care a lot about the players appearances, than this may just help performance, especially in closer range. No unlocking necessary. Note: this also affects any other model in the game that contains a lower poly version, such as the bookshelf in Archives, as well as the rocket.

No Music cheat (v1.02).
If you want to play without the level music, than this cheat is for you. Standard music tracks have been replaced with a silent entry (track 0x14), but menu folders, the watch menu, end of MP match screen, and any mission X track, will play as normal. You'll also still hear the death theme play, so you'll know exactly when someone has been killed. Play your favourite songs in the background to create your own soundtrack. Ready for use at any time. Note: if you want ALL music (not including folders) to be muted, go into your watch menu and slide the music volume bar down to zero.

No Anti-Aliasing cheat (v1.02).
Anti-Aliasing is a process that helps blend edges together, in an effort to look less sharp and pixelated. By disabling it, the game will take on a different appearance, almost more similar to original PlayStation games. However, it can also help to improve performance. It may take some time to get used to, and it's really something that will be up to the player to decide whether they like or not. This is accessible by default.

Mirror Multi Maps cheat (v1.03).
By activating this cheat, you will be able to play all of the eleven multiplayer maps as mirrored versions of themselves. Where you used to turn left, now you turn right. It's just like the fun bonus feature utilized in many popular racing games. So if you think you know GoldenEye's levels inside and out, give this a try. Always unlocked.

Line Mode cheat.
Since No Radar is now available automatically, one of the best known unused cheats - Line Mode - is now unlocked when completing Frigate within the target time. Known in some other games as "Pen and Ink Mode", it almost makes the game feel like an animated black and white comic book. The cheat list has also been extended to make room for the additional cheats, and shifted upward for a better look.

Laser cheat removed.
In order to make room within the cheats menu, the single Laser cheat was taken out. This one pretty much becomes useless after you unlock 2x Lasers, and even less so once All Guns is awarded.

Oddjob is on vacation.
Since it has basically become a rule that no one chooses Oddjob, he has been "removed" from the list. However, there IS still a way to play as him, though it will mean you really are a cheater if you manage to do so. Hint: it might have to do with the very first button code ever discovered for the game…


If you are playing on a new file, which hasn't had any of the missions completed yet, there is an issue using cheats. Should you turn on any of the unlocked cheats (no armour, no radar, etc), you will notice that every level is blacked out. However, if you try clicking on any of them, it will somehow allow you access to the Silo. This is the only mission you can play, unless you begin completing the campaign properly.

In Archives, it is possible for two or more players to spawn at the same position at the start of the level. This issue exists even in the original version of the level. It is caused by a player distance proximity test. Since this map is somewhat small, and comprised of two floors, it can often test that two spawn points are too close together. When this happens, it will shift down the list of spawn points to try and find another position. However, sometimes players end up sharing the same spawn point. If this happens, simply exit the level and try again… or just slap each other to death.

The Line Mode cheat has issues with certain emulators, which can result in the game being unplayable. Nothing to do with this mod, but the graphics plugins being used.

Not so much of a bug, but something to note. If you are planning to use anything that can affect the player field of view (either an emulator or a GameShark / Action Replay code), you will definitely notice where parts of weapons and hands are now absent. This includes the buttstocks on rifles, and even handles on many firearms. The edits were made and tested to appear unmodified by traditional playing conventions.


Optimization of knives, taser and sniper melee models.
Proper optimization of the watch laser / detonator model.
Further tweaking of the explosions and smoke.
Dam as default mission with cheats on new file.


Wreck: For the brunt of it.
SubDrag: For the creation and maintenance of the GoldenEye Editor, and Silo X track looped version.
Zoinkity: For select same character, Dr. No cheat (no body armour) setup, and original random tag placement action block design.
Carnivorous: For updating and maintenance of the GoldenEye Editor, the No Anti-Aliasing, No Music, and Lo-Res Characters cheats, and helping with the Mirror Multi Maps cheat.
N64 Vault: For making sure the legacy of GoldenEye modding keeps growing.
You: For still caring about this game enough to download the mod.


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GoldenEye Hard Mode
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Author: Ositsho

Date: December 6, 2014

Category: Solo Levels



The same Goldeneye with an altered/increased difficulty curve. Some in game bugs have also been fixed etc.

Patch regenerated in Xdelta format on March 22nd, 2020 (by Wreck).


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Smash Remix
Smash Remix
Image Unavailable

Author: Smash Remix Team

Date: March 15, 2020

Category: SSB-Characters

Character(s) Added: Wario, Dark Samus, Ganondorf, Young Link, Falco, Dr. Mario


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Wario Added
A note from Wario's designer, Fray:
"Wario is the first fully de-cloned custom SSB64 character. He was originally cloned from Mario,
and still shares some generic movement animations with Mario. Otherwise, all of his attacks,
specials, and some movement animations are new and he is functionally a completely different
character than Mario."


  • Forward Smash

- Inner hitboxes shield damage increased (5 -> 9)

  • Down Special

- New graphic effect
- Angle and knockback scaling changed for grounded down special

  • New 1P Pose
  • Heavy Item Lift Sound added


  • Model Improvements

- Two new costumes
- New skeleton Model
- Character model now has expressions

  • Grab

- Hitbox placement improved

  • Down Tilt

- Inner hitbox added to prevent missing up close

  • Forward Smash

- Hitbox placement improved

  • Bair

- Strong hit comes out one frame sooner
- Weak hit lasts one frame longer
- Total animation length is one frame longer

  • Uair

- First hit has higher base knockback and lower knockback scaling
- Second hit hitbox is larger

  • Dair

- Strong hit damage increased (12 -> 14)

  • Neutral Special

- New animation for aerial neutral special
- Hitbox size decreased (140 -> 115)
- Head is no longer intangible

  • Up Special

- Startup frames decreased (24 -> 22)
- Velocity decreased (102 -> 98)

  • Attributes

- Horizontal ledge grab range decreased
- Vertical ledge grab range increased

  • New victory/select animation
  • New loss/clap animation

Young Link

  • Model Improvements

- New costume inspired by A Link to the Past
- Sword texture improved
- Taunt hand glitch fixed
- New hookshot graphic
- Character model now has expressions

  • Up Smash

- Damage error fixed on weak hit of Up Smash
- Animation revised
- Hitbox timing modified
- Small decrease to knockback scaling

