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Smash Remix
Smash Remix
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Author: Smash Remix Team

Date: October 27th, 2019

Category: SSB-Characters

Character(s) Added: Captain Falcon, Link, Fox, Mario


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CSS Patch:

With this new patch we see the return of Captain Falcon, Fox, Link, and Mario. The Character Select Screen has been redone to accommodate new characters both existing and to come. The patch also includes numerous improvements to character quality and 15 new stages.


Fixed Armor time frames for Neutral Special Air
Revised Model
Fixed disappearing trident issue (4 player pause glitch)
Fixed hand display issue
Decrease Forward Smash Start-up slightly
Landing lag issues fixed for Fair and Nair
Size decreased
Fixed a bug where Ganon's fair animation was faster than intended
Fair startup has been sped up to match the previously bugged speed
Down Smash
Hitbox size increased
Hitbox location pushed forward
Second hitbox duration increased by 1 frame
Initial hit base knockback increased
Initial hit angle changed to more downward angle
Size multiplier decreased (1.2 -> 1.16)
Traction decreased (1.8 -> 1.2)
Jump 1 X Velocity increased (0.31 -> 0.35)
Air speed increased (28 -> 29)
Shield size increased (290 -> 330)
Doctor Mario

Reduced BKB and KBS of Up Smash
Reduced BKB and KBS of Down Special
Added new taunt
Forward Air landing lag changed
Down Air landing lag changed
Young Link

Added New Taunt
Revised Model
Boomerang Return Damage Increased
Down Smash - Knockback angle modified (30° -> 40°)
Down Tilt
Startup is much quicker
Attack duration decreased (35 frames -> 31 frames)
Base knockback increased, knockback growth decreased
Forward Tilt
Startup is quicker
Up tilt
Angle reverted to 79° (same as Link)
Up Special
Young Link will now start falling sooner at the end of the aerial up special
Air mobility increased for aerial up special
Neutral Special

Return damage reverted to Link value (7% -> 8%)
Young Link can no longer throw the boomerang as far as his Adult counterpart
down tilt (buff)
rebalanced fsm, much quicker overall startup and total duration reduced from 35 frames to 31 frames
base knockback increased and knockback scaling deceased

forward tilt (buff)
rebalanced fsm, slightly quicker startup

up tilt (neutral)
angle reverted to link up tilt angle


Up Special
Delay before movement reduced (26 frames -> 24 frames)
Knockback increased slightly
Fixed a bug where Falco's dash had a longer foxtrot window
Dash deceleration increased slightly

Fixed game crashing error at credits screen
19XX Style Costume Selection
New Characters no longer replace original characters
Stock Matches are now timed


Improved background images
15 stages displayed per page among other SSS changes
Deku Tree

Performance Improved
Corneria City

Ceilings added to wings
Teleporting Glitch fixed
Clippings straightened
First Destination

Blast Walls moved closer to stage
Clippings straightened
Wario Ware

Blast Walls moved further away from stage

Music added
Blast Walls changed
Pokemon Stadium

Blast Walls changed
Teleport glitch fixed
Doctor Mario Stage

Platforms lowered
Music improved
Graphical fixes

New Music

Blast walls changed

Blast walls changed

Icon changed
Kirby Beta I

Icon changed
Kirby Beta II

Icon changed
Fountain of Dreams Stage Added

Fray's Stage Added

Great Bay Stage Added

Dragon King Stage Added

Cool Cool Mountain Stage Added

Tower of Heaven Stage Added

Mementos Stage Added

Muda Kingdom Stage Added

N64 Stage Added

Mute City Stage Added

Spiral Mountain Stage Added

Showdown Stage Added

Mushroom Kingdom BF Stage Added

Mushroom Kingdom Omega Stage Added

Project Leader - The_Smashfather
Designer and Gameplay Developer - Fray
Programmer and UI Developer - Cyjorg
Developer – MarioReincarnate
Lead Artist - Sope!
Installation Specialist - Cennis91
Animator - Coolguy
Animation and Model Import Specialist - Subdrag

