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Author: XDaniel/Nokaubure/Community

Date: 2011/2012 - 2017/2019

Category: Zelda OoT Tools

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SharpOcarina v1.1 - Zelda OoT Scene Development System
Revived in 2017-2019 by Nokaubure, started in 2011/2012 by xdaniel
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Credits & Thanks

SharpOcarina was originally written by xdaniel 2011-2012, using some code by spinout adapted from C and/or
Python to C#, but in reality is also the product of numerous people who were involved with
modifying and documenting the Zelda games for the N64 (spinout, MNGoldenEagle, JSA et al.)

In 2017, Nokaubure followed the development of the tool with the 0.70-0.97 version.

Thanks to Arcaith for the models in the demonstration project included with SharpOcarina, and
to Naxylldritt and Zeth for other testing maps used during development.

Thanks to ChriisTiian and Strati for writing useful info in cloudmodding wiki.

Thanks to mzxrules for helping with texture animations,padding issue and also more wiki info.

Thanks to MelonSpeedruns for finding the GE blender script with vertex color support, and Entropy Soldier for making said script.

Thanks to RaO for creating n64 crc tool.

Thanks to CrookedPoe for helping me rendering animated actors.

Thanks to Wareya for creating ndec.

Thanks to CDi-Fails for helping me with the alpha vertex feature.

Thanks to Killgore52, Airikita and Keilrod for supporting SharpOcarina.

Thanks to 20ZZ to talk about billboards in his page

Also thanks to everyone who reported bugs, asked questions and provided ideas during the program's


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