  • Heavy Item Lift Sound added

Doctor Mario

  • Model Improvements

- New costume
- Revised character model
- Character model now has expressions

  • Back Throw

- New animation inspired by SSBU
- Damage increased (16 -> 18)

  • Dash Attack

- Hitbox size increased (125 -> 175)

  • Down Tilt

- Angle changed
- Adjusted base knockback
- Adjusted damage

  • Nair

- Weak hit damage increased (10 -> 11)

  • Fair

- Increased hitbox size
- Increased animation speed
- Animation revised

  • Bair

- Hitbox begins earlier
- Animation length decreased

  • Uair

- Damage increased (11 -> 12)
- Knockback growth increased (96 -> 100)
- Knockback angle changed (55 -> 57)

  • Dair

- Knockback decreased
- Animation revised

  • New Series Icon

Dark Samus

  • Model Improvements

- New skeleton Model

  • Down Smash

- Shield damage decreased (25 -> 22)

  • Bair

- Outer hitbox base knockback increased (15 -> 19)

  • Dair

- Early hit base knockback increased (0 -> 5)
- Late hit base knockback increased (0 -> 12)
- Late hit damage increased (12 -> 14)

  • Attributes

- Fast fall speed increased (65 -> 71)

  • Footstep sounds removed from running animation


  • The Smash Remix character select screen is now available in all modes!
  • Now including new Settings Profiles (standard toggle sets for easy use at tournaments or replicating J version play)
  • Added a Tournament Layout in Stage Settings which provides a revised Stage Select Screen layout
  • Alternate music tracks

- Alternate music tracks will play randomly on some custom stages
- Occasional music tracks will play 20% of the time
- Rare music tracks will play 13% of the time
- While the stage is loading, holding C-Up forces the default BGM, holding C-Left forces the occasional BGM, holding C-Right forces the rare BGM

  • Improved AI teching bug fixed
  • Skeleton mode added (now in the special model toggle with hitbox and ECB display)
  • ECB mode added (now in the special model toggle with hitbox and Skeleton display)
  • Can now set music in training mode
  • Japanese Hitlag Toggle added
  • Momentum Sliding, a glitch present in the Japanese version, has been added as a toggle
  • Metal Mario, Giant Donkey Kong, and Polygon Characters selectable via dpad while hovering token over character

- Metal Mario given alternate colors
- Polygons given alternate colors

  • Certain regional versions of different characters now selectable via dpad while hovering token over a character

- E Link
- J Samus
- J Ness

  • Improved Combo and Tech Chase Combo settings are now out of Beta and on by default
  • Hitbox Mode Characters function properly after being defeated
  • Toggle for Variants in random character selection
  • Fixed ability to return to title and related sound issue
  • Splash Screen added on startup
  • How to Play Demo Desync issue fixed


Character Lighting improvements to most stages

Great Bay

  • Transparency added to water texture
  • Turtle now appears sporadically on stage
  • Alternate music added: Gerudo Valley

Dr. Mario Target Test

  • Dr. Mario now has a break the targets stage inspired by SSBM

Dark Samus target Test

  • Dark Samus now has a break the targets stage inspired by SSBM

Ganondorf Target Test

  • Ganondorf now has a break the targets stage

Falco Target Test

  • Falco now has a break the targets stage

Young Link Target Test

  • Young Link now has a break the targets stage

Wario Target Test

  • Wario was provided with a break the targets stage

Polygon Target Test

  • All Polygon characters share a break the targets stage inspired by the Stage 1 Target Test from SSBB

Peach's Castle

  • Bumper can now be removed in Frozen/Hazard's off mode

Final Destination

  • Music permanently fixed and now plays both intro and main portion of music

Muda Kingdom

  • Under pipe grabbable ledge removed
  • Left ledge moved/fixed

Bowser's Stadium

  • Wall teleporting/clipping issue fixed
  • Alternate music added: Road to Bowser, Bowser Final Boss

Kitchen Island Stage Added

Mute City

  • Alternate music added: Mach Rider, Big Blue


  • Clippings revised
  • Graphical update
  • New alternate music: Elite Four

Peach's Castle

  • Alternate music added: Wing Cap, Metal Cap

Deku Tree

  • Lag reduced to levels equivalent to Duel Zone, the stage is now tournament appropriate
  • Neutral spawns updated

Tower of Heaven

  • Lag reduced to levels equivalent to Duel Zone, the stage is now tournament appropriate


  • Platform now moves
  • Graphical update

Ganon's Tower

  • Optimized to improve frame rate
  • Coloring changes
  • New alternate music: Gerudo Valley

Glacial River Stage added

Mad Monster Mansion

  • Optimized to improve frame rate

Cool Cool Mountain

  • Top platforms are now slippery

Meta Crystal

  • Neutral Spawns updated

Yoshi's Island (1P)

  • Neutral Spawns updated

Peach's Castle

  • Neutral Spawns updated

Congo Jungle

  • Neutral Spawns updated

Hyrule Castle

  • Neutral Spawns updated


  • Neutral Spawns updated

Sector Z

  • Neutral Spawns updated


  • Camera angle adjusted
  • Optimized to improve frame rate
  • Taxi cab hazard added

Zebes Landing

  • Alternate music added: Norfair

Pokemon Stadium

  • Formerly Pokemon Stadium II, now has a revised look.
  • New Main theme: Pokemon Red/Blue Vs. Trainer
  • New Alternate music: Pika Cup, Elite Four

Fountain of Dreams

  • Optimized to improve frame rate
  • Now has moving platforms
  • Clippings added to bottom of the stage
  • Alternate music added: Pop Star

Big Blue

  • Entirely revised, now including moving vehicles
  • Alternate music added: Mach Rider

Doctor Mario

  • Stage is entirely revised and is now tournament appropriate


  • Alternate music added: Gerudo Valley


  • Alternate music added: Melee Select Screen

Corneria City

  • Alternate music added: Star Wolf


  • Alternate music added: Star Wolf

Project Leader – The_Smashfather
Designer and Gameplay Developer – Fray
Developer – MarioReincarnate
Programmer and UI Developer – Cyjorg
Lead Artist – Sope!
Animation and Model Import Specialist – Subdrag
Moveset Balancing - Honey
Installation Specialist – Cennis91