• Dshaynie
• MrPr1993
• Retro64
• Sope
• Likiji123
• Fray
• Sope!
• Retro64
• Connor Rentz
• Colonel Birdstrong
• Comjay
• Likiji123
• Pik
• Gael
• TT
• MyNewSoundtrack
• PablosCorner
• Sope
• Retro64
Stage Designers
• BridGurrr
• Comjay
• Plaehni
• Farcry15
• smb123w64gb
• Sope
• Fray
• Qapples
• Honey
• Smb123w64gb
• Madao
• DannySSB
• tehz
• Carnivorous
• CrookedPoe/Clockwise
• CrashOveride
• M-1
• Abnormal Adept
• Darkhorse
• hanson933
• IronAidan07
• majin_bukkake
• minymidge
• Stevie G
• Unbura
• Hyper64
• Dogs_Johnson
• emptyW
• Strategism
• phreshguy
• measTHEbeast
• Xrmy
• Q!
• Raychu
• Pluto
• The Yid
• Wololo
• wookiee-alex
• thelordoflight
• farcry15
• mimimax
• Pluto
• kyleglor
• BigRed
• Revan

Doctor Mario Patch Notes

The Doctor is in this new patch for Smash Remix. He has slower ground speed and quicker aerial speed,
combined with a generally slower, but more powerful moveset. He's packing his pills and has a
super jump that functions entirely different from Mario's. With this patch, Smash Remix has
officially combined with Comjay's More Stages Edition. All of MSE's stages have been added,
in addition to new Smash Remix Stages, Deku Tree, First Destination, and Doctor Mario. All stages
can be accessed thanks to a new stage select design which allows you to flip pages by pressing Z/R.



  • slower ground speed
  • faster aerial speed


  • increased damage
  • increased startup slightly


  • Launches at a vertical angle
  • Higher knockback, but lower knockback growth

Forward Tilt

  • decreased damage
  • decreased knockback
  • increased hitbox duration
  • decreased end lag
  • decreased start up

Up Tilt

  • increased damage
  • slightly increased end lag

Down Tilt

  • launches at a "reverse" angle which places opponent behind Dr. Mario
  • increased knockback
  • increased knockback scaling

Forward Smash

  • increased damage
  • increased knockback
  • slight increase initial startup
  • Electric Effect

Up Smash

  • Meteor Smashs opponents which are grounded
  • Aerial Opponents are hit at a slightly different vertical angle from Mario

Down Smash

  • Increased Damage
  • Increased Base Knockback

Neutral Air

  • Reverse "sex kick" which gets stronger over time instead of weaker
  • Strong Hit has slight increase in damage
  • Weak Hit has slight decrease in damage

Forward Air

  • New animation inspired by modern Mario Forward Air

Back Air

  • Decreased Knockback
  • Alternate launch angle
  • Less end lag

Up Air

  • Alternate launch angle
  • Slightly decreased damage

Down Air

  • New animation based on Smash Ultimate Down Air

Neutral Special

  • New Pill Graphic that randomly switch between two colors of pills
  • Increased Knockback
  • Increased Damage
  • Slower Speed
  • Increased Bounce
  • Fast-Falling

Down Special

  • Hits opponents horizontally
  • Increase knockback significantly on final hitbox
  • Improved suction, granting the ability to continue upward momentum and still harm opponents
  • Initial frames grant light armor

Up Special

  • Move is now a single hit, with a strong initial hitbox and weak hitbox throughout the move
  • Initial hitbox size increased
  • Move no longer grants intangibility for initial frames
  • Increased startup



  • Air Mobility decreased
  • Dash Speed decreased
  • Dash Deceleration decreased
  • Run Speed decreased

Up Special

  • Knockback Decreased
  • Landing Lag Increased
  • Air Resistance Decreased


  • This new dash attack should feel familiar to fans of Ocarina of Time


Down Air

  • Decreased Knockback Growth
  • Slightly Increased Base Knockback

Other - 1P Name Added

- Adjusted jump heights
-Larger FSmash hitbox and more horizontal movement


Stage Select now has a modified format that allows the user to scroll through pages
of additional stages. All original stages have been returned to Smash Remix and
many custom stages have been added.