• Retro64
• Sope!
• Likiji123
• Fray
• Pik
• Dshaynie
• Garrett Atwood
• MrPr1993
• Sope!
• Retro64
• Connor Rentz
• Colonel Birdstrong
• Comjay
• Likiji123
• Pik
• Gael Romo
• Sope!
• Fray
• Coolguy
• Super4ng
• dshaynie
• TT
• MyNewSoundtrack
• PablosCorner
• Sope!
• Retro64
• Coffee
• mosky2000
Stage Designers
• BridGurrr
• Comjay
• Plaehni
• Farcry15
• smb123w64gb
• Sope!
• Fray
• Snooplax
• Sixty Four
• Qapples
• Smb123w64gb
• FaxMeApplejuice
• Madao
• DannySSB
• tehz
• Carnivorous
• CrookedPoe/Clockwise
• CrashOveride
• M-1
• Abnormal Adept
• Darkhorse
• hanson933
• IronAidan07
• majin_bukkake
• minymidge
• Stevie G
• Luigidoed
• Hyper64
• Dogs_Johnson
• emptyW
• FaxMeApplejuice
• phreshguy
• measTHEbeast
• Xrmy
• Q!
• Raychu
• Pluto
• The Yid
• Wololo
• wookiee-alex
• thelordoflight
• farcry15
• mimimax
• Pluto
• kyleglor
• Revan
• Big Red
• Bamboo
• cobr
• Dr. D
• IsAndrewElite
• Loz
• jonnjonn
• Kaki
• Maafia
• SushiiZ


Dark Samus Patch:

This patch adds in Samus' doppelganger, Dark Samus, alongside numerous stages and features.

BE MINDFUL OF FEATURES MARKED BETA - Issues exist, these are off by default for a reason



Dark Samus

New Select Animation
New Roll Animations
New Jump Animations
New Run Animation
New Walk Animation
New Victory Theme
Down Smash - Entirely new down smash inspired by Assist Trophy attack
Neutral 1
DMG decreased 3->2
Shorter Duration and ending lag
Initial Hit has increased base knock back 0->10
Late Hit has decreased knock back scaling 100->80
Forward Smash
Decreased Startup lag
Decreased Damage
Increased Hitbox Size
New Graphic
Electric type attack
Forward Air - New Attack
Up Smash - New Attack
Forward Tilt
Decreased Startup Lag
Decreased Hit Duration
Decreased Damage 10->9
Up Special
Final Hit Forced Knock Back Removed
Final Hit Base Knock Back increased
Final hit Knock Back Scaling increased
Aerial version of the attack now allows switching player's direction
Invincibility Frames changed to Intangibility Frames
Up Tilt
Spikes grounded opponents
Increased Base Knock Back against grounded opponents
Decreased Damage against aerial opponents
Down Tilt
New animations based on Modern Samus Down tilt
Up Air
Additional Hitbox added to end of animation
Final Hit base knockback increased
Final hit knockback scaling increased
Neutral Air - New Neutral Air Attack
New Victory Animation
New Taunt Animation
Down Special
No longer loses jump after using down special
Electrical Effect
Decreased Dmg 9->8
Decreased BKB 10->8
New Graphic
Neutral Special
New Graphic
Back Air - New Attack based on Modern Samus Back Air
Weight decreased (0.92->0.95)
Max Fall Speed Decreased (42->40)
Fall acceleration Decreased (1.9->1.8)
Max Fast Fall Speed Decreased (67->65)
Jumping Height Increased (36->37)
X-air accerlation Increased (0.03->0.04)
X-air max speed increased (28->30)
Young Link

New Costume based on Dark Link
Up Smash
New Animation and moveset functionality based on Toon Link Up Smash

New Victory Theme
Dr. Mario

Fair animation speed increased
Dair animation speed increased
Up Special
Knockback scaling increased for initial hit
Hitbox size increased for initial hit

Complete 19xxCE Merge (including Neutral Spawns, Optional Hazard Removal, and all other features)
Various 19xxCE bugs fixed
Fixed music related memory leak
hurtbox mode model location fixed on Charactere Select and Results Screen
DK Cargo hold combo meter crash fixed
vs stats background glitch fixed
stereo toggle fixed
Remix Characters added to training mode
Giant DK and Metal Mario added to Custom Training Menu
Directional Pad and C buttons now work on stage select
Frozen/Hazards Mode is controled via the L button
Timestock scoring glitch fixed
CAUTION concerning combo meters, they are current unstable and can cause crashes
CAUTION concerning improved AI, they can cause random directional teching
Added widescreen and
Added FPS toggles (BETA)
Can now use dpad and c buttons on toggle menus

Pokemon Stadium
- New Music
Great Bay
- Main platform no longer drop through
- Ledge warping issue fixed
Coneria City
- Underside Clipping Issue fixed
- New Music

Princess Peach's Castle Stage Added
Bowser's Stadium Stage Added
Delfino Plaza Stage Added
Big Blue Stage Added
Corneria Stage Added
Onett Stage Added
Zebes Landing Stage Added
Frosty Village Stage Added

CSS Patch:

With this new patch we see the return of Captain Falcon, Fox, Link, and Mario. The Character Select Screen has been redone to accommodate new characters both existing and to come. The patch also includes numerous improvements to character quality and 15 new stages.


Fixed Armor time frames for Neutral Special Air
Revised Model
Fixed disappearing trident issue (4 player pause glitch)
Fixed hand display issue
Decrease Forward Smash Start-up slightly
Landing lag issues fixed for Fair and Nair
Size decreased
Fixed a bug where Ganon's fair animation was faster than intended
Fair startup has been sped up to match the previously bugged speed
Down Smash
Hitbox size increased
Hitbox location pushed forward
Second hitbox duration increased by 1 frame
Initial hit base knockback increased
Initial hit angle changed to more downward angle
Size multiplier decreased (1.2 -> 1.16)
Traction decreased (1.8 -> 1.2)
Jump 1 X Velocity increased (0.31 -> 0.35)
Air speed increased (28 -> 29)
Shield size increased (290 -> 330)
Doctor Mario

Reduced BKB and KBS of Up Smash
Reduced BKB and KBS of Down Special
Added new taunt
Forward Air landing lag changed
Down Air landing lag changed
Young Link

Added New Taunt
Revised Model
Boomerang Return Damage Increased
Down Smash - Knockback angle modified (30° -> 40°)
Down Tilt
Startup is much quicker
Attack duration decreased (35 frames -> 31 frames)
Base knockback increased, knockback growth decreased
Forward Tilt
Startup is quicker
Up tilt
Angle reverted to 79° (same as Link)
Up Special
Young Link will now start falling sooner at the end of the aerial up special
Air mobility increased for aerial up special
Neutral Special

Return damage reverted to Link value (7% -> 8%)
Young Link can no longer throw the boomerang as far as his Adult counterpart
down tilt (buff)
rebalanced fsm, much quicker overall startup and total duration reduced from 35 frames to 31 frames
base knockback increased and knockback scaling deceased

forward tilt (buff)
rebalanced fsm, slightly quicker startup

up tilt (neutral)
angle reverted to link up tilt angle


Up Special
Delay before movement reduced (26 frames -> 24 frames)
Knockback increased slightly
Fixed a bug where Falco's dash had a longer foxtrot window
Dash deceleration increased slightly

Fixed game crashing error at credits screen
19XX Style Costume Selection
New Characters no longer replace original characters
Stock Matches are now timed


Improved background images
15 stages displayed per page among other SSS changes
Deku Tree

Performance Improved
Corneria City

Ceilings added to wings
Teleporting Glitch fixed
Clippings straightened
First Destination

Blast Walls moved closer to stage
Clippings straightened
Wario Ware

Blast Walls moved further away from stage

Music added
Blast Walls changed
Pokemon Stadium

Blast Walls changed
Teleport glitch fixed
Doctor Mario Stage

Platforms lowered
Music improved
Graphical fixes

New Music

Blast walls changed

Blast walls changed

Icon changed
Kirby Beta I

Icon changed
Kirby Beta II

Icon changed
Fountain of Dreams Stage Added

Fray's Stage Added

Great Bay Stage Added

Dragon King Stage Added

Cool Cool Mountain Stage Added

Tower of Heaven Stage Added

Mementos Stage Added

Muda Kingdom Stage Added

N64 Stage Added

Mute City Stage Added

Spiral Mountain Stage Added

Showdown Stage Added

Mushroom Kingdom BF Stage Added

Mushroom Kingdom Omega Stage Added

Doctor Mario Patch Notes

The Doctor is in this new patch for Smash Remix. He has slower ground speed and quicker aerial speed,
combined with a generally slower, but more powerful moveset. He's packing his pills and has a
super jump that functions entirely different from Mario's. With this patch, Smash Remix has
officially combined with Comjay's More Stages Edition. All of MSE's stages have been added,
in addition to new Smash Remix Stages, Deku Tree, First Destination, and Doctor Mario. All stages
can be accessed thanks to a new stage select design which allows you to flip pages by pressing Z/R.



  • slower ground speed
  • faster aerial speed


  • increased damage
  • increased startup slightly


  • Launches at a vertical angle
  • Higher knockback, but lower knockback growth

Forward Tilt

  • decreased damage
  • decreased knockback
  • increased hitbox duration
  • decreased end lag
  • decreased start up

Up Tilt

  • increased damage
  • slightly increased end lag

Down Tilt

  • launches at a "reverse" angle which places opponent behind Dr. Mario
  • increased knockback
  • increased knockback scaling

Forward Smash

  • increased damage
  • increased knockback
  • slight increase initial startup
  • Electric Effect

Up Smash

  • Meteor Smashs opponents which are grounded
  • Aerial Opponents are hit at a slightly different vertical angle from Mario

Down Smash

  • Increased Damage
  • Increased Base Knockback

Neutral Air

  • Reverse "sex kick" which gets stronger over time instead of weaker
  • Strong Hit has slight increase in damage
  • Weak Hit has slight decrease in damage

Forward Air

  • New animation inspired by modern Mario Forward Air

Back Air

  • Decreased Knockback
  • Alternate launch angle
  • Less end lag

Up Air

  • Alternate launch angle
  • Slightly decreased damage

Down Air

  • New animation based on Smash Ultimate Down Air

Neutral Special

  • New Pill Graphic that randomly switch between two colors of pills
  • Increased Knockback
  • Increased Damage
  • Slower Speed
  • Increased Bounce
  • Fast-Falling

Down Special

  • Hits opponents horizontally
  • Increase knockback significantly on final hitbox
  • Improved suction, granting the ability to continue upward momentum and still harm opponents
  • Initial frames grant light armor

Up Special

  • Move is now a single hit, with a strong initial hitbox and weak hitbox throughout the move
  • Initial hitbox size increased
  • Move no longer grants intangibility for initial frames
  • Increased startup



  • Air Mobility decreased
  • Dash Speed decreased
  • Dash Deceleration decreased
  • Run Speed decreased

Up Special

  • Knockback Decreased
  • Landing Lag Increased
  • Air Resistance Decreased


  • This new dash attack should feel familiar to fans of Ocarina of Time


Down Air

  • Decreased Knockback Growth
  • Slightly Increased Base Knockback

Other - 1P Name Added

- Adjusted jump heights
-Larger FSmash hitbox and more horizontal movement


Stage Select now has a modified format that allows the user to scroll through pages
of additional stages. All original stages have been returned to Smash Remix and
many custom stages have been added.

  • Deku Tree
  • Battlefield
  • Ganon's Tower revised
  • First Destination
  • Warioware
  • Skyloft
  • Doctor Mario
  • Corneria City revised
  • Kalos
  • Smashland
  • Pokemon Stadium 2
  • All Unused Stages Added

Falco joins the fight in Smash Remix. Falco is a bit slower than Fox with higher jumps and a shorter up special. His reflector that notably hits opponents upwards, and he makes up for his lack of a powerful up smash or up aerial with a stronger back aerial and single hit spike down aerial. Perhaps the most notbale change of all is to Falco's neutral special, Phantasm. Falco will use this new special in lieu of his blaster, giving him new options for recoveries and a rewarding vertical hit on the ground. Along with Falco comes two new stages, Corneria City and Deku Tree, as well as a multitude of balance changes for Ganondorf and Young Link. See the patch notes below for more details.

Patch Notes

Corneria City
This new stage from sope takes place aboard the Pleiades in the skies above Corneria City. Currently replaces Peach’s Castle.