  • Deku Tree
  • Battlefield
  • Ganon's Tower revised
  • First Destination
  • Warioware
  • Skyloft
  • Doctor Mario
  • Corneria City revised
  • Kalos
  • Smashland
  • Pokemon Stadium 2
  • All Unused Stages Added

Falco joins the fight in Smash Remix. Falco is a bit slower than Fox with higher jumps and a shorter up special. His reflector that notably hits opponents upwards, and he makes up for his lack of a powerful up smash or up aerial with a stronger back aerial and single hit spike down aerial. Perhaps the most notbale change of all is to Falco's neutral special, Phantasm. Falco will use this new special in lieu of his blaster, giving him new options for recoveries and a rewarding vertical hit on the ground. Along with Falco comes two new stages, Corneria City and Deku Tree, as well as a multitude of balance changes for Ganondorf and Young Link. See the patch notes below for more details.

Patch Notes

Corneria City
This new stage from sope takes place aboard the Pleiades in the skies above Corneria City. Currently replaces Peach’s Castle.

Ganon's Tower
` Blast lines adjusted. `

Falco (Changes from Fox)
Phantasm (Neutral Special) - This entirely new neutral special replaces Blaster and is heavily inspired by Falco’s SSBM incarnation.
Fire Bird (Up Special) - Reworked. Faster startup and increased base knockback, with reduced velocity and distance.
Reflector (Down Special) - Reworked. Launches at a vertical angle. Knockback growth implemented.
Grab - Slightly larger hitbox positioned closer to Falco's body.
Jab 1/2 - New SFX.
Dash Attack - Now launches at a more vertical angle.
Forward Tilt - Slightly increased base knockback (excluding lowest angle).
Up Tilt - New animation. Now resembles the up tilt used by Falco's SSBB incarnation.
Down Tilt - Reworked. Increased damage and knockback growth with a much smaller hitbox matching Falco's tail. New SFX.
Forward Smash - New animation. Now resembles the fsmash used by Falco's SSBM incarnation. Kills slightly earlier than Fox's forward smash.
Up Smash - Reworked. Decreased damage and knockback. Reduced ending lag.
Back Aerial - Reworked. Slower startup with increased damage and knockback. Reduced ending lag.
Up Aerial - Reworked. Smaller hitboxes on both hits. First hit has with increased damage and decreased knockback. Second hit launches at a more horizontal angle with decreased damage. New SFX.
Down Aerial - Reworked. Single hit spike with a strong and late hit.
Taunt - New animation. Now resembles the taunt used by Falco's SSBM incarnation.
Attributes - Falco is generally a bit slower and heavier than Fox, with increased jump heights.
` Young Link `
Up Special - Reworked. Hitboxes have been readjusted heavily. Looping hits are much farther apart and will "drag" opponents throughout the motion of the attack. Grounded up special now launches vertically on the final hit.
Forward Aerial - Reworked. Weaker attack with faster startup and reduced ending lag.
Back Aerial - Reworked. First hit is more diagonal and should connect more reliably. Second hit is weaker. Reduced ending lag.
Down Aerial - Spike hitbox is slightly smaller to allow for easier intentional non-spike hits.
` Ganondorf `
New Model - Ganondorf has a new 3D model and trident.
Up Special - New VFX. Slightly slower startup, armour on grounded up special startup.
Down Special - Slower startup, faster movement on ground down special. Reduced endlag when grounded down special ends in the air.
Up Tilt - New VFX. Slower startup, hitbox is larger, lasts twice as long, and has increased shield damage.
Forward Smash - Reworked. New VFX/SFX. Trident tip hitbox has retained its strength. Lower hitboxes have been nerfed.
Up Smash - Reworked/rebalanced. Trident tip hitbox has retained a lot of its strength. Lower hitboxes have been nerfed.
Down Aerial - Reworked. Slower startup and decreased duration with a much more powerful hit. Launches straight downwards.
Taunt - Updated animation. Ganondorf now spins at the beginning of his taunt.

We've added a brand new stage in addition to making a few balancing changes to the new characters.

Ganon's Tower: New custom stage added over Hyrule with new music.

Ganon: UpSmash Knockback Scaling decreased considerably, Forward Smash Knockback Scaling decreased slightly,
Downsmash hitbox changed to connect on second hit with more frequency.

Young Link: Hilt graphical issue fixed, Up Special final hit base knockback reduced slightly.