Ganon's Tower
` Blast lines adjusted. `

Falco (Changes from Fox)
Phantasm (Neutral Special) - This entirely new neutral special replaces Blaster and is heavily inspired by Falco’s SSBM incarnation.
Fire Bird (Up Special) - Reworked. Faster startup and increased base knockback, with reduced velocity and distance.
Reflector (Down Special) - Reworked. Launches at a vertical angle. Knockback growth implemented.
Grab - Slightly larger hitbox positioned closer to Falco's body.
Jab 1/2 - New SFX.
Dash Attack - Now launches at a more vertical angle.
Forward Tilt - Slightly increased base knockback (excluding lowest angle).
Up Tilt - New animation. Now resembles the up tilt used by Falco's SSBB incarnation.
Down Tilt - Reworked. Increased damage and knockback growth with a much smaller hitbox matching Falco's tail. New SFX.
Forward Smash - New animation. Now resembles the fsmash used by Falco's SSBM incarnation. Kills slightly earlier than Fox's forward smash.
Up Smash - Reworked. Decreased damage and knockback. Reduced ending lag.
Back Aerial - Reworked. Slower startup with increased damage and knockback. Reduced ending lag.
Up Aerial - Reworked. Smaller hitboxes on both hits. First hit has with increased damage and decreased knockback. Second hit launches at a more horizontal angle with decreased damage. New SFX.
Down Aerial - Reworked. Single hit spike with a strong and late hit.
Taunt - New animation. Now resembles the taunt used by Falco's SSBM incarnation.
Attributes - Falco is generally a bit slower and heavier than Fox, with increased jump heights.
` Young Link `
Up Special - Reworked. Hitboxes have been readjusted heavily. Looping hits are much farther apart and will "drag" opponents throughout the motion of the attack. Grounded up special now launches vertically on the final hit.
Forward Aerial - Reworked. Weaker attack with faster startup and reduced ending lag.
Back Aerial - Reworked. First hit is more diagonal and should connect more reliably. Second hit is weaker. Reduced ending lag.
Down Aerial - Spike hitbox is slightly smaller to allow for easier intentional non-spike hits.
` Ganondorf `
New Model - Ganondorf has a new 3D model and trident.
Up Special - New VFX. Slightly slower startup, armour on grounded up special startup.
Down Special - Slower startup, faster movement on ground down special. Reduced endlag when grounded down special ends in the air.
Up Tilt - New VFX. Slower startup, hitbox is larger, lasts twice as long, and has increased shield damage.
Forward Smash - Reworked. New VFX/SFX. Trident tip hitbox has retained its strength. Lower hitboxes have been nerfed.
Up Smash - Reworked/rebalanced. Trident tip hitbox has retained a lot of its strength. Lower hitboxes have been nerfed.
Down Aerial - Reworked. Slower startup and decreased duration with a much more powerful hit. Launches straight downwards.
Taunt - Updated animation. Ganondorf now spins at the beginning of his taunt.

We've added a brand new stage in addition to making a few balancing changes to the new characters.

Ganon's Tower: New custom stage added over Hyrule with new music.

Ganon: UpSmash Knockback Scaling decreased considerably, Forward Smash Knockback Scaling decreased slightly,
Downsmash hitbox changed to connect on second hit with more frequency.

Young Link: Hilt graphical issue fixed, Up Special final hit base knockback reduced slightly.

General: Portraits for new characters now function properly, Tournament Settings now default

In addition to Ganondorf, Young Link joins the fight in Smash Remix. He comes as a much faster and aerial fighter in comparison to Link, with a slight decrease in knockback and damage. His most major change come in the form of his Up Special, which provides dramatically more recovery, allows Young Link to turn around, and is a multi-hit attack. See the patch notes below for more details.
If you are interested in contributing in any way, please join our discord (we need animators, hackers, and anyone else interested in working on this game).
Download the New Release at either:
N64 Vault:
For those interested in hacking, we now have a suite of tutorials for Smash 64 at N64 Vault.
Patch Notes
Young Link (Changes from Link)
• Up Special Move
- Multi-hit
- Up B Has a dramatic Increase in Vertical and Horizontal Recovery
- Up B permits a change in direction
• Down Aerial has spike hitbox on the top and sides of Young Link with a fire effect (akin to Melee)
• General increase in attack speed, especially for up and forward smash
• Faster running and walking
• Generally less knockback and damage for attacks
• Smaller size
• Bombs collision damage (different from explosion) causes fire effect on connect
• Modified back aerial’s first hit to allow for better double kick
• Down tilt launch angle change
• Down smash launch angle change
• Bombs have increased damage
• Boomerang has a slight decrease in initial damage and decrease in return damage
• Increased jump height
• Increase aerial speed and acceleration
• New Model
Ganondorf (Changes since 5/30 Tournament Edition Patch)
• New Down Smash animation and hitboxes with Trident
• New Up Smash animation and hitboxes with Trident
• New Forward Aerial animation
• New Taunt animation
• Increased knockback scaling for Forward Smash
• Improvements to model texturing shading
Smash Remix Team
Designer/Chief Hacker – JS
Lead Hacker – Fray
F3DEX2 Specialist – Elixer/Crooked Poe
Installation Specialist – Cennis91
• Dshaynie (Young Link)
• MrPr1993
• Retro64
• Sope
• Sope
• Retro64
• Dshaynie
• Connor Rentz (Ganondorf Portrait)
• Colonel Birdstrong (Young Link Portrait)
• Coolguy
• Dshaynie
• Madao
• DannySSB
• Subdrag
• Cyjorg
• Carnivorous
• Darkhorse
• Hanson933
• Stevie G
• Phreshguy
• Jam
• Hyper64
• Prof_wizard
• Strategism


Ganondorf Tournament Edition Update:

Ganondorf has received a variety of updates in this patch that was made in preparation for Houston Smash 64’s May tournament. Please see the patch notes for details:

This hack will be exhibited at Houston Smash 64s next tournament on Friday, May 31st 2019 at Eureka Heights Brewing Company: Event Page:… It will be streamed from the Houston Smash 64 Twitch Account: starting at 6:45pm US Central Time.

If you are interested in getting involved with this mod and contributing, please contact me at either my e-mail: moc.oohay|46hsamsnotsuoh#moc.oohay|46hsamsnotsuoh or join the Smash Remix discord: We would love to find someone with animation, stage building or modeling experience, but we’ll take anyone who’s willing to help in any way!