General: Portraits for new characters now function properly, Tournament Settings now default

In addition to Ganondorf, Young Link joins the fight in Smash Remix. He comes as a much faster and aerial fighter in comparison to Link, with a slight decrease in knockback and damage. His most major change come in the form of his Up Special, which provides dramatically more recovery, allows Young Link to turn around, and is a multi-hit attack. See the patch notes below for more details.
If you are interested in contributing in any way, please join our discord (we need animators, hackers, and anyone else interested in working on this game).
Download the New Release at either:
N64 Vault:
For those interested in hacking, we now have a suite of tutorials for Smash 64 at N64 Vault.
Patch Notes
Young Link (Changes from Link)
• Up Special Move
- Multi-hit
- Up B Has a dramatic Increase in Vertical and Horizontal Recovery
- Up B permits a change in direction
• Down Aerial has spike hitbox on the top and sides of Young Link with a fire effect (akin to Melee)
• General increase in attack speed, especially for up and forward smash
• Faster running and walking
• Generally less knockback and damage for attacks
• Smaller size
• Bombs collision damage (different from explosion) causes fire effect on connect
• Modified back aerial’s first hit to allow for better double kick
• Down tilt launch angle change
• Down smash launch angle change
• Bombs have increased damage
• Boomerang has a slight decrease in initial damage and decrease in return damage
• Increased jump height
• Increase aerial speed and acceleration
• New Model
Ganondorf (Changes since 5/30 Tournament Edition Patch)
• New Down Smash animation and hitboxes with Trident
• New Up Smash animation and hitboxes with Trident
• New Forward Aerial animation
• New Taunt animation
• Increased knockback scaling for Forward Smash
• Improvements to model texturing shading
Smash Remix Team
Designer/Chief Hacker – JS
Lead Hacker – Fray
F3DEX2 Specialist – Elixer/Crooked Poe
Installation Specialist – Cennis91
• Dshaynie (Young Link)
• MrPr1993
• Retro64
• Sope
• Sope
• Retro64
• Dshaynie
• Connor Rentz (Ganondorf Portrait)
• Colonel Birdstrong (Young Link Portrait)
• Coolguy
• Dshaynie
• Madao
• DannySSB
• Subdrag
• Cyjorg
• Carnivorous
• Darkhorse
• Hanson933
• Stevie G
• Phreshguy
• Jam
• Hyper64
• Prof_wizard
• Strategism


Ganondorf Tournament Edition Update:

Ganondorf has received a variety of updates in this patch that was made in preparation for Houston Smash 64’s May tournament. Please see the patch notes for details:

This hack will be exhibited at Houston Smash 64s next tournament on Friday, May 31st 2019 at Eureka Heights Brewing Company: Event Page:… It will be streamed from the Houston Smash 64 Twitch Account: starting at 6:45pm US Central Time.

If you are interested in getting involved with this mod and contributing, please contact me at either my e-mail: moc.oohay|46hsamsnotsuoh#moc.oohay|46hsamsnotsuoh or join the Smash Remix discord: We would love to find someone with animation, stage building or modeling experience, but we’ll take anyone who’s willing to help in any way!


The mod can be downloaded at either:


N64 Vault:

Tutorials are available at N64 Vault and I will be producing more tutorials based on my work.

Patch Notes:

· Trident Forward Smash inspired by Smash Ultimate Sword Ganondorf and Phantom Ganondorf’s Trident

· Super Armored Warlock Punch Nerfed

- Slowed speed to 90%

- Tighter window for super armor (starts 5 frames in and ends immediately as hitboxes end)

- New Effect

· Electrical Effects added to different moves

- Warlock Punch

- Dark Dive

- Neutral Attack

· Move Speed Animation Fixed

· Short Hop Nerf

· Slight knockback and damage increase to uptilt

· Victory Logo Added

· Aerial Wizard’s Foot now spikes

· New Wizard’s Foot coloring

· Neutral Air has been replaced with Captain Falcon’s forward air and has altered properties

· Dair knockback and damage decreased

· Neutral A Buffed

- increased damage

- fixed hitbox missing issue

- increased speed

· Fixed grab hitbox missing issue

· Sound Effect fixes

Known Issues

· Lack of Team Costumes/Alternate Costumes

· Unable to have correct texture clamping on model

· No updates to 1P Mode, Intro, or Character Bio

· Slight Model Issues with low poly model

Original Version Notes:

Smash Remix: A Super Smash Bros 64 Character Mod
This is a new mod of the Super Smash Bros. 64. Ganondorf is a brand-new character, replacing Captain Falcon. He is modeled after his various iterations in the other Smash Bros games in the series, but functions uniquely from them. Ganondorf has a litany of changes from Captain, please see the summary of changes below. As a tournament operator and semi-competitive player, my goal is for Ganondorf to be a balanced member of the cast (although my success in this endeavor is up to the player).
The plan is to continue to create new characters and potentially add characters instead of being forced to replace current characters on the roster.
This hack will be exhibited at Houston Smash 64s next tournament on Friday, May 31st 2019 at Eureka Heights Brewing Company: Event Page Here
If you are interested in getting involved with this mod and contributing, please contact me at either my e-mail: moc.oohay|46hsamsnotsuoh#moc.oohay|46hsamsnotsuoh or discord: The_Smashfather#2681
The mod can be downloaded at:
I will be producing tutorials based on my work soon.
Features/Changes from Captain Falcon
• Ganondorf Model Replaces Captain Falcon
• Brand New Menu Graphics
• Hitbox, knockback, effect, and other changes to various moves (General increase in power)
• New sound effects for Ganondorf
• New Forward Aerial Punch
• Super Armored Warlock Punch
• Electrical Effects added to different moves
• Move speed altered to reflect Ganondorf’s slower attacks
• Electric Jab Strike instead of Falcon chain neutral A
• Increased Size
• Increased Weight
• Decreased Speed
• Increased Floatiness
• New Up Tilt functionality
• Decreased Jump Height
• Console compatible – Expansion Ram Required
Known Issues
• Lack of Team Costumes/Alternate Costumes
• Unable to have correct texture clamping on model
• Victory Graphics unchanged from Falcon
• Victory letters for name unchanged
• No updates to 1P Mode, Intro, or Character Bio
JS (Me)
Chief Consultant – Fray
F3DEX2 Consultant – Elixer/CrookedPoe
Consultant – Madao
Ganondorf Portrait Artist – Connor Rentz - see his artwork here:
Fray: Most of my work is a retread of what he once started or gave considerable advice on. This hack could not have happened without him. Thank you!
Snooplax: Without his tutorial on the GEEditor, I would have never got into hacking and began this hack. Thanks!
Cyjorg: I used a lot of the code from his 19xx hack as reference for some of my assembly code. Thanks so much for doing your work open source, it’s vital to newbies like me!
Carnivorous/Subdrag: The GEEditor was what got me into hacking Smash 64 and I utilized it for the sound effects and some of the menu graphics. Thanks for your awesome work on the editor!


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SSB Main Page

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DKR Ocarina of Time 1.1
Image Unavailable

Author: Sixty Four

Date: September 8, 2018

Category: DKR Levels

Level: Various



Title : Diddy Kong Racing - Ocarina of Time
Date Completed : 9-8-18
Filename : DKR-OOT-64.xdelta
Replaces Level(s): Ancient Lake, Whale Bay, Everfrost Peak, Boulder Canyon
Author : Sixty Four
Email Address : moc.liamg|mekun46ekud#moc.liamg|mekun46ekud

Update 1.1 10-12-2019

Added Link as a racer, replaces TT
unlocked all tracks, vehicles, and characters
Plane does not work properly in the oot original tracks. It will work in the 1.2 tracks.
More touch ups to character select Link and other touch ups will come with 1.2 also.


Description : Four levels from the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Dodongo's Cavern Boss room, Lon Lon Ranch, Temple of Time (bonus track), and Graveyard (bonus track).
You can play these in tracks mode there located on the first level of each domain no unlocking needed to play. Or you can play on Adventure mode even.
The bonus tracks were very tough to form into races so bare with me.

Additional Credits : Mosky2000 for creating the music. SubDrag for making the DKR editor.