The mod can be downloaded at either:


N64 Vault:

Tutorials are available at N64 Vault and I will be producing more tutorials based on my work.

Patch Notes:

· Trident Forward Smash inspired by Smash Ultimate Sword Ganondorf and Phantom Ganondorf’s Trident

· Super Armored Warlock Punch Nerfed

- Slowed speed to 90%

- Tighter window for super armor (starts 5 frames in and ends immediately as hitboxes end)

- New Effect

· Electrical Effects added to different moves

- Warlock Punch

- Dark Dive

- Neutral Attack

· Move Speed Animation Fixed

· Short Hop Nerf

· Slight knockback and damage increase to uptilt

· Victory Logo Added

· Aerial Wizard’s Foot now spikes

· New Wizard’s Foot coloring

· Neutral Air has been replaced with Captain Falcon’s forward air and has altered properties

· Dair knockback and damage decreased

· Neutral A Buffed

- increased damage

- fixed hitbox missing issue

- increased speed

· Fixed grab hitbox missing issue

· Sound Effect fixes

Known Issues

· Lack of Team Costumes/Alternate Costumes

· Unable to have correct texture clamping on model

· No updates to 1P Mode, Intro, or Character Bio

· Slight Model Issues with low poly model

Original Version Notes:

Smash Remix: A Super Smash Bros 64 Character Mod
This is a new mod of the Super Smash Bros. 64. Ganondorf is a brand-new character, replacing Captain Falcon. He is modeled after his various iterations in the other Smash Bros games in the series, but functions uniquely from them. Ganondorf has a litany of changes from Captain, please see the summary of changes below. As a tournament operator and semi-competitive player, my goal is for Ganondorf to be a balanced member of the cast (although my success in this endeavor is up to the player).
The plan is to continue to create new characters and potentially add characters instead of being forced to replace current characters on the roster.
This hack will be exhibited at Houston Smash 64s next tournament on Friday, May 31st 2019 at Eureka Heights Brewing Company: Event Page Here
If you are interested in getting involved with this mod and contributing, please contact me at either my e-mail: moc.oohay|46hsamsnotsuoh#moc.oohay|46hsamsnotsuoh or discord: The_Smashfather#2681
The mod can be downloaded at:
I will be producing tutorials based on my work soon.
Features/Changes from Captain Falcon
• Ganondorf Model Replaces Captain Falcon
• Brand New Menu Graphics
• Hitbox, knockback, effect, and other changes to various moves (General increase in power)
• New sound effects for Ganondorf
• New Forward Aerial Punch
• Super Armored Warlock Punch
• Electrical Effects added to different moves
• Move speed altered to reflect Ganondorf’s slower attacks
• Electric Jab Strike instead of Falcon chain neutral A
• Increased Size
• Increased Weight
• Decreased Speed
• Increased Floatiness
• New Up Tilt functionality
• Decreased Jump Height
• Console compatible – Expansion Ram Required
Known Issues
• Lack of Team Costumes/Alternate Costumes
• Unable to have correct texture clamping on model
• Victory Graphics unchanged from Falcon
• Victory letters for name unchanged
• No updates to 1P Mode, Intro, or Character Bio
JS (Me)
Chief Consultant – Fray
F3DEX2 Consultant – Elixer/CrookedPoe
Consultant – Madao
Ganondorf Portrait Artist – Connor Rentz - see his artwork here:
Fray: Most of my work is a retread of what he once started or gave considerable advice on. This hack could not have happened without him. Thank you!
Snooplax: Without his tutorial on the GEEditor, I would have never got into hacking and began this hack. Thanks!
Cyjorg: I used a lot of the code from his 19xx hack as reference for some of my assembly code. Thanks so much for doing your work open source, it’s vital to newbies like me!
Carnivorous/Subdrag: The GEEditor was what got me into hacking Smash 64 and I utilized it for the sound effects and some of the menu graphics. Thanks for your awesome work on the editor!


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SSB Main Page

bump - ssb-characters -
PTCH v1.1
Image Unavailable

Author: SNESVideoGames0

Date: August 5, 2011

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Facility


Name: P.T.C.H.
Author: SNESVideoGames0
Date: August 5th, 2011
Edited: March 2nd, 2020 (by Wreck)
Replaces: Facility

An experimental solo test-like level with lots of variety of guards/objects and some fun action blocks.

Edit notes v1.1…
Updated outro scene data, crashed console.
Roberto begins moving when player assumes control.
Made Roberto give Bond remote mine.
Removed remote mine & detonator from inventory.
Changed bug deposit objective type.
Included messages for bug use.
Added fail check for bug misplacement.
Updated bomb case checks.
Added fail check for bomb case misplacement.
Updated emergency room door to unlock with alarm.
Wrote interaction text for emergency room door.
Updated emergency room light to change with alarm.
Redid photography check method.
Everyone now leaves when Bond investigates.
Changed rotation and size of energy device.
Edited flags on custom door.
Made wooden crate hall blocker immune to gunfire.
Moved both bomb case and ZMG pickups.
Adjusted bomb case flags.
Removed unused keycard.
Included unused dialogue from text file.
Added some more dialogue for characters.
Removed two characters due to memory issues.
Edited intro cam text.
Updated watch level name.
Changed menu folder location name.
Cleaned up briefing and other text.
Other miscellaneous edits.
Lowered texture memory slightly.
Started over from fresh ROM.


No files attached to this page.


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Galvic Prison v1.1
Image Unavailable

Author: Rey

Date: July 23, 2014

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Control


Name: Galvic Prison
Author: Rey
Date: July 23rd, 2014
Edited: February 26th, 2020 (by Wreck)
Replaces: Control

The level is short because it's just a start up for the plot, but play it wrong and you're in for a challenge. You're basically here on the orders of the caller, whose name is revealed in the briefing.

Note: There is still some slowdown when entering the holding cells area, even with a few characters and props taken out. Once the guards within begin dying, the framerate should start to pick back up again.