  • Play Information *

Race Type: : Standard
Adventure Mode : Yes
Tracks Mode : Yes
Silver Coin Challenge : Yes
New Sound : Yes Some sounds from Zelda OOT and level name sounds recorded by me. (I'll get better at sounds)
New Music : Yes - Mosky2000 Created
New Textures : Yes Zelda OOT textures
Vehicle(s) : Car/Hover/Plane (Plane cpu not working but you can try to explore with it. I have recently solved planes! S soon they will be in tracks.)
Emulator Compatible : Yes
N64 Compatible : Yes

  • Construction *

Base : Imported Models extracted from Zelda OOT using Lemmy's plug in.
Editor(s) used : Setup Editor and Blender
Known Bugs :

Important Notes : This is kind of a test hack. To test multiple levels. I learned a lot in this one. Hope you enjoy!

Installation : Apply a xdelta patch to the xdelta file and run the rom on your choice of software or N64 console.


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Diddy Kong Racing Levels

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Golden Nintendo Maps (Nintendo Classic Maps)
Image Unavailable

Author: Sogun

Date: November 4, 2016

Category: GE Multi Levels

Level: Various


Sogun Studio in colaboration with GoldenEye Vault proudly presents: Golden Nintendo Maps


1. What is Golden Nintendo Maps?
2. Files contained in the package
3. Patching the ROM
4. Running the ROM in Project64
5. Extracting maps from ROM
6. Special thanks
7. Links of interest


As the name states, some of the more emblematic levels from well known games on the Nintendo 64 have been turned into GoldenEye multiplayer maps!
I released some other maps prior to these patches and I even named the project as Classic Nintendo Maps after the third version. For release #6 I changed the name again to Golden Nintendo Maps in order to differenciate it from an uncoming Perfect Dark compilation. This last release includes the content from all previous releases:

version 1
+Kakariko Village from 'The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time'

version 2
+Peach's Castle from 'Super Mario 64'
-Added Sogun Studio logo (thanks to SubDrag)

version 3
+Forest Temple from 'The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time'
-Kakariko Village (new version optimized for console, as an alternative patch)

version 4
+Blue Resort from 'Bomberman 64'
+Holiday Island from 'Pilotwings 64' (original idea by radorn)
-Two patches with maps optimized for console and emulators
-Added maps to Solo Missions mode so you can roam freely in them at full screen!
-Rearranged multiplayer level selection screen: Basement, Complex, Bunker, Archives, Caverns and Facility are playable up to 4P! (but some will fall in uncomming releases).
*Kakariko Village
improved framerate
fixed grass textures
rearranged allocations which mean no more blackouts or texture issues
*Peach's Castle
added Peach/Bowser portrait trick (console only as no plugins emulate this effect properly)
improved some greyscale textures
corrected tree-clock colors
rearranged allocations which mean no more blackouts or texture issues
you can kill the fish in the tanks with explosives (console only)
*Forest Temple
fixed grass texture
improved some greyscale textures
rearranged allocations which mean no more blackouts or texture issues

version 5
+Big Boo's Haunt from 'Super Mario 64'
+Bob-Omb Battlefield from 'Super Mario 64'
-Two patches with maps optimized for console and emulators
-Rearranged multiplayer level selection screen. The remaining classic levels are Complex, Basement, Bunker and Facility.
*Kakariko Village
improved soundtrack (thanks to Omegacop_jp)
*Blue Resort
improved rendering order for textures with transparency

version 6
+Icicle Pyramid from 'Diddy Kong Racing' (original idea by Wreck)
+Tawfret Ruins from 'Jet Force Gemini'
+War Colors from 'Conker's Bad Fur Day' (suggestion by Kerr Avon)
+Targitzan's Temple from 'Banjo Tooie' (suggestion by Wreck)
-Added 'Golden Nintendo Maps' logos in certification and title screens (thanks to Carnivorous)
-Extended Cheat List with the inclusion of Invisible [Multi], No Body Armor, Line Mode, No AA (thanks to Carnivorous)
*Kakariko Village
splitted version in multiplayer for the emulator patch as in console patch and lighter setup for
3P and 4P on both patches to boost performance
*Holiday Island
added sky and ocean in emulator patch for 1P, 2P, 3P and 4P. In console patch added sky and ocean
for 1P and just sky for 2P. 3P and 4P remain with no sky.
*Big Boo's Haunt
fixed bookcase door (thanks to Wreck)


GE_GoldenNintendoMaps_v6_console.xdelta -> This patch contains optimized versions for real hardware. Make use of your flashcart!

GE_GoldenNintendoMaps_v6_emulator.xdelta -> This patch contains optimized versions for emulators, with better framerates and longer drawing distances. Some maps will not work on console or perform very poorly.

Choose one patch to inject in the rom. You must patch the rom using the GoldenEye Setup Editor 4.0. You can download it from:


-You will need the '*.xdelta' patch and a unflipped 12MB rom of 'Goldeneye 007'. A *.z64 rom should work.
-Open the GoldenEye Setup Editor.
-Go to 'Tools' and then to 'Xdelta Patching'
-Select 'Apply GE xdelta Patch'
-Select the original 'Goldeneye 007' rom
-Select '*.xdelta'
-Save the new file 'GoldenEye.rom'. You can rename the file, but you must keep the .rom extension.


If you are using Project 64 you need to change some settings in order to make the rom work smoothly.

For Project 64 1.6
-Load the rom and then, in the emulator menu, go to 'Options' and 'Settings'.
-Select 'Rom settings'. Change to the following for GoldenEye:
CPU Core Style: Recompiler
Self Modifying-Core Type: Change Memory and Cache
Counter Factor: 2 (setting it at 1 will improve performance but also cause some accelerated timing effects).
Check marks by: Large Compile Buffer, Register Caching, SP Hack, Use TLB.

If you are using any other version of Project 64 you have to copy the rom settings from the original GoldenEye rom to the Classic Nintendo Maps rom settings.


Only if you know how to use the 'GoldenEye Setup Editor'
I rearranged the level slots in order to have my maps organized in a better way. This means the slot you see on screen doesn't replace the previous slot in the original GoldenEye. You should look for these slots in the 21990 menu if you want to extract the files.

Solo Missions
-Kakariko Village-> 0D - Dam
-Peach's Castle -> 0E - Facility
-Blue Resort -> 0F - Runway
-Forest Temple -> 10 - Surface 1
-Holiday Island -> 00 - Bunker 1
-Big Boo's Haunt -> 13 Caverns
-Bob-Omb Battlefield -> 04 - Archives
-Icicle Piramid -> 17 - Bunker 2
-Tawfret Ruins -> 01 - Silo
-War Colors -> 06 - Frigate

Multi levels
-Kakariko Village-> 12 - Temple
-Peach's Castle -> 0E - Facility
-Blue Resort -> 1A - Stack (setup from Stack, but bgfile and clipping from 14 - Citadel)
-Forest Temple -> 1E - Caves
-Holiday Island -> 1C - Library (setup from Library, but bgfile and clipping from 00 - Bunker 1)
-Big Boo's Haunt -> 13 Caverns
-Bob-Omb Battlefield -> 04 - Archives
-Icicle Piramid -> 17 - Bunker 2
-Tawfret Ruins -> 19 - Basement
-Targitzan's Temple -> 0C - Egypt
-War Colors -> 0B - Complex


To SubDrag, Wreck and Zoinkity for the GoldenEye Setup Editor. Without such amazing tool this patch wouldn't been possible.

To SubDrag for his guindance during the creation of the patch and adding new cool features to the editor. Also for managing the GoldenEye Vault (now closed) for so many years.

To radorn for his technical teachings that helped me understand how the game works. Also for thinking that 'Holiday Island' would be possible as a multiplayer map.

To Wreck for his help fixing some maps.

To Omegacop_jp for making 'Kakariko Village' sound a lot better.

To Kerr Avon for suggesting 'Colors'.

To Carnivorous and everyone involved in for keeping the community alive and growing.

To GoldenEye Vault and Shooters Forever forums for gathering such and amazing community around GoldenEye and Perfect Dark.

- the patch creator's blog. It's mostly in Spanish but some articles are translated into English.
- find here tools, hacks and tutorials for GoldenEye, Perfect Dark and lots of other games!
-Here's where the community gathers. Post your thoughts about the N64 classics, look for help for your hacks or announce them here.

Enjoy the game!


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Goldeneye Levels
Diddy Kong Racing Levels
Mickey's Speedway USA Levels
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