Edit notes v1.1…
Redirected watch text to proper file, crashed game.
Updated spawning guard data with new IDs.
Modified outro scene and data.
Added into first-person transition camera.
Included intro animation.
Updated intro camera text (wrong entries).
Added missing messages to radios.
Removed blank communication entry with associate.
Altered shared objective value between objectives.
Deleted some characters from cell area (framerate).
Removed / replaced some props in cell area (framerate).
Edited polarized glasses flags.
Removed collisions on keys.
Increased size of keys.
Adjusted surveillance camera flags.
Added block to stop camera from seeing through floors.
Updated door flags.
Set one-way locks on locked doors.
Allowed AI to open certain doors after obtaining key.
Edited flags on small wall screen.
Made all tinted glass invincible and fully tinted.
Updated weapon flags (single versus pair).
Removed unused action block 0405.
Edited prisoner action block 0401.
Deleted duplicates in objectives.
Gave renames to all pickup items.
Set watch objectives and briefings.
Gave proper level name in watch.
Changed level and location name in menu folders.
Cleaned up briefing and other text.
Deleted debug data & J text files.


No files attached to this page.


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Warehouse #8 v1.1
Image Unavailable

Author: Rey and Ami

Date: December 24, 2016

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Archives


Name: Warehouse #8
Authors: Rey & Ami
Date: December 24th, 2016
Edited: February 22nd, 2020 (by Wreck)
Replaces: Archives

Rey: You might recognize this level. It's one of the cancelled levels of Blind Escape, turned into a whole other concept. The next level in this collaboration has you posing as Zonkov to infiltrate a warehouse. Zonkov, himself, will also be there to have a meeting. He doesn't know that Bond is there to capture him. Level takes place in Archives.

Ami: Welcome to another release! I hope you don't mind, but we took an action block from a another level and used it here. Just because it matched what I wanted perfectly. This is a small warehouse where some of the weapons previously made are kept. Bond's goal is to photograph proof that some are lurking there, and then to cause a fireworks show. I want to say that, as of now… I don't think anyone has caught on to some of the references made in the briefing. It's OK, they will keep coming. LOL.

Edit notes v1.1…
Removed collisions on held key, crashed console.
Converted drone gun to correct type, crashed console.
Fixed distance-set action block on escort, crashed.
Changed exit to activating door in courtyard.
Updated outro scene data.
Stopped bomb timer during outro.
Added into first-person transition camera.
Changed costume to white tuxedo to match cuff.
Included message when using console.
Added message when timer at twenty seconds.
Included fail check if console destroyed before use.
Changed countdown to trigger explosions.
Included more checks with escort interaction.
Added message if too far from escort.
Removed collisions on other keys.
Increased size of key items.
Changed keycard pickup to another yale key.
Set most locked doors to use one-way locks.
Updated some door flags, operating styles & sounds.
Fixed unlinked door set.
Allowed guards to use Zonkov room doors after get key.
Changed beaker to glass type and updated data.
Adjusted flags on red books.
Modified beta Train door model.
Shrunk jeep and motorcycle a bit.
Adjusted fake wall in Zonkov room.
Reduced alarm spawned guard count from ten to five.
Alarm now has only a chance to trigger other guards.
Changed some guard actions in locked off areas.
Can now collect dual weapons from regular guards.
Modified plastique for outro.
Deleted duplicates in objectives.
Updated objective bit values.
Added renames for key pickups.
Updated Zonkov ID rename.
Removed empty text line when Zonkov killed.
Skipped a text line if Zonkov leaves warehouse.
Altered intro cam text lines.
Gave proper level name in watch.
Renamed level and location in menu folders.
Cleaned up briefing and other text.
Lowered texture memory allocation a bit.
Deleted debug data & J text files.


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Q's Big Test (Action World) v1.1
Image Unavailable

Author: Rey

Date: November 11, 2015

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Silo


Name: Q's Big Test (Action World)
Author: Rey
Date: November 11th, 2015
Edited: February 17th, 2020 (by Wreck)
Replaces: Silo

This level combines everything I learned and kind of packs them together. This mission will lead you to trying multiple times. As I designed the level that every time you play it, guards will be at one spot sometimes and other times not. Can you outwit Q?

PARENTAL ADVISORY: This level contains language that is not suitable for young children. Please be advised.

Edit notes v1.1…
Reduced size of smallest camera, crashed console.
Changed exit to elevator lift with objective.
Included message when destroy magnetic ER.
Updated outro scene and data.
Included new guards to protect end areas.
Changed briefcase to photo camera on table.
Added into-first person transition camera.
Removed duplicates in objectives.
Adjusted flags on a few doors.
Closed doors that were open by default.
Made new shutters open up higher.
Changed all keys to keycard image.
Removed collisions from two key items.
Increased size of keys.
Adjusted flags on cameras.
Raised target pads for cameras.
Added unarmed as starting weapon.
Rounded starting pistol ammo up to 100.
Increased an armour size.
Moved one armour position.
Altered drone gun flags, size and position.
Moved a triggered explosive barrel a bit.
Modified an objective bit value.
Adjusted first female action block.
Removed near-miss shot check from scientists.
Lengthened trigger distance from wall screens.
Added renames for camera and key pickups.
Made proper level name in watch menu.
Renamed level and location in menu folders.
Cleaned up briefing and other text.
Deleted debug data & J text.


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DPRK Research Lab v1.1
Image Unavailable

Author: Midnight Kitteh Boi

Date: July 2, 2012

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Facility


Level: DPRK Research Lab
Modified Level: Facility

Created by{Author}: MidnightKittehBoi
Finish Date: 3rd July 2012
Edited: 12th February 2020 (by Wreck)

Inside the dangerous breaches of the North Korean research facility, it is advised the security system be shut down as quickly as possible. Once it has been securely deactivated, you should be able to sneak your way in right under the KPA's noses.

M Briefing:
The government of Pyongyang insists that this human research lab does not exsist. Your job is to not only bring back undeniable evidence, but to shut them down in the process. Most of the scientists there are prisoners captured from South Korea, so do your best to ensure their safety. Beware, however, as some may be North Koreans in disguise.

Q Branch:
The equipment I have for you is a very advanced piece of software stored on this DAT. If inserted into the server mainframe, it should override the system, replacing it with my own. Also, I know you prefer smashing things the old fashioned way, but please listen to me just this once. Don't go blowing up the security console before you disable it, 007. Otherwise, you will alert the whole of North Korea to your whereabouts.

Not much is known about the Hermit Kingdom, James. I just hope you can escape this one alive and come back home for your reward.

a) Disable main security network (agent)
b) Destroy surveillance equipment (s.agent)
c) Locate server area (agent)
d) Install Q's new system (agent)
e) Minimize scientist casualties (00 agent)

Zip Contents:

Escaping deep inside the DPRK, Bond stumbles his way into a denied research and human testing lab. It is up to him to shut down the entire operation without giving his whereabouts away to Kang or other North Korean officials.

1).Subdrag: For beta testing and the editor itself ^^

Mission Beta Testers:

Contact Details:
Any issues, please feel free to hit me up on e-mail. I don't bite and will be more than happy to assist you.
Or you can choose to contact me on shooters - MidnightKittehBoi

DPRK Research Lab Copyright of MidnightKittehBoi

Edit notes v1.1…
Modified pink test tubes type and size, crashed console.
Added into first-person transition cam.
Included intro animation.
Increased size of small glass cups.
Disabled collisions on all glassware.
Removed collisions on keycards.
Increased size of keycards.
Assigned bathroom keycard to guard.
Updated keycard and door lock values.
Removed collisions from a magazine pickup.
Changed magazine ammo type to match model.
Added monitor correction flag to some screen objects.
Changed body armour model to match amount given.
Adjusted door flags and sounds.
Unlinked doors leading to quad balcony area.
Removed collisions from cameras.
Altered camera target pads.
Added some props into empty security room.
Changed security console design and usage.
Changed floppy disk to DAT, also renamed.
Rounded off some guard stats.
Reduced health on final set of troops.
Edited modified AI Path Network.
Updated objective bitflags.
Adjusted interrogation scene to not loop, check distance.
Edited outro scene data.
Modified watch time (had bizarre large values).
Gave proper level name in watch.
Renamed level in menu folders.
Adjusted rename upper watch text for keycards.
Cleaned up briefing and other text.


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Research Complex v1.2
Image Unavailable

Author: ShiftClick

Date: November 2, 2012

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Aztec


[GoldenEye 007 Custom Level]

Level: Research Complex
Modified Level: Aztec

Author: ShiftClick [moc.liamg|7991321bhc#moc.liamg|7991321bhc]

Date: November 1st, 2012
Edited: February 10th, 2020 (by Wreck)

Comments: This took forever to complete. The main reason this took so long is because of
schoolwork and me losing interest in the project for about a month. Aside from that,
I would like to thank everyone who helped me sort out the problems I had while developing
this level, and to thank SubDrag, Wreck, and Zoinkity for developing a program that lets
me relive my childhood everyday.


Background: After the missile facility, MI6 has determined from the photographs you took that
Demetrian was constructing the missiles for the research of another organization. One of MI6's
agents has reported suspicious activity near the city of Astana, Kazakhstan. Radio frequencies
around the area contain information about missiles being researched. MI6 has confirmed that the
government in that area are not aware of any such endeavors.

M: The complex undertaking this research has been erected in the area of the once standing ALZHIR
camp. It will be highly guarded, due to the fact that they have a nearly constructed nuclear missile.
Once you're in the main laboratory, you must corrupt their research files with Q's device. Also, be
sure to take out their communications equipment, so they won't be able to drown you with reinforcments
once you're done.

Q: To handle the task of halting their research, you will be taking a modified bugging device with
you to attach to the mainframes inside the laboratory. It will install a virus into their archives,
corrupting them completely. You must bug both mainframes before either is damaged to prevent backup
protocols. As for the comms equipment, I'll let you do what you do best; blow it to smithereens.
Good luck.

Moneypenny: More people doing more naughty things, James. As always…

Edit notes v1.2…
Removed collisions on an embedded gun magazine, crashed console
Updated corrupt files to require bugs planted on mainframes.
Added fail checks if destroyed mainframe or out of bugs.
Redid outro scene and checks.
Put in unused message for radio destruction.
Set missing action block on officer in control area.
Adjusted character health and other stats.
Corrected scientist fade out.
Changed certain character actions.
Removed control room guard patrol route.
Added fall to ground on some weapons not attached to guards.
Fixed monitor screens.
Changed tabletop mainframes into hard drives.
Stopped gas leak message from always showing.
Removed fall to ground from wall screens.
Prevented cameras from disappearing and/or dropping to floor.
Prevented drones from disappearing and/or dropping to floor.
Removed collisions from drone guns.
Decreased size of drone in purple hallway.
Altered drone gun setup in control room area (was unfair).
Deleted two leftover ammo magazines at pad 0000.
Removed mini supply truck (to save textures).
Updated flags on keycard.
Increased size of keycard slightly.
Edited keycard pickup rename text.
Adjusted size and position of control area blue door.
Made control area blue door one-way lock.
Unset lock on alarm guard room door when alarm raised.
Added two wooden boxes with ammo in alarm guard room.
Fixed door links.
Updated some door data.
Added invisible barriers at trench to help stop guards falling.
Edited the modified AI Path Network a little.
Shortened watch level name.
Updated intro camera level name data.
Changed level and location names in menu folders.
Cleaned up briefing.


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Caves Mission v1.1
Image Unavailable

Author: Octan Baron

Date: February 28, 2009

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Caves


Name: Caves Mission
Author: Octan Baron
Date: February 28th, 2009
Edited: February 8th, 2020 (by Wreck)
Replaces: Facility

Play the Caves level as a solo mission.

Edit notes v1.1…
Corrected watch briefing, crashed when viewed.
Changed level replacing as Facility:
Control has unknown hardcode affecting it.
Added into first-person transition camera.
Setup objective for photography.
Added missing datathief to inventory.
Made action blocks for consoles check datathief.
Included an exit objective with checks.
Gave interaction text to two doors.
Added warning at thirty seconds for timer.
Changed sliding doors near start open direction.
Removed collisions from ammo clips and weapons.
Fixed ZMGs to be on top of table.
Changed invisible explosives to hatch bolts.
Updated flags on invisible explosives.
Made metal work tables invincible (not desks).
Made bottling tank contraption invincible.
Removed duplicate helmets from two guards.
Gave helmets to those who did not have.
Gave helmets to spawning guards.
Changed some guards starting actions.
Updated door flags.
Deleted duplicate mainframe in objective.
Converted one console to monitor type.
Fixed monitor screens.
Corrected plant type and bitflags.
Made trees indestructible.
Changed spawn point pad of one guard.
Updated outro scene data.
Renamed datathief as reprogrammer.
Set proper level name in watch menu.
Rewrote some of the briefing.
Cleaned up briefing and other text.
Deleted debug data.


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